National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #76000177: Pumping Station No. 2 Pumping Station No.2 is in the foreground at the lower left. The hill in the middle distance is Fort Mason, and the hill in the background is the crest of Pacific Heights at Lafayette Park.
National Register #76000177: Pumping Station No. 2 10 October 2004
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National Register #76000177
Pumping Station No. 2, SFFD Auxiliary Water Supply System
Van Ness Avenue at the Municipal Pier
Built 1912

After the 1906 Earthquake and Fire, San Francisco built an independent High Pressure Water System, designed to withstand future seismic shocks. In addition to reservoirs, cisterns and 74 miles of water mains, the system has two stations for pumping salt water from the bay into the reservoirs or directly into the mains, Pumping Station No. 1 at Second and Townsend Streets and Pumping Station No. 2 in Fort Mason at the end of Van Ness Avenue.

Pumping Station No. 2, designed by the firm of Manson, Marsden, Caldwell & Co. in the Mission Revival style, is beautifully situated at the base of Russian Hill where Fort Mason meets Aquatic Park. In the photograph, Russian Hill rises in the background while Fort Mason stands on the bluff in the trees.

The station is extensively documented in the Historic American Buildings Survey/Historic American Engineering Record.

Pumping Station No. 2 is of local historical significance in the categories of Engineering and Community Planning. It represents innovative planning and innovative design of an "earthquake-proof" fire fighting system for San Francisco which is auxiliary to the domestic water supply system. While the entire system is unquestionably of local historical significance in the above categories, the greatest part of it consists of underground piping, hydrants, cisterns, reservoirs, fireboats, another pumping station and other facilities throughout the city on city land. This nomination addresses only that portion of the system located on Federal land, specifically Pumping Station no. 2. This station, and the whole system, represent an outstanding achievement in engineering and community planning in San Francisco's history.... National Register Statement of Significance for Pumping Station No. 2

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