Historic Sites and Points of Interest in San Francisco

San Francisco City Hall

Liberté!  Égalité!  Fraternité!
San Francisco City Hall After the Massacre in Paris
16 November 2015

This section of NoeHill explores historic sites and points of interest in San Francisco. We include all historic sites recognized at the national level (National Register of Historic Places), the state level (California Historical Landmarks) or locally (San Francisco Landmarks).

National Register of Historic Places

The National Register of Historic Places was authorized by the National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 to encourage the preservation of districts, sites, buildings, structures, and objects significant in the history, architecture, archeology, engineering and culture of the United States of America.

California Historical Landmarks

The program is administered by the California Office of Historic Preservation to commemorate buildings, structures, sites, or places that have been determined to have statewide historical significance. Many, but not all, California Historical Landmarks have commemorative plaques. The plaques are privately funded.

San Francisco Landmarks

The San Francisco Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board was established in 1967. Its nine members are appointed by the Mayor of San Francisco. Nominated properties are subject to public hearings and must be approved by the Landmarks Board, the Planning Commission and the Board of Supervisors before being designated as San Francisco Landmarks.

Points of Interest This category allows us to photograph and discuss all things San Francisco that we would like to share.

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Name Address Neighborhood Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Presidio of San FranciscoPresidio1776California79PresidioPresidio of San Francisco
Montgomery Block Site600 Montgomery Street1853California80Montgomery 0600Montgomery Block Site
Montgomery Landing Place552 Montgomery Street1846California81Montgomery 0552Montgomery Landing Place
Castillo De San Joaquín SiteFort Point1794California82Fort PointCastillo De San Joaquín Site
Shoreline MarkersMarket and First Streets1848California83Market 0400Shoreline Markers
Rincon HillBryant and Rincon Streets1860California84Bryant At RinconRincon Hill
Star Newspaper Site743 Washington Street1847California85Washington 0743Star Newspaper Site
California Theatre Site444 Bush Street1869California86Bush 0444California Theatre Site
United States Mint & Subtreasury608 Commercial Street1854California87Commercial 0608United States Mint & Subtreasury
Niantic Storeship Site505 Sansome Street1835California88Sansome 0505Niantic Storeship Site
Parrott Granite Block SiteMontgomery and California Streets1852California89Montgomery 0400Parrott Granite Block Site
Fort Gunnybags Site243 Sacramento Street1856California90Sacramento 0243Fort Gunnybags Site
Telegraph Hill1 Telegraph Hill Boulevard1853California91Telegraph Hill 1Telegraph Hill
Portsmouth PlazaKearny and Clay Streets1846California119Kearny 0700Portsmouth Plaza
Jenny Lind Theatre750 Kearny Street at Merchant1850California192Kearny 0750Jenny Lind Theatre
First Ship into San Francisco BayBeach and Larkin Streets1775California236Beach 0700First Ship into San Francisco Bay
Mission Dolores Lagoon SiteCamp and Albion Streets1776California327.1Camp and Albion StreetsMission Dolores Lagoon Site
Long Wharf SiteCommercial Street1848California328Commercial Long Wharf Site
Freemasons Site728 Montgomery Street1849California408Montgomery 0728Freemasons Site
Bank of Lucas, Turner and Company800-804 Montgomery Street1854California453Montgomery 0800Bank of Lucas, Turner and Company
Woodward's Gardens SiteMission and Duboce Streets1866California454Mission and Duboce Woodward's Gardens Site
Mellus and Howard Site555 Montgomery Street1848California459Montgomery 0555Mellus and Howard Site
Jewish Religious Services Site735 Montgomery Street1849California462Montgomery 0735Jewish Religious Services Site
Clay Street Hill Railroad SitePortsmouth Plaza1873California500Portsmouth PlazaClay Street Hill Railroad Site
First Public School SitePortsmouth Plaza1847California587Portsmouth PlazaFirst Public School Site
Union SquareGeary and Powell Streets1850California623GearyUnion Square
What Cheer House SiteSacramento and Leidesdorff Streets1852California650Sacramento and Leidesdorff What Cheer House Site
Sarcophagus of Thomas Starr KingFranklin and Starr King Streets1864California691Franklin Sarcophagus of Thomas Starr King
Pony Express Site601 Montgomery Street1860California696Montgomery 0601Pony Express Site
Mark Hopkins Institute of Art Site850 Mason/1 Nob Hill1893California754Mason 0850Mark Hopkins Institute of Art Site
Laurel Hill Cemetery Site3333 California Street1854California760California 3333Laurel Hill Cemetery Site
Saint Mary's College SiteCollege and Crescent Streets1863California772CollegeSaint Mary's College Site
El Camino RealFrom Misión San Diego de Alcala to Misión San Francisco de Asís1713California784DoloresEl Camino Real
Bancroft Library Site1538 Valencia Street1881California791Valencia 1538Bancroft Library Site
Old Saint Mary’s Church660 California Street1853California810California 0660Old Saint Mary’s Church
Hudson's Bay Company Site505 Montgomery Street1841California819Montgomery 0505Hudson's Bay Company Site
Conservatory of FlowersJFK Drive1879California841Golden Gate Park JFKConservatory of Flowers
California State Fair Site269 Bush Street1854California861Bush 0269California State Fair Site
Old United States Mint5th and Mission Streets1869California875! Street 05 0088Old United States Mint
City of Paris BuildingGeary and Stockton Streets1896California876GearyCity of Paris Building
Liberty Bell Slot Machine Site406 Market Street1898California937Market 0406Liberty Bell Slot Machine Site
Farnsworth's Green Street Lab202 Green Street1927California941Green 0202Farnsworth's Green Street Lab
War Memorial Complex301 Van Ness and 401 Van Ness1945California964Van Ness 0301War Memorial Complex
Golden Gate BridgeCalifornia Highway 11937California974SF BayGolden Gate Bridge
Treasure IslandTreasure Island1930California987Treasure IslandTreasure Island
Giant Powder Company SiteGlen Canyon Park1868California1002Glen Canyon ParkGiant Powder Company Site
Third Baptist Church SiteGrant Avenue and Greenwich Street1854California1010Grant and GreenwichThird Baptist Church Site
Briones Rancho SiteStockton and Filbert Streets1889California1024Stockton and FilbertBriones Rancho Site
Mission Dolores320 Dolores Street1782Local1Dolores 0320Mission Dolores
Old Saint Mary’s Church660 California Street1909Local2California 0660Old Saint Mary’s Church
Bank of California400 California Street1908Local3California 0400Bank of California
