National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #91000957: Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District Hotel Commodore at 825 Sutter Street
17 February 2004

From front to back: Chismore Apartments, Hotel Mayflower, two apartment buildings, Salesforce Tower in distance. From front to back on Bush at Jones looking east: Chismore Apartments, Hotel Mayflower, two apartment buildings, Salesforce Tower in distance.
23 November 2023

National Register #91000957
Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District
590-1209 Bush
680-1156 Sutter
600-1099 Post Streets
Intersecting Cross Streets
Built Various Years

The Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District is located in downtown San Francisco on the south slope of Nob Hill. The district is bounded by Bush Street on the north, the Financial District on the east, the Tenderloin on the south, and the Polk-Van Ness corridor on the west.

It is a close-packed district of residential buildings with a height of three to seven stories. The buildings are unequaled in quantity and quality anywhere in California except possibly in the Tenderloin. For blockfront after blockfront, the apartments and hotels march along at nearly even cornice lines, breasting similar bay windows and fire escapes above the sidewalk steps and store fronts, agreeing on the form of dress and the vocabulary of ornament.

Most were constructed between 1906 and 1925, giving them a remarkable consistency of style. Most remain nearly intact. There are almost no new buildings.

It has always been a residential district - apartments, residential hotels and apartment hotels with a few office conversions. It remains what it was when constructed a century ago.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1991.

The district has 296 contributing buildings and only 35 noncontributing buildings.

