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San Francisco Landmark #225: Engine Company No. 9 and Fireboat Company No. 1 24 December 2011
Fireboat Guardian
24 December 2011
Fireboat Guardian Docked at Pier 22½
Fireboat Phoenix on Opening Day in the Bay
26 April 2009
Fireboat Phoenix Celebrates
Opening Day of the Sailing Season
San Francisco Bay
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San Francisco Landmark #225
Engine Company No. 9 and Fireboat Company No. 1
Embarcadero At Harrison (Pier 22½)
Built 1915

The Fireboat House is a Renaissance Revival structure with Mission Revival elements. It was designed by Alfred A. Pyle of the State Board of Harbor Commissioners who also designed the Agriculture Building, and the bulkhead buildings of Piers 1½, 3, and 29. Pyle had previously worked under Willis Polk in the San Francisco office of D. H. Burnham & Co.

The Fireboat House is significant as San Francisco's only firehouse that serves the crews of her fireboats. It is a rare instance of cooperation between the Port and the Fire Department, because it is on Port property but controlled and staffed by the SFFD. It is connected to the berths of the City's two fireboats, Phoenix and Guardian, and thus it displays one of the surviving working maritime activities along the Embarcadero, a reminder of San Francisco's important maritime history.

The interior displays a rare integrity of iron spiral staircase, working brass fire poles, and intact tongue-and-groove surfaces for walls and ceilings. The exterior looks exactly like its 1916 photograph.

From San Francisco Planning Commission Resolution 14775 adopted January 28, 1999.

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