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National Register #05000001: Baker and Hamilton Building in San Francisco 8 February 2009
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San Francisco Landmark #193
Baker & Hamilton Building
601 Townsend Street
Built 1904-1905

Baker & Hamilton initiated the development of its South of Market neighborhood as a manufacturing warehouse district. As headquarters for a company whose markets encompassed the Pacific Basin, the building reflects San Francisco's early 20th century preeminence as a commercial center of the Pacific Coast.

The building is also a reminder of the many blue collar workers of San Francisco who were the backbone of the City's heavy industry.

In addition, Baker & Hamilton played a significant role in the development of California's economic preeminence. It joined with other companies to establish organizations that improved its industry's ability to compete successfully with the East, and it developed equipment to improve California's agricultural production. Baker & Hamilton engaged in the first large-scale production of the wooden wheel plow, the Sweepstake, later replaced with the steel Eureka model.

Adapted from San Francisco Planning Commission Resolution 11630 dated 6 April 1989

The Baker & Hamilton Building is also National Register Listing 05000001.

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