The following list contains a sampling of the contributing buildings.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Agatha Apartments1925701 Pine StreetBaumann & Jose Pine 701Agatha Apartments
Airdale Apartments1912649 Jones StreetJones 0649Airdale Apartments
Algoma Apartments19101050 Post StreetPost 1050Algoma Apartments
Almarel Apartments19131025 Sutter StreetSutter 1025Almarel Apartments
Alsace Court Apartments1922887 Bush StreetBush 0887Alsace Court Apartments
Ambassador Apartments19191053 Bush StreetBush 1053Ambassador Apartments
Angeli Apartments1923830 Bush StreetBush 0830Angeli Apartments
Angelus Apartments1911645 Bush StreetBush 0645Angelus Apartments
Antonia Apartments19131080 Bush StreetBush 1080Antonia Apartments
Apartment Building1916805 Bush StreetEdward E. YoungBush 0805Apartment Building
Apartment Building19151011 Bush StreetRousseau & RousseauBush 1011Apartment Building
Apartment Building19151025 Bush StreetEdward E. YoungBush 1025Apartment Building
Apartment Building19111073 Bush StreetHavens & ToepkeBush 1073Apartment Building
Apartment Building at 1007 Sutter Street19231007 Sutter StreetHerman C. BaumannSutter 1007Apartment Building at 1007 Sutter Street
Apartment Building at 1070 Post Street19111070 Post StreetRoss & BurgrenPost 1070Apartment Building at 1070 Post Street
Apartment Building at 617 Post Street1920617 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 0617Apartment Building at 617 Post Street
Apartment Building at 656 Post Street1907656 Post StreetEdward E. YoungPost 0656Apartment Building at 656 Post Street
Apartment Building at 680 Sutter Street1918680 Sutter StreetC. A. MeussdorfferSutter 0680Apartment Building at 680 Sutter Street
Apartment Building at 722 Taylor Street1913722 Taylor StreetEdward E. YoungTaylor 0722Apartment Building at 722 Taylor Street
Apartment Building at 729 Leavenworth Street1922729 Leavenworth StreetEdward E. YoungLeavenworth 729Apartment Building at 729 Leavenworth Street
Apartment Building at 736 Leavenworth Street1914736 Leavenworth StreetEdward E. YoungLeavenworth 736Apartment Building at 736 Leavenworth Street
Apartment Building at 740 Leavenworth Street1924740 Leavenworth StreetBaumann & JoseLeavenworth 740Apartment Building at 740 Leavenworth Street
Apartment Building at 747 Leavenworth Street1921747 Leavenworth StreetEdward E. YoungLeavenworth 747Apartment Building at 747 Leavenworth Street
Apartment Building at 757 Sutter Street1919757 Sutter StreetRousseau & RousseauSutter 0757Apartment Building at 757 Sutter Street
Apartment Building at 810 Jones Street1916810 Jones StreetRousseau & RousseauJones 810Apartment Building at 810 Jones Street
Apartment Building at 895 Sutter Street1920895 Sutter StreetEdward E. YoungSutter 0895Apartment Building at 895 Sutter Street
Apartment Building at 930 Post Street1925930 Post StreetBaumann & JosePost 0930Apartment Building at 930 Post Street
Arthur Apartments1913691 Post StreetRoss & BurgrenPost 0691Arthur Apartments
Athenian Apartments1912940 Post StreetPost 0940Athenian Apartments
Auto Repair Shop1919865 Post StreetPost 0865Auto Repair Shop
Auto Repair Shop1920880 Post StreetPost 0880Auto Repair Shop
Auto Repair Shop1919940 Post StreetPost 0940Auto Repair Shop
Baldwin Apartments19061036 Polk StreetRoss & BurgrenPolk 1036Baldwin Apartments
Barcelone Apartments1918701 Taylor StreetTaylor 0701Barcelone Apartments
Bargene Apartments1929737 Pine StreetPine 737Bargene Apartments
Beck Apartments1909660 Bush StreetBush 0660Beck Apartments
Belgravia Apartments1913795 Sutter StreetFrederick H. MeyerSutter 0795Belgravia Apartments
Belmont Apartments1923808 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 808Belmont Apartments
Berkshire Apartments,1920729 Joes StreetJones 729Berkshire Apartments,
Biltmore Residence Hotel1915735 Taylor StreetTaylor 0735Biltmore Residence Hotel
