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San Francisco Landmark 22: Solari Building East in Jackson Square
20 March 2004
Solari Buildings West and East
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San Francisco Landmark #22
Solari Building East
470 Jackson Street
Built 1852

The Solari Building East was constructed circa 1852 by Nicholas Larco, prominent merchant and leader of the Italian colony in San Francisco, who occupied the building until 1877.

During the mid-1850's, Larco was chairman of the Italian (Sardinian) Committee to celebrate the Allied victory over the Russians at Sebastopol during the Crimean War. In 1863, he was president of the Italian Benevolent Society, which had its offices here at varying times during the 1860's.

Augustus D. Splivalo, former law clerk on Montgomery Street, became Larco's protege, and edited the Italian weekly newspaper, La Parola, from the building. Splivalo also served as secretary of the Benevolent Society, and for at least one year, he lived in the building. He later became an attorney, practicing law here until 1880, when he moved to the Montgomery Block.

Consulates of three nations have been housed here. In 1856 and 1857, Larco was consul for Chile. At the same time, Camilo Martin was consul for Spain and appears to have had both lodgings and offices in Larco's Building. In the early 1860's, French consul De Gazette had his consulate here. The French consul soon moved next door where it remained until 1876.

According to Ghirardelli family historian, Miss Ruth Teiser, Domingo Ghirardelli used part of this building for several years until he moved his firm across the street in 1858.

Grellet and Company, French importers of wines and liquors, occupied the building in the late 1850's.

In 1869, liquor merchants Favre and Joussaud moved into the building. Favre, with various partners, remained here until 1878. Favre's last partner, Jaujou, remained with the successor firm, also liquor dealers, until 1905.

From 1876 to 1880 Antonio Galleano was a cigar manufacturer at this address.

Occupancy of the building after 1905 is not well documented.

Source: adapted from San Francisco Planning Commission Resolution 5390 dated June 26, 1969.

The Solari Building East is in the Jackson Square Historic District.

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