Saint Patrick’s Church756 Mission Street1872Local4Mission 0756Saint Patrick’s Church
Saint Francis of Assisi Church610 Vallejo Street1913Local5Vallejo 0610Saint Francis of Assisi Church
Old St. Patrick’s Church1820 Eddy Street1854Local6Eddy 1820Old St. Patrick’s Church
Audiffred Building1-21 Mission Street1889Local7Mission 0001Audiffred Building
South San Francisco Opera House1601 Newcomb1888Local8Newcomb 1601South San Francisco Opera House
Belli Building722 Montgomery Street1851Local9Montgomery 0722Belli Building
Genella Building726-728 Montgomery1854Local10Montgomery 0728Genella Building
Hotaling Stables32-42 Hotaling1860Local11Hotaling 0032Hotaling Stables
Hotaling Building451 Jackson Street1866Local12Jackson 0451Hotaling Building
Hotaling Annex East445 Jackson Street1860Local13Jackson 0445Hotaling Annex East
Medico-Dental Building441 Jackson Street1861Local14Jackson 0441Medico-Dental Building
Ghirardelli Building415-431 Jackson Street1853Local15Jackson 0415Ghirardelli Building
Ghirardelli Annex407 Jackson Street1873Local16Jackson 0407Ghirardelli Annex
McElroy Octagon House2645 Gough Street1861Local17Gough 2645McElroy Octagon House
Palace Hotel Garden Court2 New Montgomery Street1906Local18New Montgomery 0002Palace Hotel Garden Court
Golden Era Building732 Montgomery Street1852Local19Montgomery 0732Golden Era Building
Hotaling Annex West463-473 Jackson Street1860Local20Jackson 0463Hotaling Annex West
San Francisco City Hall400 Van Ness Avenue1915Local21Van Ness 0400San Francisco City Hall
Solari Building East470 Jackson Street1852Local22Jackson 0470Solari Building East
Solari Building West472 Jackson Street1852Local23Jackson 0472Solari Building West
Yeon Building432 Jackson Street1855Local24Jackson 0432Yeon Building
Moulinie Building458-460 Jackson Street1852Local25Jackson 0458Moulinie Building
Bank of Lucas, Turner and Company800-804 Montgomery Street1854Local26Montgomery 0800Bank of Lucas, Turner and Company
Grogan-Lent-Atherton Building400 Jackson Street1858Local27Jackson 0400Grogan-Lent-Atherton Building
Old Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church858-864 Fulton Street1880Local28Fulton 0858Old Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church
Engine Company No. 221348 10th Avenue1898Local29! Avenue 10 1348Engine Company No. 22
Ghirardelli Square900 North Point Street1859Local30North Point 0900Ghirardelli Square
Burr Mansion1772 Vallejo Street1875Local31Vallejo 1772Burr Mansion
Phelps House1111 Oak Street1850Local32Oak 1111Phelps House
Sentinel Building916-920 Kearny Street1907Local33Kearny 0916Sentinel Building
United States Mint & Subtreasury608 Commercial Street1854Local34Commercial 0608United States Mint & Subtreasury
Stadtmuller House819 Eddy Street1880Local35Eddy 0819Stadtmuller House
Feusier Octagon House1067 Green Street1858Local36Green 1067Feusier Octagon House
Hallidie Building130 Sutter Street1917Local37Sutter 0130Hallidie Building
Bourn Mansion2550 Webster Street1896Local38Webster 2550Bourn Mansion
Saint Francis Lutheran Church152 Church Street1906Local39Church 0152Saint Francis Lutheran Church
First Unitarian Church1187 Franklin Street1889Local40Franklin 1187First Unitarian Church
Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church1135 O’Farrell Street1895Local41O’Farrell 1135Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church
Sullivan Memorial Fire Chief’s Home870 Bush Street1922Local42Bush 0870Sullivan Memorial Fire Chief’s Home
Cable Car Barn1200 Mason Street1887Local43Mason 1200Cable Car Barn
Donaldina Cameron House920 Sacramento Street1907Local44Sacramento 0920Donaldina Cameron House
Leale House2475 Pacific1860Local45Pacific 2475Leale House
House of the Flag1652-1656 Taylor Street1860Local46Taylor 1652House of the Flag
Nightingale House201 Buchanan Street1882Local47Buchanan 0201Nightingale House
Dietle House294 Page Street1878Local48Page 0294Dietle House
Sherman House2160 Green Street1877Local49Green 2160Sherman House
Conservatory of FlowersJFK Drive1879Local50Golden Gate Park JFKConservatory of Flowers
Casebolt House2727 Pierce Street1865Local51Pierce 2727Casebolt House
Fugazi Bank Building4 Columbus1909Local52Columbus 0004Fugazi Bank Building
Wormser-Coleman House1834 California Street1876Local53California 1834Wormser-Coleman House
Coleman House1701 Franklin Street1895Local54Franklin 1701Coleman House
Lilienthal-Pratt House1820 California Street1876Local55California 1820Lilienthal-Pratt House
Roos House3500 Jackson Street1909Local56Jackson 3500Roos House
Talbot-Dutton House1782 Pacific1875Local57Pacific 1782Talbot-Dutton House
San Francisco Gas Light Company3640 Buchanan Street1893Local58Buchanan 3640San Francisco Gas Light Company
Haslett Warehouse680 Beach Street1909Local59Beach 0680Haslett Warehouse
Albion Brewery881 Innes Avenue1870Local60Innes 0881Albion Brewery
Sylvester House1556 Revere1870Local61Revere 1556Sylvester House
Mish House1153 Oak Street1885Local62Oak 1153Mish House
Quinn House1562 McKinnon1875Local63McKinnon 1562Quinn House
Flood Mansion1000 California Street1886Local64California 1000Flood Mansion
Trinity Episcopal Church1668 Bush Street1893Local65Bush 1668Trinity Episcopal Church
Stanyan Residence2006 Bush Street1854Local66Bush 2006Stanyan Residence
Tanforan Cottage 1214 Dolores Street1853Local67Dolores 0214Tanforan Cottage 1
Tanforan Cottage 2220 Dolores Street1854Local68Dolores 0220Tanforan Cottage 2
Haas-Lilienthal House2007 Franklin Street1886Local69Franklin 2007Haas-Lilienthal House
Atherton House1990 California Street1881Local70California 1990Atherton House
Goodman Building1117 Geary Boulevard1869Local71Geary 1117Goodman Building
Morris Building140 Maiden Lane1949Local72Maiden Lane 140Morris Building
Lotta Crabtree FountainMarket, Geary, Kearny1875Local73Market 0800Lotta Crabtree Fountain
Stone House1348 South Van Ness1886Local74South Van Ness 1348Stone House
Whittier Mansion2090 Jackson Street1894Local75Jackson 2090Whittier Mansion
Mills Building and Tower220 Montgomery Street1890Local76Montgomery 0220Mills Building and Tower
Samuels ClockSidewalk At 856 Market Street1915Local77Market 0856Samuels Clock
Sunnyside Conservatory236 Monterey Blvd.1897Local78Monterey 0236Sunnyside Conservatory
Miller-Joost House3224 Market Street1867Local79Market 3224Miller-Joost House
Clarke Mansion250 Douglass Street1891Local80Douglass 0250Clarke Mansion
Bush Street Temple1881 Bush Street1895Local81Bush 1881Bush Street Temple
Geary Theater415 Geary Street1910Local82Geary 0415Geary Theater
Saint John’s Presbyterian Church25 Lake Street1905Local83Lake 0025Saint John’s Presbyterian Church
War Memorial Complex301 Van Ness and 401 Van Ness1932Local84Van Ness 0301War Memorial Complex
San Francisco Art Institute800 Chestnut Street1926Local85Chestnut 0800San Francisco Art Institute
Potrero Hill Neighborhood House953 DeHaro Street1922Local86DeHaro 0953Potrero Hill Neighborhood House