Bosler Apartments19101020 Bush StreetBush 1020Bosler Apartments
Braeburn Apartments1910861 Sutter StreetSutter 0861Braeburn Apartments
Bret Harte Apartments1914726 Sutter StreetG. Albert LansburghSutter 0726Bret Harte Apartments
Bryson Apartments1918830 Sutter StreetSutter 0830Bryson Apartments
Buckingham Apartments,1918845 Sutter StreetSutter 0845Buckingham Apartments,
Burlingame Apartments19171086 Post StreetPost 1086Burlingame Apartments
Calvert Hotel Apartments1913637-639 Bush StreetBush 0637Calvert Hotel Apartments
Canterbury Hotel1923750 Sutter StreetSutter 0750Canterbury Hotel
Castleton Apartments19161035 Bush StreetBush 1035Castleton Apartments
Charing Cross Apartments1917636 Hyde StreetRousseau & RousseauHyde 0636Charing Cross Apartments
Charing Cross Apartments1917891 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 0891Charing Cross Apartments
Chatom Apartments1915824 Hyde StreetRousseau & RousseauHyde 0824Chatom Apartments
Chester Hall Apartments1916955 Bush StreetBush 0955Chester Hall Apartments
Chesterfield Apartments1911560 Powell StreetPowell 0560Chesterfield Apartments
Chickering Apartments1919636 Bush StreetRousseau & RousseauBush 0636Chickering Apartments
Chismore Apartments1909999 Bush StreetFrederick H. MeyerBush 0999Chismore Apartments
Claremont Apartments1922995 Sutter StreetSutter 0995Claremont Apartments
Claridge Apartments1909749 Taylor StreetTaylor 0749Claridge Apartments
Clebourne Apartments,1915956 Post StreetFrederick H. MeyerPost 0956Clebourne Apartments,
Colonial Hall Apartments191027 Dashiell Hammitt StreetDash 27Colonial Hall Apartments
Colonial Hotel1912650 Bush StreetBush 0650Colonial Hotel
Commercial Building1919907 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 0907Commercial Building
Commercial Building,19151031 Post StreetPost 1031Commercial Building,
Commercial Stores1920766-770 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 0766Commercial Stores
Commodore Apartments1922828 Jones StreetHerman C. BaumannJones 828Commodore Apartments
Commodore Hotel1923825 Sutter StreetBaumann & JoseSutter 0825Commodore Hotel
Cornell Residence Hotel1911715 Bush StreetBush 0715Cornell Residence Hotel
Crown Community Apartments,1926666 Post StreetPost 0666Crown Community Apartments,
Curtaz Apartments19131106 Bush StreetBush 1106Curtaz Apartments
Curtaz Apartments1910839 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 839Curtaz Apartments
Dallas Apartments19111144 Larkin StreetLarkin 1144Dallas Apartments
De Kope Apartments,19121003 Post StreetC. A. MeussdorfferPost 1003De Kope Apartments,
Del Mar Apartments1922930 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 930Del Mar Apartments
Del Mar Apartments1922930 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 930Del Mar Apartments
Dennis T. Sullivan Fire Chief's Home 1922870 Bush StreetJohn Reid Jr. Bush 0870Dennis T. Sullivan Fire Chief's Home
Devonshire Apartments,19141086 Bush StreetBush 1086Devonshire Apartments,
Domo Apartments1912920 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 920Domo Apartments
Doric Apartments1907866 Post StreetPost 0866Doric Apartments
Drake Hopkins Apartments1932640 Mason StreetHerman C. BaumannMason 640Drake Hopkins Apartments
Edison Apartments1914618 Bush StreetRousseau & RousseauBush 0618Edison Apartments
El Camino Apartments1924805 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 805El Camino Apartments
El Forrest Apartments1908825 Bush StreetBush 0825El Forrest Apartments
El Rey Apartments1916711 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 711El Rey Apartments
Elk Hotel19071008 Larkin StreetLarkin 1008Elk Hotel
Empire Court Apartments19121091 Bush StreetBush 1091Empire Court Apartments
Evesham Court Apartments1912640 Post StreetPost 0640Evesham Court Apartments
