National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #85000705 TREA Houses: 2503 Clay Street
2503 Clay Street
9 February 2004
National Register #85000705 TREA Houses: 2524 Clay Street, San Francisco
2524 Clay Street
9 February 2004
2530 Clay Street In 2004 During Restoration
2530 Clay Street During Restoration
9 February 2004
2530 Clay Street, San Francisco
2530 Clay Street After Restoration
Photo Courtesy of Ann and Dan Doyle
September 2006
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National Register #85000705
TREA (The Real Estate Associates) Houses
2503, 2524, 2530 and 2536 Clay Street Between Fillmore and Steiner
Pacific Heights
Built 1870-1871

The Real Estate Associates (TREA), founded and incorporated by William Hollis in 1866, was one of the first companies to mass produce detached housing for families of varying income levels.

During the decade of the 1870's, TREA built more than one thousand Italianate houses based on designs in pattern books. TREA crews built a typical house in sixty days. The most expensive homes cost $6,000 or more, and the more affordable homes were in the range of $2,500 to $4,000. The buyer made a down payment between twenty and fifty percent and had from one to twelve years to amortize the loan at an interest rate of eight to ten percent.

TREA was dissolved in 1881, a victim of the depression which had lingered since 1877 and, perhaps, of its own business practices.

A number of beautifully maintained TREA Victorians also stand in the Bush Street-Cottage Row Historic District in Pacific Heights.

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