San Francisco Point of Interest: Pier 31

National Register #06000372: Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District 17 May 2006

Julius' Castle is on Telegraph Hill below Coit Tower. The building flying the American flag was designed by architect H. C. Baumann.

For many decades after 1849, the east side of Telegraph Hill was dynamited to provide ballast for ships and rocks for a seawall. The damage is visible in this photograph.

Pier 31
The Embarcadero at Francisco Street
Built 1917-1918

Pier 31 consists of a bulkhead wharf and a substructure for the transit shed built in 1917 and a transit shed and bulkhead building built in 1918.

The bulkhead building is exceptionally wide, and connects on its south end with the bulkhead building of Pier 29. Alterations to Pier 31 appear to have been minor.

After the China Mail Steamship Company in 1918, the occupants of the pier are unknown until 1935. Between 1935 and 1960, it was occupied by Luckenbach Gulf Steamship Company. In 1967, it was occupied by Matson Navigation Company.

Pier 31 contributes to the Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District which was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2006.

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