National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #73000439: House at 743 Turk Street
This photograph, submitted with the NRHP
nomination, was taken when the building
stood at 743 Turk Street.
National Register #73000439: House at 1321 Scott Street
4 February 2004
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National Register #73000439
House at 1321 Scott Street
1321 Scott Street Between Ellis and O'Farrell
Built Around 1885

This simple Stick Style building with some Italianate detailing was moved here from 743 Turk Street in the 1970's.

In the early 1970's, the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency razed much of the Western Addition, a 19th century residential neighborhood regarded as a slum. A few vintage buildings were saved by private buyers.

The following is excerpted from the 1973 NRHP Nomination Form :

The San Francisco Water Department records show this building as being connected to the water system in 1885.

Martin O'Dea was the original owner, and this property remained in the O'Dea family until purchase was made by the San Francisco Redevelopment Agency in 1972. He was a prominent horseshoer from the East. Mr. O'Dea had built this fine residence as part of a complex from which he ran his business.

This Victorian structure as well as the other two structures on the same property survived the 1906 earthquake and fire. [Webmaster note: One of the other structures, 216-220 Elm Street, was moved to 1331-1335 Scott Street.]

743 Turk, which has been well maintained through the years, will be moved to a lovely row of existing Victorian homes on Eddy Street, two of which have been rehabilitated. [Webmaster note: The house was actually moved to Scott Street near Eddy.] The block [of Eddy Street] also includes a designated landmark, Old St. Patrick's Church.

In 1973, some Victorian residences were listed on the National Register of Historic Places and moved to save them from San Francisco Redevelopment Agency slum clearance. These residences were among the first NRHP listings in San Francisco. Prior to 1973, only fourteen San Francisco properties had been listed on the NRHP.

The following is excerpted from the NRHP Nomination Form for 33-35 Beideman Place:

Because of the zoning within the project area, this building has to be either demolished or moved to a more suitable location where it can be rehabilitated and preserved.

This will be one of eight buildings to be moved onto a two block development within the Western Addition. These two city blocks will be intensively developed with projects including scattered public housing, moderately priced private housing, private rehabilitation and rehabilitation for public bidding and resale by the San Francisco Redevelopment agency. A few rehabilitation projects have already been completed within these two blocks.

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