Jessie Street Substation220 Jessie1881Local87Jessie 0220Jessie Street Substation
Palace of Fine Arts3301 Lyon Street1915Local88Lyon 3301Palace of Fine Arts
Engine Company No. 211152 Oak Street1893Local89Oak 1152Engine Company No. 21
Ferry BuildingEmbarcadero At Market Street1898Local90Embarcadero 030Ferry Building
Trinidad Bean & Elevator Company855 Front Street1855Local91Front 0855Trinidad Bean & Elevator Company
Pelican Paper Company915 Front Street1855Local92Front 0915Pelican Paper Company
Engine Company No. 233022 Washington Street1893Local93Washington 3022Engine Company No. 23
Orpheum Theater1192 Market Street1926Local94Market 1192Orpheum Theater
Koshland House3800 Washington Street1904Local95Washington 3800Koshland House
Francis Scott Key MonumentMusic Concourse1888Local96Golden Gate Park Music ConcourseFrancis Scott Key Monument
Atkinson-Escher House1032 Broadway1853Local97Broadway 1032Atkinson-Escher House
Ortman-Shumate House1901 Scott1870Local98Scott 1901Ortman-Shumate House
Schoenstein Organ Factory3101 20th Street1928Local99! Street 20 3101Schoenstein Organ Factory
Castro Theater429 Castro Street1922Local100Castro 0429Castro Theater
Oriental Warehouse650 Delancey Street1868Local101Delancey 0650Oriental Warehouse
Italian Swiss Colony Warehouse1265 Battery Street1903Local102Battery 1265Italian Swiss Colony Warehouse
Calvary Presbyterian Church2501 Fillmore Street1902Local103Fillmore 2501Calvary Presbyterian Church
Independent Wood Company1105 Battery Street1907Local104Battery 1105Independent Wood Company
Market Street Railway Substation1190 Fillmore Street1902Local105Fillmore 1190Market Street Railway Substation
Chambord Apartments1298 Sacramento Street1921Local106Sacramento 1298Chambord Apartments
Rincon Annex Post Office101-199 Mission Street1940Local107MissionRincon Annex Post Office
National Guard Armory1800 Mission Street1914Local108Mission 1800National Guard Armory
Borel and Company440 Montgomery Street1908Local109Montgomery 0440Borel and Company
Italian American Bank460 Montgomery Street1907Local110Montgomery 0460Italian American Bank
Family Service Agency1010 Gough Street1928Local111Gough 1010Family Service Agency
Rothschild House964 Eddy Street1880Local112Eddy 0964Rothschild House
San Francisco Mining Exchange350 Bush Street1923Local113Bush 0350San Francisco Mining Exchange
Beltline Railroad RoundhouseEmbarcadero At Sansome and Lombard1918Local114Embarcadero 127Beltline Railroad Roundhouse
Health Sciences Library2395 Sacramento Street1912Local115Sacramento 2395Health Sciences Library
Saint Paulus Lutheran Church999 Eddy Street1893Local116Eddy 0999Saint Paulus Lutheran Church
Hammersmith Building301-303 Sutter Street1907Local117Sutter 0301Hammersmith Building
Congregation B'nai David3535 19th Street1908Local118! Street 19 3535Congregation B'nai David
Chambers Mansion2220 Sacramento Street1887Local119Sacramento 2220Chambers Mansion
Saint Joseph’s Church1401 Howard Street1913Local120Howard 1401Saint Joseph’s Church
Julius Castle1541 Montgomery Street1923Local121Montgomery 1541Julius Castle
Clay Street Center940 Powell/965 Clay1932Local122Powell 0940Clay Street Center
McMullen House827 Guerrero Street1881Local123Guerrero 0827McMullen House
Sharon BuildingSharon Meadow1888Local124Golden Gate Park Sharon MeadowSharon Building
Havens Mansion1381 South Van Ness1884Local125South Van Ness 1381Havens Mansion
Bransten House1735 Franklin Street1904Local126Franklin 1735Bransten House
Old Spaghetti Factory478 Green Street1908Local127Green 0478Old Spaghetti Factory
Clunie House301 Lyon Street1897Local128Lyon 0301Clunie House
Bauer & Schweitzer Malting Company530-550 Chestnut Street1908Local129Chestnut 0550Bauer & Schweitzer Malting Company
Hibernia Bank1 Jones Street1892Local130Jones 0001Hibernia Bank
Union Trust Bank744 Market Street1910Local131Market 0744Union Trust Bank
Savings Union Bank1 Grant Avenue1910Local132Grant 0001Savings Union Bank
Axford House1190 Noe Street1877Local133Noe 1190Axford House
Mechanics Institute57-65 Post Street1909Local134Post 0057Mechanics Institute
Westerfeld House1198 Fulton Street1889Local135Fulton 1198Westerfeld House
Kershaw House845 Guerrero Street1871Local136Guerrero 0845Kershaw House
Notre Dame School347 Dolores Street1907Local137Dolores 0347Notre Dame School
Irving Murray Scott School1060 Tennessee Street1895Local138Tennessee 1060Irving Murray Scott School
Saint Charles School3250 18th Street1888Local139 Street 18 3250Saint Charles School
High School of Commerce135 Van Ness Avenue1910Local140Van Ness 135High School of Commerce
Home Telephone Company333 Grant Avenue1908Local141Grant 0333Home Telephone Company
PG&E Substation J565 Commercial Street1914Local142Commercial 0565PG&E Substation J
Engine Company No. 02460 Bush Street1909Local143Bush 0460Engine Company No. 02
Hoffman Grill Building619 Market Street1913Local144Market 0619Hoffman Grill Building
Buich Building240 California Street1909Local145California 0240Buich Building
Jack’s Restaurant615 Sacramento Street1907Local146Sacramento 0615Jack’s Restaurant
Dutch WindmillJFK Drive1903Local147Golden Gate Park JFKDutch Windmill
Kerrigan House893 Wisconsin Street1905Local148Wisconsin 0893Kerrigan House
Klockars' Blacksmith Shop443 Folsom Street1912Local149Folsom 0449Klockars' Blacksmith Shop
Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall224-226 Guerrero Street1906Local150Guerrero 0224Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall
Archbishop’s Mansion1000 Fulton Street1904Local151Fulton 1000Archbishop’s Mansion
Don Lee Building1000 Van Ness Avenue1921Local152Van Ness 1000Don Lee Building
Packard Showroom901 Van Ness Avenue1927Local153Van Ness 0901Packard Showroom
Flood Building870-898 Market1904Local154Market 0870Flood Building
Flatiron Building540-548 Market Street1913Local155Market 0540Flatiron Building
Phelan Building760-784 Market Street1908Local156Market 0760Phelan Building
Hills Bros. Coffee Plant2 Harrison Street1926Local157Harrison 0002Hills Bros. Coffee Plant
Federal Reserve Bank400 Sansome Street1924Local158Sansome 0400Federal Reserve Bank
Gaylord Hotel620 Jones Street1929Local159Jones 0620Gaylord Hotel
Royal Insurance Building201 Sansome Street1907Local160Sansome 0201Royal Insurance Building
Alvinza Hayward Building400 Montgomery Street1907Local161Montgomery 0400Alvinza Hayward Building
Hobart Building582-592 Market Street1914Local162Market 0582Hobart Building
Sharon Building39-63 New Montgomery Street1912Local163New Montgomery 0039Sharon Building
McMorry-Lagan Residence188-198 Haight Street1883Local164Haight 0188McMorry-Lagan Residence
Coit Tower1 Telegraph Hill Boulevard1933Local165Telegraph Hill 1Coit Tower
Trinity Presbyterian Church3261 23rd Street1892Local166! Street 23 3261Trinity Presbyterian Church
Metropolitan Life Building600 Stockton Street1909Local167Stockton 0600Metropolitan Life Building
