National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #91000957: Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District Hotel Commodore at 825 Sutter Street
17 February 2004
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National Register #91000957
Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District
590-1209 Bush
680-1156 Sutter
600-1099 Post Streets
Intersecting Cross Streets
Built Various Years


The Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District is comprised of 570 acres containing 295 contributing buildings and one contributing structure. The following table itemizes a few of the contributing buildings.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Victoria Hotel1907590 Bush StreetP. L. Pettigrew, contractorBush 0590Victoria Hotel
Sheridan Arms Apartments1915604 Bush StreetJames L. McLaughlin, builderBush 0604Sheridan Arms Apartments
Edison Apartments1914618 Bush StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsBush 0618Edison Apartments
Matabelle Apartments1911625 Bush StreetEdward T. Foulkes, architectBush 0625Matabelle Apartments
Teresa Apartments1914626 Bush StreetW. G. Hind, architectBush 0626Teresa Apartments
Chickering Apartments1919636 Bush StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsBush 0636Chickering Apartments
Calvert Hotel Apartments1913637-639 Bush StreetRighetti & Headman, architectsBush 0637Calvert Hotel Apartments
Angelus Apartments1911645 Bush StreetRighetti & Headman, architectsBush 0645Angelus Apartments
Colonial Hotel1912650 Bush StreetCunningham & Politeo, architectsBush 0650Colonial Hotel
Beck Apartments1909660 Bush StreetCunningham & Politeo, architectsBush 0660Beck Apartments
Kenilworth Apartments1907698 Bush StreetSutton & Weeks, architectsBush 0698Kenilworth Apartments
Dennis T. Sullivan Fire Chief's Home (San Francisco Landmark 42)1922870 Bush StreetJohn L. Reid, Jr., architectBush 0870Dennis T. Sullivan Fire Chief's Home (San Francisco Landmark 42)
Gaylord Hotel (San Francisco Landmark 159)1928620 Jones StreetHerman C. Baumann, architectJones 620Gaylord Hotel (San Francisco Landmark 159)
Hotel Commodore (See photo at top of page)1923825 Sutter StreetBaumann & Jose, architectsSutter 825Hotel Commodore (See photo at top of page)
Krotoszyner Building (National Register #85001784)1911995-999 Sutter StreetHerman Barth, architectSutter 995Krotoszyner Building (National Register #85001784)
Sonora Apartments19111207 Bush StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsBush 1207Sonora Apartments
Huntington Arms Apartments19161209 Bush StreetW. G. Hind, architectBush 1209Huntington Arms Apartments
Charing Cross Apartments1917636 Hyde StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsHyde 636Charing Cross Apartments
Hyde Apartments1910729 Hyde StreetArthur J. Laib, architectHyde 729Hyde Apartments
Apartment Building at 737 Hyde Street1923737 Hyde StreetHerman C. Baumann, architectHyde 737Apartment Building at 737 Hyde Street
Chatom Apartments1915824 Hyde StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsHyde 824Chatom Apartments
Pacific Telephone Exchange Building1904827 Hyde StreetA. A. Cantin, architect. Only building in the district to survive the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.Hyde 827Pacific Telephone Exchange Building
Hyde-Sutter Apartments1916838 Hyde StreetW. G. Hind, architectHyde 838Hyde-Sutter Apartments
Apartment Building at 845 Hyde Street1919845 Hyde StreetAlbert Schroepfer, architectHyde 845Apartment Building at 845 Hyde Street
Le Brun Apartments1908897 Hyde StreetCharles H. Barrett, architectHyde 897Le Brun Apartments
Jones Apartments1910628-634 Jones StreetAugust Schaefer, contractorJones 628Jones Apartments
Women's Hotel1911642 Jones StreetHavens & Toepke, architects. Originally a boarding house.Jones 642Women's Hotel
Hotel St. Clair1906700 Jones StreetSalfield & Kohlberg, architects. Originally a residential hotel.Jones 700Hotel St. Clair
Luxor Apartments1911720 Jones StreetWilliam Beasley, architect. Originally and apartment building with wall beds.Jones 720Luxor Apartments
Pleasanton Apartments1918801 Jones StreetJoseph Cahen, architect. Originally 55 apartments and several stores.Jones 801Pleasanton Apartments
Apartment Building at 810 Jones Street1916810 Jones StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsJones 810Apartment Building at 810 Jones Street
