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Sutro Tower Sutro Tower and Congregation Emanu-El
14 May 2012
Sutro Tower Sutro Tower and the Pink Triangle
23 June 2012
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Sutro Tower
1 La Avanzada Street
Built 1971-1973

Sutro Tower was built by Kline Towers of Columbia, South Carolina. Construction began in 1971. Transmissions began on July 4, 1973.

Adolph Sutro, the King of the Comstock Lode, had a mansion located near the spot where Sutro Tower stands today.

When viewed from a distance, the tower appears to stand on Twin Peaks. This is not so. Nor does it stand on Mount Sutro. Rather, it stands on a hill between Twin Peaks and Mount Sutro.

Sutro Tower, with a height of 977 feet, is the tallest structure in San Francisco. The top is 1,811 feet above sea level.

Like the Transamerica Pyramid, Sutro Tower is visible from much of San Francisco and neighboring counties. Also like the Transamerica Pyramid, Sutro Tower had many detractors when it was new. You can assess a San Franciscan's age by his or her opinion of Sutro Tower. The more a person likes Sutro Tower, the younger that person is.

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