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San Francisco Landmark #126: Edward Bransten House 31 May 2003

San Francisco Landmark #126: Edward Bransten House 23 November 2023

San Francisco Landmark #126
Edward Bransten House
AKA Edward Brandenstein
1735 Franklin Street Between California and Sacramento
Built 1904

The Bransten House is a Georgian Eclectic brick structure, an architectural style and building material uncommon in San Francisco domestic architecture.

Designed by San Francisco architect Herman Barth (1868-1923), the building reflects the early 20th century turning away from Victorian extravagance to Classical and Colonial restraint. Barth's knowledgeable use of architectural detail, massing, and siting combine to create a design of considerable quality.

Among Barth's buildings are the Krotoszyner Medical Offices and House and the south wing of the San Francisco City and County Hospital.

William Haas commissioned the house as a gift for his daughter, Florine, upon her marriage to Edward Brandenstein (who later changed his name to Bransten.) For more about the Haas family, see San Francisco Landmark 69, Haas-Lilienthal House.

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