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National Register #79000530
Fort Mason Historic District Boundary Increase
Bounded by Van Ness, Bay, Laguna, and San Francisco Bay

Commencing in 1797, and lasting through the Spanish and Mexican administrations of Alta California, Fort Mason was one of two sites in San Francisco Bay that was armed with artillery for the defense of the harbor.

For over forty years under the American administration, it played a role in the coastal defenses of the bay from the Civil War to post-Spanish-American War. It also served as an important element in the first submarine mining of San Francisco Bay in the Spanish-American War.

From the Spanish-American War to the Korean War, Fort Mason was the headquarters of the San Francisco Port of Embarkation through which millions of men and millions of tons of supplies were transported into the Pacific. A long list of distinguished generals, commanding the Military Division of the Pacific, live here in Quarters One and Two.

The collection of military structures dating from the 1850's to the Korean War illustrates the evolution of an Army post - and coastal fortifications to a lesser degree - over a period of one hundred years.

The contrasts and many moods of the architecture, the effect of the Army's caste system on the quarters, the charm of the earliest officers' row, the simple lines of the Endicott battery, the WPA architecture of the Great Depression, the Army's determination in landscaping — all these blend together to present a history of this place and its times.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Commanding General's Quarters1877FM1FM001Commanding General's Quarters
Officer's Quarters1855FM2Originally a private residence.FM002Officer's Quarters
Officer's Quarters1855FM3Originally a private residence.FM003Officer's Quarters
Officer's Quarters1855FM4Originally a private residence.FM004Officer's Quarters
Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters1934FM9Occupied by a sergeant on the general's personal staff.FM009Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters
Entrance GateFM12Entrance Gate from Bay Street to MacArthur AvenueFM012Entrance Gate
Tennis CourtFM1419th century. Concrete.FM014Tennis Court
Searchlight Shelter1911FM15FM015Searchlight Shelter
Pier No. 41931FM16Replaced an earlier pier, c1870.FM016Pier No. 4
Waiting Room on Pier No. 41931FM17FM017Waiting Room on Pier No. 4
Mining Casemate1889FM23Reinforced concrete.FM023Mining Casemate
Laundry1941FM32Located within a group of officers' quarters. Stucco.FM032Laundry
Oficcers' Quarters1941FM33-39Stucco.FM033Oficcers' Quarters
Waiting RoomFM40Waiting room for a former streetcar line. Stucco.FM040Waiting Room
Oficcers' Quarters1933FM41-44Stucco.FM041Oficcers' Quarters
Oficcers' Quarters1933FM46-49Stucco.FM046Oficcers' Quarters
Post Headquarters1941FM101Construction Quartermaster's office and post headquarters. Stucco.FM101Post Headquarters
Hospital1902FM201Later became headquarters for the San Francisco Port of Embarkation. Brick. Large frame addition built in 1917.FM201Hospital
Hospital Steward's Quarters1902FM204BrickFM204Hospital Steward's Quarters
Flagstaff1924FM205Replaced an earlier flagstaff on the same site.FM205Flagstaff
Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters1891FM231WoodFM231Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters
Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters1864FM232WoodFM232Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters
Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters1878FM234WoodFM234Noncommissioned Officer's Quarters
Post Headquarters (Original)1864FM235Originally, post headquarters and storehouses, 1864. Later, converted to noncommissioned officers' quarters. Wood.FM235Post Headquarters (Original)
Hospital Steward's Quarters1891FM238WoodFM238Hospital Steward's Quarters
Hospital1864FM239Originally two separate structures - hospital proper and steward's quarters. By 1884, they had been combined into one structure. Later, noncommissioned officers' quarters. Wood.FM239Hospital
Barracks1864FM240Originally two buildings. Later, they were combined and the structure was enlarged several times. Its late function was a finance office for the Port of Embarkation. Wood.FM240Barracks
School1864FM241Originally, a guardhouse stood here, 1864. It was moved and, later demolished. By 1913, the present structure had been built. It first served as a school. Later, it was designated as a barracks and as transient bachelor officers' quarters. Wood.FM241School
Battery Burnham1900FM242One 8" gun. Used as an air raid shelter in World War II. Reinforced concrete.FM242Battery Burnham
Powder Magazine1898FM250Spanish-American War. Reinforced concrete.FM250Powder Magazine
Provost Marshall's OfficeFM302Provost marshall's office and identification building for Port of Embarkation, date unknown. Stucco.FM302Provost Marshall's Office
Gate and Guard StationFM303Gate and guard station to Port of Embarkation, date unknown. Masonry and iron.FM303Gate and Guard Station
Marine Repair Shop1934FM308Marine repair shop for Port of Embarkation. Reinforced concrete.FM308Marine Repair Shop
Warehouses1912FM310 and 312Warehouses for Port of Embarkation. Reinforced concrete.FM310Warehouses
Warehouses1912FM314 and 315Warehouses for Port of Embarkation. Reinforced concrete.FM314Warehouses
Pier No. 11912FM316Reinforced concrete.FM316Pier No. 1
Pier No. 1 Shed1917FM317Reinforced concrete. Rebuilt in 1934.FM317Pier No. 1 Shed
Pier No. 21912FM318Reinforced concrete.FM318Pier No. 2
Pier No. 2 Shed1912FM319Reinforced concrete.FM319Pier No. 2 Shed
Pier No. 31934FM320Reinforced concrete. Enlarged in 1934.FM320Pier No. 3
Pier No. 3 Shed1934FM321Reinforced concrete. Replaced an earlier pier shed.FM321Pier No. 3 Shed
Battery Charging Station1935FM322Reinforced concrete.FM322Battery Charging Station
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