Family Club1909545 Powell StreetC. A. MeussdorfferPowell 0545Family Club
Farnham Apartments1925886 Sutter StreetSutter 0886Farnham Apartments
Flats at 974-978 Sutter Street1909974-978 Sutter StreetC. A. MeussdorfferSutter 0974Flats at 974-978 Sutter Street
Fortola Apartments,19071048 Larkin StreetLarkin 1048Fortola Apartments,
Franklin Court Apartments19221126 Bush StreetBush 1126Franklin Court Apartments
Gaylord Hotel (San Francisco Landmark 159)1928620 Jones StreetJones 620Gaylord Hotel (San Francisco Landmark 159)
Gladfield Apartments19151080 Post StreeetPost 1080Gladfield Apartments
Glen Cliff Apartments1910679 Pine StreetPine 679Glen Cliff Apartments
Glenarm Apartments19111140 Sutter StreetSutter 1140Glenarm Apartments
Glencairn Inn1912815 Bush StreetBush 0815Glencairn Inn
Glennon Flats1909921-925 Post StreetPost 0921Glennon Flats
Grant Hotel1910753 Bush StreetBush 0753Grant Hotel
Gravmoor Apartments1915975 Sutter StreetAlbert SchroepferSutter 0975Gravmoor Apartments
Greenwood Apartments19151045 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 1045Greenwood Apartments
Halcyon Apartments19161025 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 1025Halcyon Apartments
Hampshire Arms Apartments,19121030 Post StreetPost 1030Hampshire Arms Apartments,
Haroldon Apartments,19141020 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 1020Haroldon Apartments,
Harrimae Apartments,1920833 Jones StreetJones 833Harrimae Apartments,
Hawthorne Apartments1914627 Taylor StreetEdward E. YoungTaylor 0627Hawthorne Apartments
Hillsborough Apartments,1915922 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 0922Hillsborough Apartments,
Holluschickie Club1911700 Mason StreetMason 700Holluschickie Club
Hotel Alvarado1913606 Post StreetPost 0606Hotel Alvarado
Hotel Breslin1910863 Bush StreetBush 0863Hotel Breslin
Hotel Carlton19231075 Sutter StreetSutter 1075Hotel Carlton
Hotel De Luxe1914717 Sutter StreetSutter 0710Hotel De Luxe
Hotel Florence1913621 Taylor StreetTaylor 0621Hotel Florence
Hotel Glen Royal1925940 Sutter StreetSutter 0940Hotel Glen Royal
Hotel Harcourt19061105 Larkin StreetLarkin 1105Hotel Harcourt
Hotel Mayflower,1927975 Bush StreetBush 0975Hotel Mayflower,
Hotel Navarre1927417 Stockton StreetStockton 0417Hotel Navarre
Hotel Penzance1913979 Sutter StreetC. A. MeussdorfferSutter 0979Hotel Penzance
Hotel Rich19061010 Bush StreetBush 1010Hotel Rich
Hotel Robbins1906711 Post StreetRoss & BurgrenPost 0711Hotel Robbins
Hotel Rosebro1913775 Bush StreetBush 0775Hotel Rosebro
Hotel Springer1924615 Taylor StreetTaylor 0615Hotel Springer
Hotel St. Clair1906700 Jones StreetJones 700Hotel St. Clair
Hotel Worth1914641 Post StreetFrederick H. MeyerPost 0641Hotel Worth
Huntington Arms Apartments19161209 Bush StreetBush 1209Huntington Arms Apartments
Hyde Apartments1910729 Hyde StreetHyde 0729Hyde Apartments
Hyde-Sutter Apartments1916838 Hyde StreetHyde 0838Hyde-Sutter Apartments
Jauchen's Olde Copper Shop1923967-969 Sutter StreetSutter 0967Jauchen's Olde Copper Shop
Jones Apartments1910628-634 Jones StreetJones 628Jones Apartments
Kenilworth Apartments1907698 Bush StreetBush 0698Kenilworth Apartments
Krotoszyner Building,1911995-999 Sutter StreetSutter 0995Krotoszyner Building,
La Salle Apartments1916650 Post StreetPost 0650La Salle Apartments
Lady Francis Apartments,1920890 Bush StreetRousseau & RousseauBush 0890Lady Francis Apartments,
Lambert Apartments1922925 Jones StreetJones 925Lambert Apartments
Landseer Apartments1912797 Bush StreetBush 0797Landseer Apartments
Langham Apartments1922555 Taylor StreetTaylor 0555Langham Apartments
Larkin Apartments19221130 Larkin StreetLarkin 1130Larkin Apartments
Laurel Apartments1909970 Post StreetPost 0970Laurel Apartments
Laurens Apartments,1924820 Jones StreetJones 820Laurens Apartments,
