National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

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National Register #08001407
Uptown Tenderloin Historic District
Bounded by Market, McAllister, Golden Gate, Larkin, Geary, Taylor, Ellis

The Uptown Tenderloin Historic District contains 408 contributing buildings, a few of which are itemized below.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Apartment Building at 10 Ada Court191410 Ada CourtAda 10Apartment Building at 10 Ada Court
Adelaide Inn19115 Adelaide PlaceAdelaide Place 5Adelaide Inn
Flats at 10-12 Dodge Street190910-12 Dodge StreetDodge 10Flats at 10-12 Dodge Street
Dwelling at 16 Dodge Street190116 Dodge StreetDodge 16Dwelling at 16 Dodge Street
Langham Hotel1907133-144 Eddy StreetEddy 133Langham Hotel
Hotel Dunloe1908141-145 Eddy StreetEddy 141Hotel Dunloe
Hotel Cecil 1906156-160 Eddy StreetAlbert PissisEddy 156Hotel Cecil
Rosenbaum Building1911161-181 Eddy StreetEddy 161Rosenbaum Building
Hotel Ritz 1910200-216 Eddy StreetEddy 200Hotel Ritz
Hotel Clark1914201-219 Eddy StreetEddy 201Hotel Clark
Olympic Hotel1928230-232 Eddy StreetEddy 230Olympic Hotel
Eddy Hotel1906233-237 Eddy StreetEddy 233Eddy Hotel
Hotel Windsor1909234-244 Eddy StreetEddy 234Hotel Windsor
Standard Apartments1925245-253 Eddy StreetEddy 245Standard Apartments
Metropolitan Garage1924265 Eddy StreetEddy 265Metropolitan Garage
Tenderloin Police Station1915301-333 Eddy StreetEddy 301Tenderloin Police Station
Herald Hotel1910302-316 Eddy StreetListed on NRHP in 1982Eddy 302Herald Hotel
Eddy Arms Apartments1926314-347 Eddy StreetEddy 314Eddy Arms Apartments
Penwell Apartments1923322-330 Eddy StreetEddy 322Penwell Apartments
Estelle Apartments,1916335-339 Eddy StreetEddy 335Estelle Apartments,
Eddystone Apartments1911340 Eddy StreetEddy 340Eddystone Apartments
Fashionette Apartments 1928353-355 Eddy StreetEddy 353Fashionette Apartments
Hotel Eaton 1911364 Eddy StreetEddy 364Hotel Eaton
Store1948365 Eddy StreetEddy 365Store
Cadillac Hotel 1908366-394 Eddy StreetSan Francisco Landmark #176 Eddy 366Cadillac Hotel
Albemarle Apartments1916375 Eddy StreetEddy 375Albemarle Apartments
Hotel Hamlin1909385-387 Eddy StreetEddy 385Hotel Hamlin
Lando Hotel1906393-399 Eddy StreetEddy 393Lando Hotel
Holckele Hotel 1907401-411 Eddy StreetEddy 401Holckele Hotel
Hotel Leo1907408-410 Eddy StreetEddy 408Hotel Leo
Fairfax Hotel;1907420 Eddy StreetEddy 420Fairfax Hotel;
Sherington Apartments1923425-431 Eddy StreetEddy 425Sherington Apartments
Hotel Ormond1906438-440 Eddy StreetEddy 438Hotel Ormond
Klinge Apartments1924446-450 Eddy StreetEddy 446Klinge Apartments
Elite Garage1927460-464 Eddy StreetEddy 460Elite Garage
Machine Shop1920466-468 Eddy StreetEddy 466Machine Shop
Garage1923469 Eddy StreetEddy 469Garage
Bonita Apartments1924474-480 Eddy StreetEddy 474Bonita Apartments
Apartment Building1922479-481 Eddy StreetEddy 479Apartment Building
Flats at 10-12 Dodge Street1911484-490 Eddy StreetEddy 484Flats at 10-12 Dodge Street
Cameo Apartments1916485 Eddy StreetRousseau & RousseauEddy 485Cameo Apartments
Adrian Hotel1907493-499 Eddy StreetEddy 493Adrian Hotel
Garage1920545 Eddy StreetEddy 545Garage
Eagle Apartments1910555 Eddy StreetEddy 555Eagle Apartments