Vale House2226 California Street1885Local168California 2226Vale House
Campfire Girls Building325 Arguello1929Local169Arguello 0325Campfire Girls Building
Grace Cathedral Close1051 Taylor Street1914Local170Taylor 1051Grace Cathedral Close
Earthquake Refugee Shack1227 24th Avenue1906Local171! Avenue 24 1227Earthquake Refugee Shack
Saint Boniface Church133 Golden Gate1902Local172Golden Gate 0133Saint Boniface Church
Notre Dame des Victoires Church564-566 Bush Street1913Local173Bush 0564Notre Dame des Victoires Church
California Hall625 Polk Street1912Local174Polk 0625California Hall
McLaren LodgeJFK Drive1896Local175Golden Gate Park JFKMcLaren Lodge
Cadillac Hotel366-394 Eddy1908Local176Eddy 0366Cadillac Hotel
First Congregational Church432 Mason Street1915Local177Mason 0432First Congregational Church
San Francisco Women’s Building3543-18th Street1910Local178! Street 18 3543San Francisco Women’s Building
Beach Chalet1000 Great Highway1925Local179Great Highway 1000Beach Chalet
Geneva Car Barn2301 San Jose Avenue1901Local180San Jose 2301Geneva Car Barn
Lawn Bowling Clubhouse and GreensBowling Green Drive1915Local181Golden Gate Park Bowling GreenLawn Bowling Clubhouse and Greens
Green Apothecary500-502 Divisadero1889Local182Divisadero 0500Green Apothecary
Crown Zellerbach Building523 Market Street1959Local183Market 0523Crown Zellerbach Building
Mark Hopkins Hotel850 Mason/1 Nob Hill1926Local184Mason 0850Mark Hopkins Hotel
Fairmont Hotel950 Mason Street1906Local185Mason 0950Fairmont Hotel
Lewis House4143 23rd Street1892Local186! Street 23 4143Lewis House
Engine Company No. 372501 25th Street1918Local187! Street 25 2501Engine Company No. 37
Engine Company No. 081648 Pacific Avenue1917Local188Pacific 1648Engine Company No. 08
Edwards House1366 Guerrero Street1883Local189Guerrero 1366Edwards House
Hinkel House280 Divisadero1885Local190Divisadero 0280Hinkel House
Southern Pacific Hospital1400 Fell Street1908Local192Fell 1400Southern Pacific Hospital
Oakley Residence200-202 Fair Oaks1886Local191Fair Oaks 0200Oakley Residence
Baker and Hamilton601 Townsend Street1904Local193Townsend 0601 Baker and Hamilton
Third Street BridgeThird Street over Mission Creek1932Local194! Street 03 0700Third Street Bridge
Alcazar Theater650 Geary Street1917Local195Geary 0650Alcazar Theater
Hanson House126 27th Avenue1907Local196! Avenue 27 0126Hanson House
Spreckels Mansion2080 Washington Street1913Local197Washington 2080Spreckels Mansion
Queen House2212 Sacramento Street1895Local198Sacramento 2212Queen House
Jackson Brewing CompanyFolsom and 11th Street1907Local199Folsom 1475Jackson Brewing Company
Path of Gold Light Standards1-2470 Market Street1908Local200Market 0001Path of Gold Light Standards
Park Emergency Aid Station811 Stanyan Street1902Local201Stanyan 0811Park Emergency Aid Station
Macedonia Baptist Church2135 Sutter Street1905Local202Sutter 2135Macedonia Baptist Church
Gibbs House2622 Jackson Street1895Local203Jackson 2622Gibbs House
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church906 Broadway1912Local204Broadway 0906Our Lady of Guadalupe Church
Balboa High School1000 Cayuga1934Local205Cayuga 1000Balboa High School
Howard and 26th Street Cottages1487-1499 South Van Ness; 3274-3294 26th Street; 84-96 Virgil1905Local206South Van Ness 1487Howard and 26th Street Cottages
Ellinwood Residence2799 Pacific1894Local207Pacific 2799Ellinwood Residence
McCormick House4040-4042 17th Street1902Local208! Street 17 4040McCormick House
Columbarium1 Loraine Court1898Local209Loraine Court 0001Columbarium
Murphy WindmillMLK Jr. Drive1905Local210Golden Gate Park MLKMurphy Windmill
Walker House2066 Pine Street1878Local211Pine 2066Walker House
Columbus Savings Bank700 Montgomery Street1904Local212Montgomery 0700Columbus Savings Bank
Leonard House90 Cedro Avenue1911Local213Cedro 0090Leonard House
El Capitan Theater and Hotel2353 Mission Street1928Local214Mission 2353El Capitan Theater and Hotel
Victoria Theater2961 16th Street1908Local215! Street 16 2961Victoria Theater
Hoadley House2908-2910 Bush Street1858Local216Bush 2908Hoadley House
Alhambra Theater2320-2336 Polk Street1926Local217Polk 2320Alhambra Theater
North End Police Station2475 Greenwich Street1912Local218Greenwich 2475North End Police Station
Mount Davidson MonumentMount Davidson1934Local219Mount DavidsonMount Davidson Monument
Engine Company No. 31 1088 Green Street1908Local220Green 1088Engine Company No. 31
Shriners' Hospital1601 19th Avenue1923Local221! Avenue 19 1601Shriners' Hospital
Golden Gate BridgeCalifornia Highway 11937Local222SF BayGolden Gate Bridge
Fallon Building1800-1806 Market Street1894Local223Market 1800Fallon Building
Schubert Hall2099 Pacific1905Local224Pacific 2099Schubert Hall
Engine Company No. 09 and Fireboat Company No. 1Embarcadero At Harrison (Pier 22 1/2)1915Local225Embarcadero 010Engine Company No. 09 and Fireboat Company No. 1
Washington Square ParkStockton, Filbert, Columbus, Union1850Local226ColumbusWashington Square Park
Castro Camera573-575 Castro Street1894Local227Castro 0573Castro Camera
City Lights Bookstore261 Columbus1907Local228Columbus 0261City Lights Bookstore
Garcia & Maggini Warehouse128 King Street1913Local229King 0128Garcia & Maggini Warehouse
Laguna Honda Station390 Laguna Honda Boulevard1916Local231Laguna HondaLaguna Honda Station
Filbert Cottages1338 Filbert1907Local232Filbert 1338Filbert Cottages
Golden Triangle Light StandardsBounded by Market and Sutter Streets1918Local233Market 0400Golden Triangle Light Standards
Carnegie Library Mission 300 Bartlett Street1916Local234Bartlett 0300Carnegie Library Mission
Carnegie Library Chinatown1135 Powell Street1914Local235Powell 1125Carnegie Library Chinatown
Old United States Mint5th and Mission Streets1869Local236! Street 05 0088Old United States Mint
Colombo Building1 Columbus Avenue 1912Local237Columbus 0001Colombo Building
San Francisco Labor Temple2926-2948 16th Street1914Local238! Street 16 2926San Francisco Labor Temple
Carnegie Library Sunset1305 18th Avenue1918Local239! Avenue 18 3150Carnegie Library Sunset
Carnegie Library Presidio3150 Sacramento Street1921Local240Sacramento 3150Carnegie Library Presidio
Jose Theater / NAMES Project2362 Market Street1910Local241Market 2362Jose Theater / NAMES Project
Infant Shelter1201 Ortega Street1928Local242Ortega 1201Infant Shelter
Old Chronicle Building690 Market Street1890Local243Market 0690Old Chronicle Building
Garfield Building938-942 Market Street1908Local244Market 0938Garfield Building
New Mission Theater2550 Mission Street1916Local245Mission 2550New Mission Theater
James Lick Baths165 Tenth Street1890Local246! Street 10 0165James Lick Baths
Carnegie Library Richmond351 9th Avenue1914Local247! Avenue 09 0351Carnegie Library Richmond
Juvenile Court and Detention Home150 Otis Street1916Local248Otis 0150Juvenile Court and Detention Home