Le Brun Apartments1908897 Hyde StreetHyde 0897Le Brun Apartments
Leonard Apartments1923686 Post StreetPost 0686Leonard Apartments
Leslie Apartments,1913929 Bush StreetBush 0929Leslie Apartments,
Loisiana Apartments1912721 Bush StreetBush 0721Loisiana Apartments
Lorin Apartments19071156 Sutter StreetSutter 1156Lorin Apartments
Los Altos Apartments,19221035 Sutter StreetSutter 1035Los Altos Apartments,
Lucerne Apartments,1910766 Sutter StreeetSutter 0766Lucerne Apartments,
Luxor Apartments1911720 Jones StreetJones 720Luxor Apartments
Marble Court Apartments19231112 Larkin StreetLarkin 1112Marble Court Apartments
Marble Crest Apartments1915845 Bush StreetBush 0845Marble Crest Apartments
Marchbank Apartments,1917630 Leavenworth StreetJames F. DunnLeavenworth 630Marchbank Apartments,
Marlborough Hall Hotel Apartments19121060 Bush StreetBush 1060Marlborough Hall Hotel Apartments
Marmon Apartments1920861 Post StreetPost 0861Marmon Apartments
Martinique Apartments1913737 Bush StreetBush 0737Martinique Apartments
Mary Elizabeth Inn19131040 Bush StreetBush 1040Mary Elizabeth Inn
Matabelle Apartments1911625 Bush StreetBush 0625Matabelle Apartments
Matsonia Apartments,1913825 Post StreetPost 0825Matsonia Apartments,
Maurice Hotel,1929761 Post StreetWeeks & DayPost 0761Maurice Hotel,
Maxwell Apartments1910625 Taylor StreetTaylor 0625Maxwell Apartments
Mayfair Apartments1925810 Hyde StreetEdward E. YoungHyde 0810Mayfair Apartments
Mizpah Apartments19101105 Bush StreetBush 1105Mizpah Apartments
Monrovia Apartments191220 Dashiell Hammitt StreetDash 20Monrovia Apartments
Montreaux Apartments1910872 Sutter StreetSutter 0872Montreaux Apartments
Morrill Apartments1910730 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 730Morrill Apartments
Natalia Apartments1911427 Stockton StreetStockton 0427Natalia Apartments
Neuval Flats1912622-636 Leavenworth StreetRousseau & RousseauLeavenworth 622Neuval Flats
Northcliffe Apartments,1916839 Jones StreetJones 839Northcliffe Apartments,
Pacific Gas and Electric Company Steam Plant19131 Meacham PlaceFrederick H. MeyerMeacham 1Pacific Gas and Electric Company Steam Plant
Pacific Telephone Exchange Building1904827 Hyde StreetHyde 0827Pacific Telephone Exchange Building
Parmelee Apartments19141051 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 1051Parmelee Apartments
Perine House1911535 Powell StreetC. A. MeussdorfferPowell 0535Perine House
Pharoah Apartments1924930 Sutter StreetSutter 0930Pharoah Apartments
Pierre Crest Apartments1916755 Bush StreetBush 0755Pierre Crest Apartments
Pinemont Apartments1923550 Stockton StreetStockton0 550Pinemont Apartments
Pinemont Apartments1923550 Sutter StreetSutter 0550Pinemont Apartments
Pleasanton Apartments1918801 Jones StreetJones 801Pleasanton Apartments
Poindexter Apartments,1917754 Post StreetPost 0754Poindexter Apartments,
Pon Apartments,1925535 Stockton StreetStockton 0535Pon Apartments,
Portas Del Mar Apartments1927665 Pine StreetPine 665Portas Del Mar Apartments
Post Arms Apartments1925839 Post StreetPost 0839Post Arms Apartments
Postdale Apartments19151082 Post StreetPost 1082Postdale Apartments
Randolph Apartments1917945 Larkin StreetLarkin 0945Randolph Apartments
Rayon D'Or Apartments1917715 Leavenworth StreetEdward E. YoungLeavenworth 715Rayon D'Or Apartments
Reed Apartments,1919825 Jones StreetJones 825Reed Apartments,
Regina Apartments1913972 Bush StreetBush 0972Regina Apartments
Reich Hotel1913860 Sutter Street G. Albert LansburghSutter 0860Reich Hotel
Residence at 647 Hyde Street1907647 Hyde StreetC. A. MeussdorfferHyde 0647Residence at 647 Hyde Street
Rivoli Apartments1919851 Post StreetPost 0851Rivoli Apartments
Roberts Apartments1928757 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 757Roberts Apartments
Robinson & Gillespie Building19091045-1051 Sutter StreetSutter 1045Robinson & Gillespie Building
