National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #99000894: Second and Howard Street District Northwest Corner of Second and Howard Streets
19 February 2012

The building on the corner (600 Howard Street) was built in 1909, but the architect is unknown.

The adjacent six-story white building (606-612 Howard Street) is the Merritt Building, designed by the Reid Brothers and built in 1907.

The 26-story Art Deco skyscraper in the background is the AT&T building (140 New Montgomery Street) built in 1924. The AT&T Building is not located within the District.

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National Register #99000894
Second and Howard Street District
121-198 2nd Street
579-612 Howard Street
116 Natoma
111-163 New Montgomery
Built Various Years

Before the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, the area that was to become the Second and Howard Street District contained mostly smaller buildings, about a third of them frame. There were quite a few dwellings and lodging houses, a glove factory, a patent medicine factory, a book bindery, plumbers, some restaurants, more saloons, and a large number of stores not specifically identified on the Sanborn map of 1905.

The earthquake and subsequent three day fire totally destroyed the District. If any walls were left standing, they were later demolished for the construction of the buildings that form the District.

The Second and Howard Street District is comprised of 310 acres containing nineteen contributing buildings.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
United Sheet Metal Works1910579 Howard StreetRoss & Burgren, architectsHoward 579United Sheet Metal Works
R. W. Kinney Building1906580 Howard StreetA. W. Smith, architectHoward 580R. W. Kinney Building
Peters Cartridge co.1912583-587 Howard StreetW. J. Miller, architectHoward 582Peters Cartridge co.
Building at 589-591 Howard Street1906589-591 Howard StreetFrank S. Van Ttees, architectHoward 589Building at 589-591 Howard Street
Merritt Building1907606-612 Howard StreetReid Brothers, architectsHoward 606Merritt Building
N. Clark & Sons Building1909116 Natoma StreetCunningham & PoliteoNatoma 116N. Clark & Sons Building
Standard Building1907111-121 New Montgomery StreetReid Brothers, architectsNew Montgomery 111Standard Building
Greenwood Block1907137-163 New Montgomery StreetHenry A. Schulz, architectNew Montgomery 137Greenwood Block
Rapp Building1907121-131 Second StreetReid Brothers. See photo at bottom of page. Street 02 121Rapp Building
Excelsior Glove Factory1907132-140 Second StreetJohn Cotter Pelton, architect Street 02 132Excelsior Glove Factory
Frederick Post Company1906133-137 Second StreetWilliam Curlett, architect Street 02 133Frederick Post Company
Rincon Building1907141-145 Second StreetJohn Cotter Pelton, architect Street 02 141Rincon Building
Building at 149-155 Second Street1908149-155 Second StreetJohn A. Ettler, architect Street 02 149Building at 149-155 Second Street
Building at 156-160 Second Street1909156-160 Second StreetArchitect unknown Street 02 156Building at 156-160 Second Street
Marcus Modry Building1907163 Second StreetHenry C. Farley, contractor Street 02 163Marcus Modry Building
Electric Building1906165-173 Second StreetJohn Cotter Pelton, architect Street 02 165Electric Building
Building at 168 Second Street1907168 Second StreetHermann Barth, architect Street 02 168Building at 168 Second Street
Building at 182-198 Second Street1909182-198 Second Street and 600 Howard StreetArchitect unknown. See photo at top of page. Street 02 182Building at 182-198 Second Street
Building at 191-197 Howard Street1907191-197 Howard StreetRoss & Burgren, architectsHoward 191Building at 191-197 Howard Street

Rapp Building by Reid & Reid
19 February 2012
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Rapp Building
121-131 Second Street

The Rapp Building, designed by the Reid Brothers, was built just after the 1906 Eartquake and Fire.

The 26-story building behind the Rapp Building is 55 Second Street, an office building completed in 2000. The entrance to 55 Second Street is a four story atrium to the left of the Rapp Building in the photograph.

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