Commodore Apartments1922828 Jones StreetHerman C. Baumann, architectJones 828Commodore Apartments
Lambert Apartments1922925 Jones StreetArchitect unknown.Jones 925Lambert Apartments
Randolph Apartments1917945 Larkin StreetWood & Simpson, architectsLarkin 0945Randolph Apartments
Arden Apartments19071005 Larkin StreetW. G. Hind, architectLarkin 1005Arden Apartments
Elk Hotel19071008 Larkin StreetDavid C. Coleman, architect. Originally five stores and eighty rooms with elevator and phones.Larkin 1008Elk Hotel
Hotel Harcourt19061105 Larkin StreetSylvain Schnaittacher, architect. Originally private hotel or rooming house with stores.Larkin 1105Hotel Harcourt
Marble Court Apartments19231112 Larkin StreetEdward H. Denke, architectLarkin 1112Marble Court Apartments
Larkin Apartments19221130 Larkin StreetHarry C. Warwick, owner/builder. Originally 31 apartments.Larkin 1130Larkin Apartments
Dallas Apartments19111144 Larkin StreetAugust Nordin, architectLarkin 1144Dallas Apartments
Stow Apartments1922615 Leavenworth StreetKincannon & Perego, buildersLeavenworth 615Stow Apartments
Del Mar Apartments1922930 Leavenworth StreetJames Walsh, owner/builderLeavenworth 930Del Mar Apartments
Apartment Building at 602 Mason Street1919602 Mason StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architectsMason 602Apartment Building at 602 Mason Street
Holluschickie Club1911700 Mason StreetOriginally a private club, converted to apartments with stores about 1920. C. A. Meussdorffer, architect.Mason 700Holluschickie Club
Apartment Building at 711-729 Mason Street1920711 Mason StreetDesigner unknownMason 711Apartment Building at 711-729 Mason Street
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Steam Plant1913Frederick H. Meyer, architect. Originally a steam plant for heating downtown area businesses and hotels.Meacham 1Pacific Gas and Electric Company Steam Plant
Monrovia Apartments191220 Dashiell Hammitt Street Dashiell Hammitt lived here. Designer unknown.Dash 20Monrovia Apartments
Colonial Hall Apartments191027 Dashiell Hammitt StreetWilliam Beasley, architect. Originally apartments, then residential hotel in 1919.Dash 27Colonial Hall Apartments
Portas Del Mar Apartments1927665 Pine StreetDesigner unknown.Pine 665Portas Del Mar Apartments
Glen Cliff Apartments1910679 Pine StreetDesigner unknown.Pine 679Glen Cliff Apartments
Agatha Apartments1925701 Pine StreetBaumann & Jose, architectsPine 701Agatha Apartments
Bar gene Apartments1929737 Pine StreetDesigner unknown.Pine 737Bar gene Apartments
Baldwin Apartments19061036 Polk StreetRoss & Burgen, architectsPolk 1036Baldwin Apartments
Hotel Alvarado1913606 Post StreetPhilip Schwerdt, architect. Originally a bachelor hotel.Post 0606Hotel Alvarado
Burlingame Apartments19171086 Post StreetEdward E. Young, architectPost 1086Burlingame Apartments
Perine House1911535 Powell StreetOriginally a private residence. C. A. Meussdorffer, architect. Powell 535Perine House
Family Club1909545 Powell StreetC. A. Meussdorffer, architect. Powell 545Family Club
Chesterfield Apartments1911560 Powell StreetLewis M. Gardner, architectPowell 560Chesterfield Apartments
Apartment Building at 625 Powell Street1911625 Powell StreetDesigner unknown.Powell 625Apartment Building at 625 Powell Street
Apartment Building at 626 Powell Street1911626 Powell StreetM. V. Politeo, architectPowell 626Apartment Building at 626 Powell Street
Hotel Navarre1927417 Stockton StreetOriginally bachelor apartments. Oliver & Foulkes, architects.Stockton 417Hotel Navarre
Pinemont Apartments1923550 Stockton StreetDesigner unknown.Stockton 550Pinemont Apartments
Streetlights on Sutter Street1908680-1140 Sutter Street"The Winning of the West" bases by sculptor Arthur Putnam.Sutter 0600Streetlights on Sutter Street
Apartment Building at 680 Sutter Street1918680 Sutter StreetC. A. Meussdorffer, architectSutter 0680Apartment Building at 680 Sutter Street
Lorin Apartments19071156 Sutter StreetMiller & Colmesnil, architectsSutter 1156Lorin Apartments
Langham Apartments1922555 Taylor StreetWilliam Helbing, engineerTaylor 555Langham Apartments
Hotel Springer1924615 Taylor StreetCouchot & Rosenwald, architectsTaylor 615Hotel Springer
Claridge Apartments1909749 Taylor StreetG. A. Dodge, architectTaylor 749Claridge Apartments
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