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San Francisco Landmark #78: Sunnyside Conservatory
3 November 2003
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San Francisco Landmark #78
Sunnyside Conservatory
236 Monterey Boulevard Between Baden and Congo
Built 1897

The conservatory, which now shares its site with the dwelling at 234 Monterey Boulevard, was constructed around the turn of the century by the then-owners of the dwelling which still exists at 258 Monterey Boulevard.

In its historical sense the conservatory should be viewed in terms of its longtime association with the dwelling at 258 Boulevard Monterey rather than with the one at 234 Boulevard Monterey which was constructed in 1953.

Originally, the site now occupied by these three structures consisted of a 175-foot frontage (seven adjacent 25-foot lots) containing only the house at 258 Boulevard Monterey and the conservatory.

The house and conservatory were landscaped as a single parcel for over sixty years.

The rather lavish manner of development leads one to wonder about the personalities and interests of the parties responsible. One can say only that it was either, or both, of the first two families who owned the property: the Taylors (1891-1897) or the Merralls (1897-1916).

Very little is known of these two families.

Source: Adapted from City Planning Commission Resolution 7380 dated August 6, 1975.

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