Music ConcourseMusic Concourse1896Local249Golden Gate Park Music ConcourseMusic Concourse
Shipwright's Cottage900 Innes Avenue1875Local250Innes 0900Shipwright's Cottage
Glazer-Keating House1110 Taylor Street1906Local251Taylor 1110Glazer-Keating House
Saint Brigid Church2151 Van Ness Avenue1902Local252Van Ness 2151Saint Brigid Church
Doolan Residence and Storefronts 1500-1512 Haight Stree1903Local253Haight 1500Doolan Residence and Storefronts
Doggie Diner SignSloat Boulevard and 45th Avenue1966Local254Sloat Doggie Diner Sign
Mission High School3750 18th Street1925Local255! Street 18 3750Mission High School
Richardson Hall55 Laguna Street1925Local256Laguna 055Richardson Hall
Woods HallHaight and Buchanan Streets 1927Local257Laguna 055Woods Hall
Woods Hall AnnexHaight and Buchanan Streets 1936Local258Laguna 055Woods Hall Annex
Carnegie Library Noe Valley 451 Jersey Street1916Local259Jersey 0451Carnegie Library Noe Valley
Tobin House 1969 California Street1915Local260California 1969Tobin House
Metro Theater2055 Union Street1924Local261Union 2055Metro Theater
Marina Branch Library1890 Chestnut Street1953Local262Chestnut 1890Marina Branch Library
Sam Jordan's Bar4004-4006 Third Street1959Local263! Street 03 4004Sam Jordan's Bar
Twin Peaks Tavern401 Castro Street1972Local264Castro 0401Twin Peaks Tavern
Doelger Building320-326 Judah StreetLocal265Judah 0320Doelger Building
Marcus Books and Jimbo's Bop City1712 Fillmore Street1960Local266Fillmore 1712Marcus Books and Jimbo's Bop City
Swedish American Hall2168-2174 Market StreetLocal267Market 2168Swedish American Hall
Goldberg Building182-198 Gough StreetLocal268Gough 0182Goldberg Building
Alamo Square DistrictBounded by Golden Gate, Divisadero, Webster, Fell1870LocalGolden Gate 1000Alamo Square District
Blackstone Court DistrictBlackstone Court1885LocalBlackstoneBlackstone Court District
Bush Street-Cottage Row DistrictBounded by Bush, Webster, Fillmore, Sutter1870LocalBush 2101Bush Street-Cottage Row District
Dogpatch DistrictBounded by 3rd, Mariposa, Tubbs, Indiana1867Local! Street 03 9999Dogpatch District
Duboce ParkWaller StreetLocalWallerDuboce Park
Jackson Square Historic DistrictBounded by Broadway, Sansom, Washington,Columbus1851LocalBroadway 0000Jackson Square Historic District
Liberty-Hill DistrictBounded by 20th, Mission, Dolores, and 22nd Streets1867LocalLiberty 0001Liberty-Hill District
Market Street MasonryMarket StreetLocalMarketMarket Street Masonry
Northeast Waterfront DistrictBounded by Embarcadero, Greenwich, Montgomery, Broadway1849LocalEmbarcadero 120Northeast Waterfront District
San Francisco Civic CenterBounded by Van Ness, Market, Golden Gate,7th Street1915LocalVan Ness 0001San Francisco Civic Center
South End DistrictBounded by Stillman, First, Ritch, King1867LocalKingSouth End District
Telegraph Hill DistrictBounded by Greenwich, Sansome, Montgomery, and Green Streets1849LocalSansomeTelegraph Hill District
Webster Street DistrictBounded by Jackson, Buchanan, Fillmore, and Clay Streets1878LocalJackson 1000Webster Street District
C.A. Thayer Lumber SchoonerHyde Street Pier1821National1966000229Hyde Street PierC.A. Thayer Lumber Schooner
Flood Mansion1000 California Street1886National1966000230California 1000Flood Mansion
Old United States Mint5th and Mission Streets1869National1966000231! Street 05 0088Old United States Mint
Presidio of San FranciscoPresidio1776National1966000232PresidioPresidio of San Francisco
San Francisco Cable Cars1200 Mason Street1873National1966000233Mason 1200San Francisco Cable Cars
Fort PointMarine Drive1853National1970000146MarineFort Point
Conservatory of FlowersJFK Drive1878National1971000184Golden Gate Park JFKConservatory of Flowers
Hallidie Building130 Sutter Street1917National1971000185Sutter 0130Hallidie Building
Jackson Square Historic DistrictBounded by Broadway, Sansom, Washington,Columbus1851National1971000186Broadway 0000Jackson Square Historic District
Phelps House1111 Oak Street1850National1971000187Oak 1111Phelps House
United States Post Office and Courthouse7th and Mission Streets1893National1971000188! Street 07 0001United States Post Office and Courthouse
Fort Mason Historic DistrictBounded by Van Ness, Bay, Laguna, and San Francisco Bay1855National1972000109Van Ness 8000Fort Mason Historic District
McElroy Octagon House2645 Gough Street1861National1972000250Gough 2645McElroy Octagon House
Mission Dolores320 Dolores Street1782National1972000251Dolores 0320Mission Dolores
Wapama Steam SchoonerHyde Street Pier1915National1973000228Hyde Street PierWapama Steam Schooner
Eureka Steam FerryboatHyde Street Pier1890National1973000229Hyde Street PierEureka Steam Ferryboat
Building at 33-35 Beideman Place33-35 Beideman Place1876National1973000435Beideman 33Building at 33-35 Beideman Place
Building at 45-57 Beideman Place45-57 Beideman Place1870National1973000436Beideman 45Building at 45-57 Beideman Place
Building at 1840-1842 Eddy Street1840-1842 Eddy Street1885National1973000437Eddy 1840Building at 1840-1842 Eddy Street
Haas-Lilienthal House2007 Franklin Street1886National1973000438Franklin 2007Haas-Lilienthal House
House at 1321 Scott Street1321 Scott Street1885National1973000439Scott 1321House at 1321 Scott Street
House at 1331-1335 Scott Street1331-1335 Scott Street1888National1973000440Scott 1331House at 1331-1335 Scott Street
House at 1239-1245 Scott Street1239-1245 Scott Street1882National1973000441Scott 1239House at 1239-1245 Scott Street
House at 1249-1251 Scott Street1249-1251 Scott Street1868National1973000442Scott 1249House at 1249-1251 Scott Street
Building at 1813-1813B Sutter Street1815 Sutter Street1876National1973000443Sutter 1815Building at 1813-1813B Sutter Street
Vollmer House1735-1737 Webster Street1885National1973000444Webster 1735Vollmer House
Feusier Octagon House1067 Green Street1858National1974000554Green 1067Feusier Octagon House
Jessie Street Substation222-226 Jessie Street1881National1974000555Jessie 222Jessie Street Substation
Haslett Warehouse680 Beach Street1909National1975000172Beach 0680Haslett Warehouse
Alma Scow SchoonerHyde Street Pier1891National1975000179Hyde Street PierAlma Scow Schooner
Hercules Steam TugboatHyde Street Pier1907National1975000225Hyde Street PierHercules Steam Tugboat
City of Paris BuildingGeary and Stockton Streets1896National1975000471GearyCity of Paris Building
Geary Theatre415 Geary Street1910National1975000472Geary 0415Geary Theatre
Goodman Building1117 Geary Boulevard1869National1975000473Geary 1117Goodman Building
Lotta Crabtree FountainMarket, Geary, Kearny1875National1975000475Market 0800Lotta Crabtree Fountain
United States Custom House555 Battery Street1911National1975000476Battery 0555United States Custom House
Pumping Station No. 2Van Ness Avenue at the Municipal Pier1912National1976000177Van Ness 9999Pumping Station No. 2
