San Francisco Landmarks

San Francisco Landmark #160: Royal Insurance Buildingy
19 February 2012
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San Francisco Landmark #160
Royal Insurance Building
201 Sansome Street

The Royal Insurance Building is one of the richest of all downtown designs in its use of color, materials and ornamentation. It was designed by Howells & Stokes, an architectural firm based in New York City and Seattle.

The building is in a three part vertical composition, its l8th century Georigan Revival ornament is executed in white marble, red brick and green and white terra cotta. The base, identical to a contemporary company building in in New York City, includes an extremeely fine carved marble clock over the entrance with a lion and unicorn.

Doors in the elevator lobby are from a seventeenth century Italian palazzo.

Source: Planning Commission Resolution No. 9537 dated 21 October 1982.

The building has been remodeled as condominiums.

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