National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

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National Register #05001112
Veterans Affairs Medical Center Historic District
4150 Clement Street

Veterans Affairs Medical Center Historic District covers 292 acres containing thirteen contributing buildings and one contributing structure.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Administration Building1934Building 1Building 01Administration Building
Hospital1934Building 2Building 02Hospital
Boiler House1934Building 3Building 03Boiler House
Hospital Wards1934Building 4Building 04Hospital Wards
Radiology1934Building 5Building 05Radiology
Dining Hall, Staff LQ1934Building 6Building 06Dining Hall, Staff LQ
Recreation Hall1934Building 7Building 07Recreation Hall
Nurses Quarters1934Building 8Building 08Nurses Quarters
Officers Duplex1934Building 9Building 09Officers Duplex
Officers Duplex1934Building 10Building 10Officers Duplex
Director's Quarters1934Building 11Building 11Director's Quarters
Officers Quarters1897Building 18Building 18Officers Quarters
Garage1934Building 20Building 20Garage
Flag Pole and Base1934Structure 27Building 27Flag Pole and Base
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