BalcluthaHyde Street Pier1886National1976000178Hyde Street PierBalclutha
AlcatrazAlcatraz Island1853National1976000209SF BayAlcatraz
Myrtle Street Flats234-248 Myrtle Street1907National1976000520Myrtle Street 0234Myrtle Street Flats
Stadtmuller House819 Eddy Street1880National1976000523Eddy 0819Stadtmuller House
Whittier Mansion2090 Jackson Street1894National1976000524Jackson 2090Whittier Mansion
Farallon Islands28 Miles West of San FranciscoNational1977000332Pacific OceanFarallon Islands
International Hotel848 Kearny Street1874National1977000333Kearny 0848International Hotel
Mills Building and Tower220 Montgomery Street1890National1977000334Montgomery 0220Mills Building and Tower
Bank of Italy552 Montgomery Street1909National1978000754Montgomery 0552Bank of Italy
Calvary Presbyterian Church2501 Fillmore Street1902National1978000755Fillmore 2501Calvary Presbyterian Church
Ferry Station Post OfficeEmbarcadero At Mission Street1915National1978000756Embarcadero 020Ferry Station Post Office
San Francisco Civic CenterRoughly Bounded By: Market, Golden Gate, 7th, Franklin, Hayes1915National1978000757Van Ness 0001San Francisco Civic Center
National Guard Armory1800 Mission Street1914National1978000758Mission 1800National Guard Armory
Schoenstein Organ Factory3101 20th Street1928National1978000759! Street 20 3101Schoenstein Organ Factory
Ferry BuildingEmbarcadero At Market Street1898National1978000760Embarcadero 030Ferry Building
Jeremiah O'Brien Liberty ShipEmbarcadero: Pier 45 1943National1978003405Embarcadero 145CJeremiah O'Brien Liberty Ship
Tubbs Cordage Company Office BuildingHyde Street Pier1890National1979000254Hyde Street PierTubbs Cordage Company Office Building
Six-Inch Rifled Gun No. 9Baker Beach1908National1979000255Baker BeachSix-Inch Rifled Gun No. 9
Lewis Ark HouseboatHyde Street Pier1900National1979000256Hyde Street PierLewis Ark Houseboat
Santa Rosa Ferryboat Embarcadero: Pier 31927National1979000469Embarcadero 103Santa Rosa Ferryboat
Atherton House1990 California Street1881National1979000527California 1990Atherton House
Audiffred Building1-21 Mission Street1889National1979000528Mission 0001Audiffred Building
Fleishhacker Memorial BuildingZoo Road and Sloat Boulevard1925National1979000529Sloat Fleishhacker Memorial Building
Fort Mason Historic District Boundary IncreaseBounded by Van Ness, Bay, Laguna, and San Francisco Bay1855National1979000530Van Ness 8000Fort Mason Historic District Boundary Increase
Girls Club362 Capp Street1911National1979000531Capp 0362Girls Club
House at 1254 Montgomery Street1254-1256 Montgomery Street1865National1979000532Montgomery 1254House at 1254 Montgomery Street
Mish House1153 Oak Street1885National1979000534Oak1153Mish House
Old Ohio Street Houses17-55 Osgood Place1900National1979000535Osgood 17Old Ohio Street Houses
Rincon Annex Post Office101-199 Mission Street1940National1979000537Mission 0101Rincon Annex Post Office
Fort MileyFort Miley Circle1899National1980000371Fort Miley CircleFort Miley
Payne Residence1409 Sutter Street1881National1980000847Sutter 1409Payne Residence
Beach Chalet1000 Great Highway1925National1981000172Great Highway 1000Beach Chalet
Shipwreck of Whaling Bark LydiaAddress Restricted1907National1981000173Address RestrictedShipwreck of Whaling Bark Lydia
Bush Street-Cottage Row DistrictBounded by Bush, Webster, Fillmore, Sutter1870National1982000983Bush 2101Bush Street-Cottage Row District
De Lano House70 Buena Vista Terrace1884National1982000984Buena Vista Terrace 70De Lano House
Herald Hotel308 Eddy Street1910National1982000985Eddy 0308Herald Hotel
Edwards House1366 Guerrero Street1883National1982000986Guerrero 1366Edwards House
Gold Rush Ship in Levi's Plaza Levi's Plaza on Battery Street1852National1982002248Levi's Plaza on Battery StreetGold Rush Ship in Levi's Plaza
Pioneer Woolen Mills and D. Ghirardelli Company900 North Point Street1862National1982002249North Point 0900Pioneer Woolen Mills and D. Ghirardelli Company
Saint Joseph’s Church1401-1415 Howard Street1913National1982002250Howard 1401Saint Joseph’s Church
Saint Paulus Lutheran Church999 Eddy Street1893National1982002251Eddy 0999Saint Paulus Lutheran Church
Trinity Presbyterian Church3261 23rd Street1892National1982002252! Street 23 3261Trinity Presbyterian Church
Belden House2004-2010 Gough Street1889National1983001229Gough 2004Belden House
Liberty-Hill DistrictBounded by 20th, Mission, Dolores, and 22nd Streets1867National1983001230Liberty 0001Liberty-Hill District
McMullen House827 Guerrero Street1881National1983001231Guerrero 0827McMullen House
Moss Flats Building1626 Great Highway1906National1983001232Great Highway 1626Moss Flats Building
National Carbon Company888 Brannan Street1917National1983001233Brannan 0888National Carbon Company
Paige Motor Car Company1699 Van Ness Avenue1912National1983001234Van Ness 1699Paige Motor Car Company
Stanyan Park Hotel750 Stanyan Street1904National1983001235Stanyan 0750Stanyan Park Hotel
Warren House465-467 Oak Street and 368 Lily Street1876National1983003594Oak 0465Warren House
Aquatic Park Historic DistrictBounded by Beach, Van Ness, Hyde, San Francisco Bay 1920National1984001183Beach 0700Aquatic Park Historic District
Chambord Apartments1298 Sacramento Street1921National1984001184Sacramento 1298Chambord Apartments
Dallam-Merritt House2355 Washington Street1870National1984001185Washington 2355Dallam-Merritt House
Koshland House3800 Washington Street1904National1984001186Washington 3800Koshland House
TREA Houses2503, 2524, 2530 and 2536 Clay Street1870National1985000705Clay 2503TREA Houses
Irving Murray Scott School1060 Tennessee Street1895National1985000714Tennessee 1060Irving Murray Scott School
Saint Joseph's Hospital355 Buena Vista Avenue East1928National1985001016Buena Vista Avenue East 355Saint Joseph's Hospital
Krotoszyner House995-999 Sutter Street1912National1985001784Sutter 0995Krotoszyner House
Wilford Houses2121 and 2127 Vallejo Street1890National1985001914Vallejo 2121Wilford Houses
Einstein House584 Page Street1894National1985002195Page 0584Einstein House
Army Port of EmbarkationFort Mason1940National1985002433Fort MasonArmy Port of Embarkation
Pampanito SubmarineEmbarcadero: Pier 451943National1986000089Embarcadero 145BPampanito Submarine
YMCA Hotel351 Turk Street1928National1986000148Turk 0351YMCA Hotel
Beltline Railroad RoundhouseEmbarcadero At Sansome and Lombard1918National1986000207Embarcadero 127Beltline Railroad Roundhouse
Market Street Theatre and Loft District1000 Block of Market Street1889National1986000729Market 0982Market Street Theatre and Loft District
Shipwreck of King Philip and ReporterAddress Restricted1878National1986001014Address RestrictedShipwreck of King Philip and Reporter
Hale Brothers Department Store901 Market Street1912National1986003492Market 0901Hale Brothers Department Store
PG&E Substation J565 Commercial Street1914National1986003514Commercial 0565PG&E Substation J
