National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District: Pier 43 18 May 2006
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National Register #06000372
Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District
Pier 45 to Pier 48
The Embarcadero

The Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District contains twenty-eight contributing buildings and nineteen contributing structures representing many architectural styles: Beaux Arts, Late Gothic Revival, Italian Renaissance, Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival, Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals, and utilitarian.

Piers are numbered beginning at the Ferry Building, with piers to the north having odd numbers and piers to the south having even numbers. If you sort the following list of contributing buildings and structures by address, the list will begin with Pier 45 north of the Ferry Building near Fisherman's Wharf and continue through Pier 48 south of the San Francisco Giants Ballpark.

Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Pier 45 (USS Pampanito)Taylor Street TerminusP02Pier 45 (USS Pampanito)
Pier 43 (Car Ferry Headhouse)The Embarcadero at Powell and JeffersonP03Pier 43 (Car Ferry Headhouse)
Pier 41 (Wooden Pier)The Embarcadero Between Powell and StocktonP03APier 41 (Wooden Pier)
Pier 39 (Sea Lions)The Embarcadero Between Stockton and GrantP03BPier 39 (Sea Lions)
Pier 35 (SS Jeremiah O'Brien and Auxiliary Cruise Terminal)Embarcadero Between Bay and NorthpointP04Pier 35 (SS Jeremiah O'Brien and Auxiliary Cruise Terminal)
Pier 33The Embarcadero at Bay StreetP05Pier 33
Pier 31The Embarcadero at Francisco StreetP06Pier 31
Pier 29The Embarcadero at Sansome StreetP07Pier 29
Pier 29 Annex (Belt Railroad Building)The Embarcadero at Sansome StreetP08Pier 29 Annex (Belt Railroad Building)
Pier 23Embarcadero Between Lombard and GreenP10Pier 23
Pier 17Embarcadero Between Lombard and GreenP12Pier 17
Pier 15 (Exploratorium)The Embarcadero at Green StreetP13Pier 15 (Exploratorium)
Pier 9 (Ferryboat Klamath)The Embarcadero at Vallejo StreetP14Pier 9 (Ferryboat Klamath)
Pier 7 (Fishing Pier)The Embarcadero South of BroadwayP14APier 7 (Fishing Pier)
Pier 5 (Central Embarcadero Piers Historic District)The Embarcadero South of BroadwayP16Pier 5 (Central Embarcadero Piers Historic District)
Pier 3 (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)The Embarcadero at Jackson StreetP18Pier 3 (Ferryboat Santa Rosa)
Pier 1 (National Register of Historic Places)The Embarcadero at Washington StreetP19Pier 1 (National Register of Historic Places)
Ferry Building P20Ferry Building
Agriculture Building101 The EmbarcaderoP21Agriculture Building
Pier 22½ (Fire Station 35)The Embarcadero at Harrison StreetP23APier 22½ (Fire Station 35)
Pier 24 AnnexP24Pier 24 Annex
Pier 26The Embarcadero Between Harrison and BryantP25Pier 26
Pier 26 AnnexThe Embarcadero Between Harrison and BryantP26Pier 26 Annex
Pier 28The Embarcadero Between Harrison and BryantP27Pier 28
Pier 28½ The Embarcadero Between Harrison and BryantP28Pier 28½
Pier 30-32 (Red's Java House Restaurant)The Embarcadero at Bryant StreetP28APier 30-32 (Red's Java House Restaurant)
Pier 38The Embarcadero at Delancy StreetP35Pier 38
Pier 40The Embarcadero at Townsend StreetP36Pier 40
Pier 48Beginning of Terry A Francois BoulevardP38Pier 48
Seawall at Pier 48P39Seawall at Pier 48
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