Rockingham Hotel Apartments1911734 Bush StreetBush 0734Rockingham Hotel Apartments
Ross-Early Apartments1916798 Post StreePost 0798Ross-Early Apartments
Roycroft Hotel,1909972 Sutter StreetRoss & BurgrenSutter 0972Roycroft Hotel,
Safeway Store1934855 Bush StreetBush 0855Safeway Store
Safeway Store1934988 Sutter StreetSutter 0988Safeway Store
San Juan Apartments,19091034 Sutter StreetSutter 1034San Juan Apartments,
San Maurice Apartments1911801 Sutter StreetSutter 0801San Maurice Apartments
Sheldon Hotel1925629 Post StreetBaumann & JosePost 0629Sheldon Hotel
Sheridan Arms Apartments1915604 Bush StreetBush 0604Sheridan Arms Apartments
Sonora Apartments19111207 Bush StreetBush 1207Sonora Apartments
Southern Apartments,19131135 Bush StreetBush 1135Southern Apartments,
Southmayde Apartments1909901 Bush StreetBush 0901Southmayde Apartments
Spiro Flats,1912742-746 Hyde StreetHyde 0742Spiro Flats,
St. Anselm Apartments1925717 Hyde StreetHyde 0217St. Anselm Apartments
St. Dominic Apartments1909980 Buah StreetFrederick H. MeyerBush 0980St. Dominic Apartments
St. Marchia Hotel1911875 Post StreetRousseau & RousseauPost 0875St. Marchia Hotel
State Garage1921818 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 818State Garage
Steinhart Apartments1910952 Sutter StreetSutter 0952Steinhart Apartments
Steinway Apartments,1921919 Sutter StreetSutter 0919Steinway Apartments,
Stockton Court Apartments1925530 Stockton StreetStockton 0530Stockton Court Apartments
Stow Apartments1922615 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 615Stow Apartments
Streetlights on Sutter Street1908680-1140 Sutter StreetSutter 0600Streetlights on Sutter Street
Sultan Turkish Baths,1907624 Post StreetPost 0624Sultan Turkish Baths,
Sunshine Apartments1917642 Hyde StreetRousseau & RousseauHyde 0642Sunshine Apartments
Sussex Hotel1910701 Sutter StreetSutter 0701Sussex Hotel
Sutter Apartments1909724 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 724Sutter Apartments
Sutter Hall Apartments1918765 Sutter StreetSutter 0765Sutter Hall Apartments
Tenaya Apartments1916780 Post StreetCharles P. Weeks Post 0780Tenaya Apartments
Teresa Apartments1914626 Bush StreetBush 0626Teresa Apartments
The Burton1910615 Post StreetPost 0615The Burton
The Gerald19111024-1028 Bush StreetBush 1024The Gerald
The Granada Hotel,19071000 Sutter StreetSutter 1000The Granada Hotel,
The Richelieu19131075 Post StreetPost 1075The Richelieu
The Weller Apartments,1907908 Post StreetPost 0908The Weller Apartments,
Titlow Apartments,19211121 Bush StreetBush 1121Titlow Apartments,
Tremaine Apartments1922834 Bush StreetBush 0834Tremaine Apartments
Troy Apartments1917880 Bush StreetBush 0880Troy Apartments
Twin Oaks Hotel19071010 Post StreetPost 1010Twin Oaks Hotel
Venice Apartments1910620 Post StreetPost 0620Venice Apartments
Verden Apartments1913728 Taylor StreetEdward E. YoungTaylor 0728Verden Apartments
Victoria Hotel1907590 Bush StreetBush 0590Victoria Hotel
Warrin Apartments1906701 Post StreetFrederick H. MeyerPost 0711Warrin Apartments
Warrington Apartments1913775 Post StreetFrederick H. MeyerPost 0775Warrington Apartments
Westcliffe Apartments1916821 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 821Westcliffe Apartments
Windemere Apartments1910776 Bush StreetBush 0776Windemere Apartments
Windsor Apartments1924625 Leavenworth StreetLeavenworth 625Windsor Apartments
Women's Hotel1911642 Jones StreetJones 642Women's Hotel
Worthington Apartments19251167 Bush StreetBush 1167Worthington Apartments
Yerba Buena Apartments19081114 Sutter StreetSutter 1114Yerba Buena Apartments
Yorkshire Apartments1913860 Bush StreetBush 0860Yorkshire Apartments
Zenobia Apartments1910947 Bush StreetBush 0947Zenobia Apartments
Victoria Hotel
590 Bush Street
Built 1907
Photographed 28 November 2019