Mayflower Apartments1924575 Eddy StreetEddy 575Mayflower Apartments
Sentinel Hotel1925587 Eddy StreetEddy 587Sentinel Hotel
Crawford Apartments1910620 Eddy StreetEddy 620Crawford Apartments
Adeline Hotel Apartments1907640-646 Eddy StreetEddy 640Adeline Hotel Apartments
Tourraine Apartments1923665-675 Eddy StreetEddy 665Tourraine Apartments
Hotel Revere1907670-678 Eddy StreetRoss & BurgrenEddy 670Hotel Revere
Diamond Hotel1910201-225 Ellis StreetEllis 201Diamond Hotel
Burns Hamman Baths1910227-231 Ellis StreetEllis 227Burns Hamman Baths
Flood Garage1923233-265 Ellis StreetEllis 233Flood Garage
Renaissance Ballroom1922281-285 Ellis StreetEllis 281Renaissance Ballroom
Glide Hotel & Apartments1930322-332 Ellis StreetEllis 322Glide Hotel & Apartments
Arlin Apartments1909344 Ellis StreetEllis 344Arlin Apartments
St. Cloud Lodgings1907355-365 Ellis StreetEllis 355 St. Cloud Lodgings
Stores1925369 Ellis StreetEllis 369Stores
Verona Apartments1915370 Ellis StreetEllis 370Verona Apartments
Hetty Apartments1911372-376 Ellis StreetEllis 372Hetty Apartments
Hotel Francisco1909373-377 Ellis StreetEllis 373Hotel Francisco
Store1922379-383 Ellis StreetEllis 379Store
Hotel Mentone1913387-397 Ellis StreetEllis 387Hotel Mentone
Gashwiler Apartments1907401-421 Ellis StreetEllis 401Gashwiler Apartments
Hotel Idora1911423-433 Ellis StreetEllis 423Hotel Idora
Windeler Apartments1915424 Ellis StreetEllis 424Windeler Apartments
Youth and Child Care Building1926434 Ellis StreetEllis 434Youth and Child Care Building
Hotel Adair1914439-441 Ellis StreetEllis 439Hotel Adair
Waitresses Union1938440 Ellis StreetEllis 440Waitresses Union
Ellis Hotel Apartments1909450 Ellis StreetEllis 450Ellis Hotel Apartments
Atlas Hotel Apartments1911455-457 Ellis StreetEllis 455Atlas Hotel Apartments
Klimm Apartments1913456-464 Ellis StreetEllis 456Klimm Apartments
Sutherland Hotel1913463-465 Ellis StreetRoss & BurgrenEllis 463Sutherland Hotel
Arlington Hotel1907468-488 Ellis StreetEllis 468Arlington Hotel
Rathjen Apartments1913471 Ellis StreetEllis 471Rathjen Apartments
Woodland Hotel1926473-475 Ellis StreetEllis 473Woodland Hotel
Stores1922479-499 Ellis StreetEllis 479Stores
Waldorf Apartments1910500-516 Ellis StreetEllis 500Waldorf Apartments
Senator Hotel1923515-519 Ellis StreetEllis 515Senator Hotel
Arundell Apartments1915518-530 Ellis StreetEllis 518Arundell Apartments
Garage1915541 Ellis StreetEllis 541Garage
Ellis Hall Apartments1922565-571 Ellis StreetEllis 565Ellis Hall Apartments
Apartment Buildibg1909615-629 Ellis StreetEllis 615Apartment Buildibg
Saint Boniface Church 1908133-175 Golden Gate AvenueSan Francisco Landmark #172Golden Gate 133Saint Boniface Church
Salvation Army Girls Hotel192236-44 McAllister StreetMcAllister 0036Salvation Army Girls Hotel
William Taylor Hotel and Temple Methodist Church1927100-120 McAllister StreetMcAllister 0100William Taylor Hotel and Temple Methodist Church
Argyle Hotel1910132-154 McAllister StreetMcAllister 0132Argyle Hotel
Hotel Californian1923403-405 Taylor StreetListed on NRHP in 1998Taylor 403Hotel Californian
YMCA Hotel1928351-359 Turk StreetListed on NRHP in 1986Turk 352YMCA Hotel
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