Pioneer Trunk FactoryFolsom and 3180 18th Street1902National1986003727Folsom 2185Pioneer Trunk Factory
Russian Hill - Macondray LaneBounded by Macondray, Green, Jones, Taylor1859National1987002286Macondray 15Russian Hill - Macondray Lane
Russian Hill - Paris Block1017-1067 Green Street1858National1987002288Green 1017Russian Hill - Paris Block
Russian Hill - Vallejo StreetBounded by Vallejo, Broadway, Taylor1853National1987002289Vallejo 1000Russian Hill - Vallejo Street
Engine Company No. 31 1088 Green Street1908National1987002290Green 1088Engine Company No. 31
United States Mint (New)155 Hermann Street1937National1988000026Hermann 155United States Mint (New)
Shipwreck of Rio de JaneiroAddress Restricted1878National1988002394Address RestrictedShipwreck of Rio de Janeiro
Federal Reserve Bank400 Sansome Street1924National1989000009Sansome 0400Federal Reserve Bank
Westerfeld House1198 Fulton Street1889National1989000197Fulton 1198Westerfeld House
Southern Pacific Hospital1400 Fell Street1908National1989000319Fell 1400Southern Pacific Hospital
Apollo StoreshipSacramento and Battery Streets1850National1991000561SacramentoApollo Storeship
Niantic Storeship SiteClay and Sansome Streets1835National1991000563SansomeNiantic Storeship Site
Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel DistrictBounded by Bush, Larkin, Sutter, Jones1906National1991000957Bush 0590Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District
Yerba Buena Island LighthouseYerba Buena Island1858National1991001096Yerba Buena 04Yerba Buena Island Lighthouse
Nimitz House1 Whiting Way1900National1991001380Yerba Buena 03Nimitz House
Jackson Brewing CompanyFolsom and 11th Street1907National1993000284Folsom 1475Jackson Brewing Company
San Francisco Korean United Methodist Church1123 Powell Street1928National1994000925Powell 1123San Francisco Korean United Methodist Church
Ohlandt Newlyweds House1260 Potrero Avenue1888National1994000995Potrero 1260Ohlandt Newlyweds House
Saint Brigid Church2151 Van Ness Avenue1902National1995001159Van Ness 2151Saint Brigid Church
Matson Building and Annex215 Market Street1923National1995001384Market 0215Matson Building and Annex
Pacific Gas and Electric245 Market Street1924National1995001385Market 0245Pacific Gas and Electric
Saint John’s Presbyterian Church25 Lake Street1905National1995001555Lake 0025Saint John’s Presbyterian Church
Folger Coffee Company101 Howard Street1905National1996000679Howard 0101Folger Coffee Company
Hunter-Dulin Building111 Sutter Street1920National1997000348Sutter 0111Hunter-Dulin Building
Grabhorn Press Building1335 Sutter Street1919National1997000349Sutter 1335Grabhorn Press Building
Gibb WarehouseFront and Vallejo Streets1855National1997001189Front 0855Gibb Warehouse
Hotel Californian403 Taylor Street1924National1998001195Taylor 0403Hotel Californian
Pier OneEmbarcadero: Pier 11931National1998001551Embarcadero 101Pier One
Rothschild Building465 Tenth Street1924National1999000581! Street 10 0465Rothschild Building
Second and Howard Streets District121-198 2nd, 579-612 Howard, 116 Natoma, 111-163 New Montgomery1906National1999000894! Street 02 0121Second and Howard Streets District
Otis Elevator Company1 Beach Street1924National1999001265Beach 0001Otis Elevator Company
San Francisco Bay BridgeInterstate 801936National2000000525Interstate 80San Francisco Bay Bridge
Haas Candy Factory54 Mint Street1907National2000001622Mint 0054Haas Candy Factory
Coffin-Redington Building301 Folsom Street and 300 Beale Street1937National2001000028Folsom 0301Coffin-Redington Building
Camera Obscura1096 Point Lobos Avenue1946National2001000522Point Lobos 1096Camera Obscura
Fuller Company Glass Warehouse50 Green Street1907National2001001101Green 0050Fuller Company Glass Warehouse
Long Syrup Refinery2701 Sixteenth Street1908National2001001103! Street 16 2701Long Syrup Refinery
Don Lee Building1000 Van Ness Avenue1921National2001001179Van Ness 1000Don Lee Building
New Mission Theater2550 Mission Street1916National2001001206Mission 2550New Mission Theater
Engine Company No. 02460 Bush Street1909National2002000371Bush 0460Engine Company No. 02
Fairmont Hotel950 Mason Street1906National2002000373Mason 0950Fairmont Hotel
Central Embarcadero PiersEmbarcadero: Piers 1-51918National2002001390Embarcadero 100Central Embarcadero Piers
Caroll & Tilton Building 735 Market Street 1908National2004000327Market 0735 Caroll & Tilton Building
Palace of Fine Arts 3301 Lyon Street1915National2004000659Lyon 3301 Palace of Fine Arts
Woman's Athletic Club640 Sutter Street1927National2004000955Sutter 0640 Woman's Athletic Club
Golden Gate Park Historic DistrictGolden Gate Park1870National2004001137Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate Park Historic District
Swedenborgian Church3200 Washington Street1895National2004001154Washington 3200Swedenborgian Church
Baker and Hamilton 601 Townsend Street1904National2005000001Townsend 0601 Baker and Hamilton
Spencer House1080 Haight Street1895National2005000273Haight 1080 Spencer House
Veterans Affairs Medical Center4150 Clement Street1933National2005001112Clement 4150Veterans Affairs Medical Center
Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic DistrictEmbacrcadero: Pier 45 to Pier 481898National2006000372Embarcadero 145APort of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District
San Francisco State Teacher's College 55 Laguna Street 1924National2007001391Laguna 0055San Francisco State Teacher's College
Coit Memorial Tower 1 Telegraph Hill Boulevard 1933National2007001468TelegraphCoit Memorial Tower
Colombo Building 1 Columbus Avenue 1912National2007001469Columbus 0001Colombo Building
Treasure Island Administration Building 1 Avenue of the Palms 1938National2008000081Avenue Treasure Island Administration Building
Treasure Island Hall of Transportation 300 California Avenue1938National2008000082California 0300Treasure Island Hall of Transportation
Treasure Island Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts 600 California Avenue1938National2008000083California 0600Treasure Island Palace of Fine and Decorative Arts
Yerba Buena Island Quarters 10 and Building 267 Northgate and Macalla Roads 1948National2008000084Yerba Buena 01Yerba Buena Island Quarters 10 and Building 267
Yerba Buena Island Senior Officers Quarters Historic District Whiting Way at Northgate Road 1900National2008000085Yerba Buena 02Yerba Buena Island Senior Officers Quarters Historic District
Yerba Buena Island Torpedo Storehouse Building 2621891National2008000086Yerba Buena 03Yerba Buena Island Torpedo Storehouse
Uptown Tenderloin Historic District Bounded by Market, McAllister, Golden Gate, Larkin, Geary, Taylor, Ellis1906National2008001407MarketUptown Tenderloin Historic District
Roos House 3500 Jackson Street1909National2009000805Jackson 3500Roos House
