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San Francisco Landmark #133: William Axford House 10 May 2012
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San Francisco Landmark #133
William Axford House
1190 Noe Street at 25th Street
Built 1877

This Stick style house and carriage house complex reflect the early, rural scale development of this area. With its garden, iron fence, and hay lift in the gable of the carriage house, this grouping contrasts with later development around it. Typical of this neighborhood, the house had its own water source. City water was not connected until 1905.

The house and carriage house were built by William Axford who had been born in England in 1837. Axford owned the Mission Iron Works which had begun as a cottage industry operating out of the premises.

The house was one of the first in the neighborhood. Subsequent houses were built in number after the Castro cable car line began service in 1886.

The carriage house was modified to accommodate a dwelling unit, and a connecting structure was built between the two buildings.

From San Francisco Planning Commission Resolution 8943, May 14, 1981.

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