San Francisco Landmark: Hammersmith Building

San Francisco Landmark 117: Hammersmith Building 20 February 2012

San Francisco Landmark 117: Hammersmith Building 1 November 2015

San Francisco Landmark 117
Hammersmith Building
301-303 Sutter Street At Grant Avenue
Built 1907

Although it occupies one of the smallest sites in the retail area, the Art Nouveau Hammersmith Building, designed by Lansburgh & Joseph, makes a contribution to the streetscape which is wholly disproportionate to its size. This important corner building characterizes, in its immediate area, the Beaux-Arts inspired post-1906 development of much of downtown San Francisco.

The building has a large amount of glass for the time it was built, and one motif, that of a building-wide arch, running through all floors.

It has maintained its integrity, having been little remodeled in its seventy-two year existence.

One of the architects, G. Albert Lansburgh, earned local fame particularly as a designer of theatres.

Adapted from Planning Commission Resolution No. 8590 dated 15 May 1980

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