Tobin House 1969 California Street1915National2009000806California 1969Tobin House
Armour & Co. Building 1050 Battery Street1907National2009001117Battery 1050Armour & Co. Building
Medical-Dental Office Building 450 Sutter Street1909National2009001118Sutter 0450Medical-Dental Office Building
Doolan Residence and Storefronts 1500-1512 Haight Stree1903National2009001201Haight 1500Doolan Residence and Storefronts
One Lombard Street 1 Lombard Street1901National2009001300Lombard 0001One Lombard Street
Geneva Office Building and Power House 2301 San Jose Avenue1901National2010000111San Jose 2301Geneva Office Building and Power House
Sacred Heart Church 554 Fillmore Street1897National2010000112Fillmore 0554Sacred Heart Church
Temple Sherith Israel 2266 California Street1905National2010000114California 2266Temple Sherith Israel
San Francisco Public Library North Beach Branch2000 Mason Street1959National2010000501Mason 2000San Francisco Public Library North Beach Branch
Rialto Building116 New Montgomery Street1902National2010001108New Montgomery 0116Rialto Building
South San Francisco Opera House1601 Newcomb Avenue and 4701-4705 Third Street1888National2011000117Newcomb 1601South San Francisco Opera House
Waybur House3232 Pacific Avenue1901National2011000143Pacific 3232Waybur House
Juvenile Court and Detention Center150 Otis Street1916National2011000182Otis 0150Juvenile Court and Detention Center
Sinton House1020 Francisco Street1927National2011000944Francisco 1020Sinton House
Drydock 4 Hunters Point Naval ShipyardSpear Avenue and Morrell Street1942National2012000424SpearDrydock 4 Hunters Point Naval Shipyard
Hunters Point Commercial Drydock Historic DistrictFisher Avenue and Robinson Drive1903National2012000425FisherHunters Point Commercial Drydock Historic District
U.S. Appraisers Stores and Immigration Station630 Sansome Street1939National2013000590Sansome 0630U.S. Appraisers Stores and Immigration Station
Mutual Savings Bank Building700 Market Street1902National2013001107Market 0700Mutual Savings Bank Building
Union Iron Works Historic DistrictBounded by Illinois, 18th, 22nd Streets1884National2014000150IllinoisUnion Iron Works Historic District
Burr Mansion1772 Vallejo Street1875National2014000967Vallejo 1772Burr Mansion
San Francisco Art Institute800 Chestnut Street1926National2015000950Chestnut 0800San Francisco Art Institute
Apple Cider PressMuseum Drive1894POIGolden Gate Park Museum DriveApple Cider Press
Brocklebank Apartments1000 Mason Street1926POIMason 1000Brocklebank Apartments
Bronze LionMuseum Drive1906POIGolden Gate Park Museum DriveBronze Lion
Bronze SundialMuseum Drive1906POIGolden Gate Park Museum DriveBronze Sundial
Building at 50 Fell Street50 Fell Street1932POIFell 0050Building at 50 Fell Street
Carnegie Library Golden Gate Valley1801 Green Street 1918POIGreen 1801Carnegie Library Golden Gate Valley
Cervantes MemorialTea Garden Drive1916POIGolden Gate Park TeagardenCervantes Memorial
Chinese PavilionStow Lake Drive1981POIGolden Gate Park Stow Lake DriveChinese Pavilion
Cliff House1090 Point Lobos Avenue 1909POIPoint Lobos 1090Cliff House
Condor Club560 Broadway1964POIBroadway 0560Condor Club
DoughboyJFK Drive1930POIGolden Gate Park JFKDoughboy
Doughboy MeadowJFK Drive1930POIGolden Gate Park JFKDoughboy Meadow
Engine Company No. 01451 Pacific Avenue1908POIPacific 451Engine Company No. 01
Engine Company No. 073160 16th Street 1907POI! Street 16 3160 Engine Company No. 07
Engine Company No. 131458 Valencia Street1883POIValencia 1458Engine Company No. 13
Engine Company No. 141047 McAllister Street1884POIMcAllister 1047Engine Company No. 14
Engine Company No. 16909 Tennessee Street1926POITennessee 0909Engine Company No. 16
Engine Company No. 24100 Hoffman Avenue1914POIHoffman 0100Engine Company No. 24
Engine Company No. 253305 Third Street1913POI!Street 03 2205Engine Company No. 25
Engine Company No. 2752 Waller Street 1886POIWaller Street 057Engine Company No. 27
Engine Company No. 301757 Waller Street 1895POIWaller 1757Engine Company No. 30
Engine Company No. 33117 Broad Street 1896POIBroad 0117Engine Company No. 33
Engine Company No. 401249 Clayton Street 1909POIClayton 1249Engine Company No. 40
Engine Company No. 43724 Brazil Avenue 1911POIBrazil 0724Engine Company No. 43
Engine Company No. 443816 22nd Street 1909POI! Street 22 3816Engine Company No. 44
Engine Company No. 471298 Girard Street 1915POIGirard 1298Engine Company No. 47
Engine Company No. 48798 Wisconsin Street 1914POIWisconsin 0798Engine Company No. 48
Eppleton Hall Paddlewheel TugboatHyde Street Pier1914POIHyde Street PierEppleton Hall Paddlewheel Tugboat
First American Flag RaisingPortsmouth Square1846POIPortsmouth SquareFirst American Flag Raising
Grant MemorialTea Garden Drive1896POIGolden Gate Park TeagardenGrant Memorial
Holy Innocents Church455 Fair Oaks Street1890POIFair Oaks 0455Holy Innocents Church
Legion of HonorLegion of Honor Drive1921POILegion of HonorLegion of Honor
LeonidasMuseum Drive1884POIGolden Gate Park Museum DriveLeonidas
Masonic Temple25 Van Ness1913POIVan Ness 25Masonic Temple
Mechanics MonumentMarket Street at Battery Street1901POIMarket 0400Mechanics Monument
Pacific Building801-823 Market Street 1907POIMarket 0801Pacific Building
Pacific Coast Stock Exchange301 Pine Street1930POIPine 0301Pacific Coast Stock Exchange
Phoebe Hearst FountainMusic Concourse1926POIGolden Gate Park Music ConcoursePhoebe Hearst Fountain
Pier 29Embarcadero at Chestnut1918POIEmbarcadero 129Pier 29
Pier 31Embarcadero at Francisco1917POIEmbarcadero 131Pier 31
Pier 35Embarcadero Between Bay and Northpoint1914POIEmbarcadero 135Pier 35
Pier 43Embarcadero at at Powell and Jefferson1914POIEmbarcadero 143Pier 43
Pioneer Log CabinStow Lake Drive1911POIGolden Gate Park Stow Lake DrivePioneer Log Cabin
Pioneer MotherStow Lake Drive1914POIGolden Gate Park Stow Lake DrivePioneer Mother
Polytechnic High School639 and 755 Frederick Street1911POIFrederick 639Polytechnic High School
Pool of EnchantmentMuseum Drive1917POIGolden Gate Park Museum DrivePool of Enchantment
Presidio Wall3200 Pacific Avenue1901POIPacific 3200Presidio Wall
Robert Louis Stevenson MonumentPortsmouth Plaza1897POIPortsmouth PlazaRobert Louis Stevenson Monument
Russ Building235 Montgomery Street1927POIMontgomery 0235Russ Building
Russian Consulate2790 Green Street1922POIGreen 2790Russian Consulate
Saint Francis Hotel335 Powell Street 1904POIPowell 0335Saint Francis Hotel
Shell Building100 Bush Street1929POIBush 0100Shell Building
Sutro Tower1 La Avanzada Street1973POILa AvanzadaSutro Tower
Temple Emanu-El2 Lake Street1926POILake 0002Temple Emanu-El
Transamerica Pyramid600 Montgomery Street1972POIMontgomery 0600Transamerica Pyramid
Underwriters Fire Patrol 147 Natoma Street1909POINatoma 0147Underwriters Fire Patrol
Wall on the WaterfrontEmbarcadero1959POIEmbarcaderoWall on the Waterfront