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San Francisco Landmark 106: Chambord Apartments on Nob Hill 26 June 2010
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San Francisco Landmark #106
Chambord Apartments
1298 Sacramento Street At Jones
Built 1921

The Chambord is a first-rate architectural enigma which intrigues the casual passer-by and confounds the architectural historian. No mean structure, its intrinsic integrity is so boldly stated that despite the removal of some of its original external embellishments, the building catches the eye and heightens the air of opulence on Nob Hill.

The Chambord was commissioned in 1921 by James Witt Dougherty and designed by James Francis Dunn. It was among the earliest luxury apartment houses built in that area of Nob Hill. Its construction may well have triggered the wave of other similar, though generally larger, buildings erected nearby in the 1920's.

Source: San Francisco Planning Commission Resolution 8039 dated 10 August 1978

The Chambord Apartments are also National Register Listing 84001184.

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