San Francisco Point of Interest: Katherine Delmar Burke School

Katherine Delmar Burke School in San Francisco 21 January 2020
Katherine Delmar Burke School
AKA Burke's
3065 Jackson Street
Built 1917

Originally named Miss Burke's School, the school was founded in 1908 by Katherine Delmar Burke to provide college preparation for girls. In 1918, the school moved to this building designed by architect Julia Morgan, a friend of Katherine Burke.

When Burke's began acquiring property in Sea Cliff in 1929, kindergarten and first grade moved there. In 1949, grades two through six moved there.

In 1975, San Francisco University High School purchased the building on Jackson Street.

Grades K-8 of the Katherine Delmar Burke School are now housed on the Sea Cliff campus. The school remains a girl's school with a mission is to educate, encourage, and empower girls.

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