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San Francisco Landmark 213: Joseph Leonard - Cecil F. Poole House 25 January 2004
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San Francisco Landmark #213
Joseph Leonard - Cecil F. Poole House
90 Cedro Avenue at Moncada Way
Ingleside Terrace
Built 1911

This Craftsman style home was built by Joseph A. Leonard in 1911. He lived here until 1920.

Shortly after the Earthquake and Fire, Mr. Leonard's Urban Realty Improvement Company purchased the 150 acre Ingleside Race Track for $2,500 an acre to develop Ingleside Terrace, an exclusive residential enclave removed from the urban miseries of old San Francisco.

Buyers agreed to restrictive covenants concerning land use and building design and agreed to sell their property only to Caucasians. Even though the United States Supreme Court struck down racial covenants in a 1949 ruling, Ingleside Terrace remained almost exclusively Caucasian as late as 1960 when surrounding neighborhoods were thirty-five percent non-white.

In 1957, Judge Cecil F. Poole purchased the house at 90 Cedro and became the first non-white property owner in Ingleside Terrace.

On June 5, 1958, a cross was burned in the front yard.

Judge Poole and his family resided in the house until 1982.

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