San Francisco Landmarks

San Francisco Landmark 11: Hotaling Stables in Jackson Square
22 May 2008
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San Francisco Landmark #11
Hotaling Stables
32-42 Hotaling Place
Financial District
Built 1860's

This photograph of Hotaling Place was taken from the intersection of Jackson Street and Hotaling Place. The Hotaling Stables were located in this alley, but the exact location is not obvious.

In 1846, San Francisco was a tiny Mexican pueblo named Yerba Buena, and the shoreline of San Francisco Bay was located where Hotaling Place is today. On July 9, Captain John B. Montgomery landed a few hundred feet from here near the site of the Transamerica Building and raised the American flag in Portsmouth Plaza to claim the territory for the United States.

Two of the loveliest buildings in San Francisco flank the entrance to Hotaling Place, the Hotaling Building and the Hotaling Annex West.

Hotaling Place is in the Jackson Square Historic District.

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