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Cottage Row, San Francisco
Cottage Row
Bush Street Cottage Row Historic District: 2103-2107 Bush Street
2103-2107 Bush Street
Bush Street Cottage Row Historic District: 1942 Sutter Street
1942 Sutter Street
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National Register #82000983
Bush Street-Cottage Row Historic District
2101-2125 Bush Street
1-6 Cottage Row
1940-1948 Sutter Street
Built Various Dates

The Bush Street-Cottage Row District is an intact, century-old enclave within San Francisco's mostly bulldozed Western Addition Redevelopment Area 2. It has "been accorded high praise in both of the City & County surveys: the Junior League Survey published as Here Today, and the Department of City Planning's Architecture Survey of 1976.

[The district] exhibits typical San Francisco housing developments of the mid-l870s and early 1880s, as all the buildings but one rear-yard cottage are the work of just two housing developers, The Real Estate Associates [TREA] and C.L. Taylor.

Source NRHP Nomination Form dated 9 August 1982.

Cottage Row is a miniature and very private-seeming enclave within the District. Here Today describes it as "one of San Francisco's few residential walkways comparable to an English mews."

The lane itself, as well as the partywall houses and 2109-2111 Bush, were all a single piece of private property from Col. Charles L. Taylor's purchase of the land in 1875 until the Bush Street house was separated from the partywall houses in late 1944.

The Cottage Row houses were separated into individual ownership gradually from 1956 to 1967, and only on that last date was the walkway singled out as an individual holding separate from any house.

Taylor himself had chosen the name "Cottage Row," which was listed among San Francisco's streets as early as the 1886 Directory.

In the 1930s the walkway was popularly called Japan Street, because the entire District was inhabited by Japanese-Americans until their internment during World War II. In the tiny rear yards of Cottage Row they grew vegetables, which they offered for public sale at an informal weekly open market held every Saturday along the Row.

Source NRHP Nomination Form dated 9 August 1982.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Store and Residence18742101-2101A Bush StreetBush 2101Store and Residence
Residence18742103 Bush StreetItalianate with half-octagonal bay.Bush 2103Residence
Residence18742105 Bush StreetItalianate with half-octagonal bay.Bush 2105Residence
Residence18742107 Bush StreetItalianate with half-octagonal bay.Bush 2107Residence
Residence18822109-2111 Bush StreetStick style with rectangular bay.Bush 2109Residence
Residence18742115 Bush StreetBuilt by TREA. Italianate, flat front and half-octagonal bay in rear.Bush 2115Residence
Residence18742117 Bush StreetBuilt by TREABush 2117Residence
Garden Cottage18742117-B Bush StreetBuilt by TREABush 2117BGarden Cottage
Residence18742119 Bush StreetBuilt by TREABush 2119Residence
Residence18742121 Bush StreetBuilt by TREABush 2121Residence
Residence18742123 Bush StreetBuilt by TREABush 2123Residence
Residence18742125 Bush StreetBuilt by TREABush 2125Residence
Party-Wall House18821 Cottage RowAll six houses on Cottage Row are essentiallly identicel: simple Stick style with no bay or false front.Cottage 1Party-Wall House
Party-Wall House18822 Cottage RowCottage 2Party-Wall House
Party-Wall House18823 Cottage RowCottage 3Party-Wall House
Party-Wall House18824 Cottage RowCottage 4Party-Wall House
Party-Wall House18825 Cottage RowCottage 5Party-Wall House
Party-Wall House18826 Cottage RowCottage 6Party-Wall House
Cottage Row WalkCottage Row Walk
Residence18741942 Sutter StreetItalianate with half-octagonal bay.Sutter 1942Residence
Residence18741948 Sutter StreetItalianate with half-octagonal bay.Sutter 1948Residence
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