National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

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National Register #100006997
Alberta Candy Factory
555 19th Street
Built 1919
Central Waterfront

The Alberta Candy Factory is a well-preserved example of an American Commercial Style industrial loft building located in the gentrified Central Waterfront district which once housed heavy industry. The aesthetic qualities of the unornamented, timber-framed building derive from its massing, fenestration and decorative brickwork.

Located across the street from the Bethlehem Shipbuilding Company, the building was oroginally a scrap metal warehouse.

The confectionery industry took off in San Francisco following the passage of Prohibition when the end of legal alcohol sales stimulated the demand for sweets in the United States. Alberta Candy Company converted the building into a state-of-the art candy factory in 1924. Located two blocks away from the Western Sugar Refinery, the building remained a candy factory from until 1969 – Other local candy companies were as See’s and Ghirardelli.

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