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San Francisco Landmark #190: Charles Hinkel House and Carriage House PermaStone™ Halloween House and Hinkel House

San Francisco Landmark #190: Charles Hinkel House and Carriage House 23 November 2023

San Francisco Landmark #190
Charles L. Hinkel House and Carriage House
280 Divisadero Street Between Haight and Page
Built 1885

The Charles Lewis Hinkel House is an unusual example of transitional Second French Empire residential architecture built by Charles Lewis Hinkel (1847-1908), second generation of the Hinkel family, as his personal residence.

Charles Lewis Hinkel's father, Charles E. Hinkel, was a German native who had arrived in San Francisco in 1852 and went into business as a residential builder. Charles Lewis and his three sons and a grandson continued the house-building tradition into the fourth generation. Rows of Hinkel-built Italianate houses are evident from Pacific Heights, through the Western Addition and into Eureka Valley.

Charles Lewis built his home at 280 Divisadero on a lot that is large by San Francisco standards, 50 feet by 137.5 feet (the standard lot is 25 x 100).

He paid attention to quality design, with finished detailing on side and rear elevations. Interior finishings were of the quality a successful builder would select for his own home. The large lot allowed space for landscaping and a carriage house, completing the presentation of an intact nineteenth century residence.

The building remains a private residence.

Source: San Francisco Planning Commission Resolution No. 11390 dated 30 June 1988.

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