National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #66000232: San Francisco Presidio Former Army Housing
26 March 2004
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National Register #66000232
San Francisco Presidio
Founded 1776

The Presidio of San Francisco was designated a National Historic Landmark on June 13, 1962.

At that time, the Landmark was recognized primarily as a significant Spanish colonial military settlement in Alta California. It was secondarily recognized for its long military occupation by the United States Army since 1846.

The only historic resource identified was the Officers' Club, because it was reputed to be the Spanish comandante's quarters and original adobe remained hidden within the walls.

In 1970 the Commanding General of the 6th Army and the National Park Service agreed that the entire military reservation was within the Landmark boundary. The National Park Service Office of Archeology and Historic Preservation noted: It is the total scene that is recognized at the Presidio; structures not of much merit might well be regarded as essential to the total fabric.

The Presidio was clearly seen by the National Park Service as a district of sites, buildings, structures, and objects. The Army was encouraged to conduct a comprehensive survey to identity the contributing resources of the Presidio National Historic Landmark district for the public record and management.

The historic district contains 662 contributing buildings and 504 noncontributing buildings.

The period of historic significance is 1776-1945. Some important dates during this period are:

1776 Presidio founded by Spain

1793 Castillo de San Joaquin built

1822 Presidio transferred from Spain to Mexico

1846 Mexico's loss of California to the United States

1847 United States troops stationed at Presidio

1850 Presidio becomes United States Army reservation

1853 United States builds Ft. Point

1861 Civil War begins

1865 Civil War ends

1881 First rail service between Presidio and San Francisco

1884 Post Cemetery becomes National Cemetery

1889 Establishment of lifesaving station

1893 Endicott Era defense system

1895 Golf course built

1896 Perimeter stone gates and walls built

1898 Spanish-American War begins

1899 Spanish-American War ends

1910 Fort Winfield Scott established

1914 World War I begins

1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition

1917 United States enters into World War I

1918 World War I ends

1921 Crissy Field established

1929 Great Depression

1933 Golden Gate Bridge construction begins

1933 "Restoration" of the supposed Comandancia

1934 WPA projects on Post begin

1939 World War II begins

1941 United States enters into World War II

Adapted from the NRHP Form dated 28 October 1992.

The Presidio of San Francisco, is also California Historical Landmark 79 and is part of the Golden Gate National Recreation Area.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Battery Chamberlin1902No 1621Baker BeachB1621Battery Chamberlin
Battery Commander's Station1904Bldg 1622Baker BeachB1622Battery Commander's Station
Battery Crosby1900No 1630Baker BeachB1630Battery Crosby
Old Mine Casemate1912No 1600Baker BeachB1600Old Mine Casemate
Battery Blaney1901No 635Cemetery and Cavalry ComplexB0635Battery Blaney
Electrical Substation1908Bldg 680Cemetery and Cavalry ComplexB0680Electrical Substation
Enlisted Barracks with Mess1902Bldg 682Cemetery and Cavalry ComplexB0682Enlisted Barracks with Mess
Stables1911Bldgs 661-663Cemetery and Cavalry ComplexB0661Stables
Stables1913Bldgs 667-668Cemetery and Cavalry ComplexB0667Stables
Battery Sherwood1899No 636Crissy FieldB0636Battery Sherwood
Boathouse, Fort Point Life Saving Station1889Bldg 1902Crissy FieldB1902Boathouse, Fort Point Life Saving Station
Station-Keeper's Residence, Fort Point Life Saving Station1889Bldg 1901Crissy FieldB1901Station-Keeper's Residence, Fort Point Life Saving Station
Battery Boutelle1900No 1651Fort PointB1651Battery Boutelle
Battery Godfrey1892No 1647Fort PointB1647Battery Godfrey
Battery Lancaster1898No NumberFort PointB9999Battery Lancaster
Battery Marcus Miller1891No 1660Fort PointB1660Battery Marcus Miller
Fire Control Station1911Bldg 1663Fort PointB1663Fire Control Station
Fire Control Station1911Bldg 1664Fort PointB1664Fire Control Station
Fire Control Station for Battery Godfrey1911Bldg 1662Fort PointB1662Fire Control Station for Battery Godfrey
Mine Loading Houses1908Bldgs 985 and 986Fort PointB0985Mine Loading Houses
Mine Storehouse1908Bldg 979Fort PointB0979Mine Storehouse
Plumbing Shop1909Bldg 989Fort PointB0989Plumbing Shop
Warehouse1908Bldg 983Fort PointB0983Warehouse
Battery Cranston1897No 1661Fort Winfield ScottB1661Battery Cranston
Battery Dynamite1894No 1399Fort Winfield ScottB1399Battery Dynamite
Battery Howe-Wagner1893No 1287Fort Winfield ScottB1287Battery Howe-Wagner
Battery McKinnon-Stotsenberg1897No 1430Fort Winfield ScottB1430Battery McKinnon-Stotsenberg
Battery Saffold1896No 1354Fort Winfield ScottB1354Battery Saffold
Fort Winfield Scott Headquarters1910Bldg 1201Fort Winfield ScottB1201Fort Winfield Scott Headquarters
Fort Winfield Scott Parade Ground1909No 1223Fort Winfield ScottB1223Fort Winfield Scott Parade Ground
Ordnance Repair Shop1900Bldg 1339Fort Winfield ScottB1339Ordnance Repair Shop
Animal House1910Bldg 1056Letterman ComplexB1056Animal House
Detention Ward1909Bldg 1051Letterman ComplexB1051Detention Ward
Officers' Family Housing1902Bldg 1000Letterman ComplexB1000Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1902Bldg 1001Letterman ComplexB1001Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1908Bldg 1002Letterman ComplexB1002Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1908Bldgs 1003 and 1004Letterman ComplexB1003Officers' Family Housing
Barracks1862Bldgs 86 and 87Main PostB0086Barracks
Barracks1885Bldg 36Main PostB0036Barracks
Enlisted Barracks with Mess1912Bldg 35Main PostB0035Enlisted Barracks with Mess
Garrison Chapel1864Bldg 45Main PostB0045Garrison Chapel
Hospital1863Bldg 2Main PostB0002Hospital
Magazine1863Bldg 95Main PostB0095Magazine
Main Parade Ground1893No 94Main PostB0094Main Parade Ground
Officers' Family Housing1879Bldg 4Main PostB0004Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1862Bldgs 5-16Main PostB0005Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1882Bldg 49Main PostB0049Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1885Bldgs 56-59Main PostB0056Officers' Family Housing
Officers' Family Housing1889Bldgs 51 and 54Main PostB0051Officers' Family Housing
Pershing Hall1903Bldg 42Main PostB0042Pershing Hall
Post Trader1885Bldg 116Main PostB0116Post Trader
Presidio Theatre193999 Moraga AvenueMain PostMoraga 0099Presidio Theatre
Arguello Boulevard Gate1896No 301B0301Arguello Boulevard Gate
Broadway Entrance1896No 578B0578Broadway Entrance
Lombard Street Entrance1896No 575B0575Lombard Street Entrance
Presidio Boulevard Entrance1896No 574B0574Presidio Boulevard Entrance
S. Domingo Bronze Cannon1628S. Domingo Bronze Cannon
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