Contractor P. L. Pettigrew built this brick-clad, eight-story hotel in the Renaissance revival style.

When we photographed the building in November 2019, it housed the WorldMark San Francisco Hotel.

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Sheridan Arms Apartments
604 Bush Street
Built 1915
Photographed 28 November 2019

This seven-story, stucco-clad building with Renaissance ornamentation, originally housed apartments and two stores. It was built by James L. McLaughlin.

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Sheridan Arms Apartments
618 Bush Street
Built 1914
Photographed 28 November 2019

This seven-story, brick building with galvanized iron cladding and Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival ornament was designed by Rousseau and Rousseau.

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637-639 Bush Street Designed by  Righetti & Headman

637-639 Bush Street Viewed from Dashiell Hammett Street
The view from Dashiell Hammett Street. The
highrise is the Medical Dental Building on Sutter

Calvert Hotel Apartments,
637-639 Bush Street
Built 1913
Photographed 28 November 2019

Originally an apartment hotel and stores, this six-story building was designed by Righetti & Headman. It is clad in stucco and galvanized iron with Renaissance ornamentation.

The building faces Dashiell Hammett Street, a one-block alley that runs between Bush Street and Pine Street.

When we photographed the building in November 2019, it housed apartments.

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Angelus Apartments
645 Bush Street
Built 1911
Photographed 28 November 2019

Architects Righetti & Headman designed this five-story apartment building. The design includes tapestry brick, galvanized iron cladding and Renaissance ornament

When we photographed the building in November 2019, it was still an apartment building doing business under the name Angelus Apartments.

The highrise behind the building to the left is the Medical Dental Building on Sutter Street.

The building to the right is a modern building which does not contribute to the historic district. When we photographed it, it was doing business as the Orchard Hotel.

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Colonial Hotel
650 Bush Street
Built 1912
Photographed 28 November 2019

This eight-story building was designed by Cunningham & Politeo as a residential hotel. It is clad in stucco, brick and galvanized iron with Art Nouveau ornamentation.

The dark highrise in the background is 555 California Street (formerly the Bank of America Center) which was the tallest building west of the Mississippi River when it was completed in 1969.

When we photographed the former Colonial Hotel, it was doing business as the Orchard Vintage Hotel.

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Kenilworth Apartments at 698 Bush Street in the Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District

Kenilworth Apartments at 698 Bush Street in the Lower Nob Hill Apartment Hotel District

Kenilworth Apartments in 1907 1907 Rendering
Source: NRHP Nomination Form

The Alcazar in Toledo, Spain The Alcazar in Toledo, Spain
Photographed by the Author on 6 November 2013

Kenilworth Apartments
698 Bush Street
Built 1907
Photographed 28 November 2019

The Kenilworth Apartments building was designed by architects Sutton & Weeks. The five-story building is clad in rough stucco and clinker brick with ornamentation in the Spanish Colonial Revival style.

The Kenilworth Apartments building, as conceived by the architects with an imposing look-out tower at each corner, reminds me of the Alcazar in Toledo, Spain, and other fortified buildings in Iberia. The impression of impregnability must have been comforting one year after the neighborhood had been destroyed by the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

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Pacific Telephone Exchange Building at 827 Hyde Street
Photo courtesy of OpenSFHistory / wnp26.1894.jpg
Pacific Telephone Exchange Building (Franklin Office)
827 Hyde Street

This painted brick and cast concrete building was designed by architect A. A. Cantin in the Beaux Arts style. It is the only building in the district known to have survived the 1906 Earthquake and Fire.

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