National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

San Francisco Landmark #220: Engine Company No. 31 Engine Company No. 31

1088 Green Street
9 June 2003
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National Register #87002288
Russian Hill Paris Block Architectural District
Roughly 1017-1067 Green Street
Russian Hill
Period of Significance: 1858-1925

The fifteen-acre Russian Hill Paris Block Architectural District contains eleven contributing buildings and only one intrusion, a detached garage.

Although San Francisco Engine Company No. 31 is NRHP Listing #87002290 and San Francisco Landmark 220, it lies just outside the district.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Duplex19251017-1019 Green StreetGreen 1017Duplex
Butler-Levaggi House19111025 Green StreetGreen 1025Butler-Levaggi House
John & Blanche Baldwin McGaw House19131030 Green StreetGreen 1030John & Blanche Baldwin McGaw House
House18701033 Green StreetGreen 1033House
George Phillips Flats18851039-1043 Green StreetGreen 1039George Phillips Flats
Luke J. Flynn House19121040 Green StreetGreen 1040Luke J. Flynn House
O'Brien Family House18671045 Green StreetGreen 1045O'Brien Family House
George A. Bos Apartments19131050 Green StreetGreen 1050George A. Bos Apartments
David Atkins House18661055 Green StreetGreen 1055David Atkins House
Charles & Ethel Fickert House19121060 Green StreetGreen 1060Charles & Ethel Fickert House
Feusier Octagon House (National Register Listing #74000554)18591067 Green StreetGreen 1067Feusier Octagon House (National Register Listing #74000554)
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