National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

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National Register #72000109
Fort Mason Historic District
Bounded by Van Ness, Bay, Laguna, and San Francisco Bay
Built 1855 and 1863-1864

This park of historic buildings in the northeast corner of Fort Mason figures prominently in Western American military history and previously had been an important post for the Spanish. The buildings themselves, dating from the 1850's, are among the oldest in San Francisco and have been the residences of persons significant to the history of San Francisco and the nation. Furthermore, the setting is one of the most beautiful in a city of noted views and has long served the public as a garden open space and access to San Francisco Bay.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
McDowell Hall (Officers' Club)1855Originally constructed as a private residence in 1855, its style today may be described as modified Victorian. The second floor is a profusion of bedrooms and baths displaying the long history of their occupants in a progression from 1866 of differing kinds of architecture and window design.1McDowell Hall (Officers' Club)
Quarters 21863A plain clapboard house with the stock details of the period and a certain army austerity. Designed to complement McDowell Hall.2Quarters 2
Quarters 31855The old rubble walls of the basement and first floor are believed to be the original. The second floor was added later. 3Quarters 3
Quarters 41855The original house, dating from 1855, appears from old photographs to have been a one-story Gothic Revival cottage very much like the Fremont Cottage to the north although the present two-story building bears stock Victorian details of the 1870's like the other Quarters.4Quarters 4
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