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Locally Designated San Francisco Landmarks

Willie McCovey at Mission Bay, San Francisco
Willie McCovey Statue on McCovey Cove
19 June 2003

Locally Designated San Francisco Landmarks
Sequenced By Name
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Name Year Address Neighborhood Authority Number
Alamo Square District1870Bounded by Golden Gate Avenue, Divisadero, Webster, and Fell StreetsAlamo SquareLocal
Albion Brewery1870881 Innes AvenueBayviewLocal60
Alcazar Theater1917650 Geary StreetDowntownLocal195
Alhambra Theater19262320-2336 Polk StreetRussian HillLocal217
Alvinza Hayward Building1907400 Montgomery StreetFinancialLocal161
Archbishop’s Mansion19041000 Fulton StreetAlamo SquareLocal151
Atherton House18811990 California StreetPacific HeightsLocal70
Atkinson-Escher House18531032 BroadwayRussian HillLocal97
Audiffred Building18891-21 Mission StreetSouth BeachLocal7
Axford House18771190 Noe StreetNoe ValleyLocal133
Baker and Hamilton1904601 Townsend StreetSouth BeachLocal193
Balboa High School19341000 CayugaMissionLocal205
Bank of California1908400 California StreetFinancialLocal3
Bank of Lucas, Turner and Company1854800-804 Montgomery StreetJackson SquareLocal26
Bauer & Schweitzer Malting Company1908530-550 Chestnut StreetNorth BeachLocal129
Beach Chalet19251000 Great HighwayGolden Gate ParkLocal179
Belli Building1851722 Montgomery StreetJackson SquareLocal9
Beltline Railroad Roundhouse1918Embarcadero At Sansome and LombardEmbarcaderoLocal114
Blackstone Court District1885Bounded by Lombard, Franklin, Gough, and GreenwichNorth BeachLocal
Borel and Company1908440 Montgomery StreetFinancialLocal109
Bourn Mansion18962550 Webster StreetPacific HeightsLocal38
Bransten House19041735 Franklin StreetPacific HeightsLocal126
Buich Building1909240 California StreetFinancialLocal145
Burr Mansion18751772 Vallejo StreetPacific HeightsLocal31
Bush Street Temple18951881 Bush StreetPacific HeightsLocal81
Bush Street-Cottage Row District1870Bounded by Bush, Webster, Fillmore, and Sutter StreetsPacific HeightsLocal
Cable Car Barn18871200 Mason StreetChinatownLocal43
Cadillac Hotel1908366-394 Eddy/300-324 LeavenworthTenderloinLocal176
California Hall1912625 Polk StreetTenderloinLocal174
Calvary Presbyterian Church19022501 Fillmore StreetPacific HeightsLocal103
Campfire Girls Building1929325 ArguelloRichmondLocal169
Carnegie Library Chinatown19141135 Powell StreetChinatownLocal235
Carnegie Library Mission 1916300 Bartlett StreetMissionLocal234
Carnegie Library Noe Valley 1916451 Jersey StreetNoe ValleyLocal259
Carnegie Library Presidio19213150 Sacramento StreetPacific HeightsLocal240
Carnegie Library Richmond1914351 9th AvenueRichmondLocal247
Carnegie Library Sunset19181305 18th AvenueSunsetLocal239
Casebolt House18652727 Pierce StreetPacific HeightsLocal51
Castro Camera1894573-575 Castro StreetEureka ValleyLocal227
Castro Theater1922429 Castro StreetEureka ValleyLocal100
Chambers Mansion18872220 Sacramento StreetPacific HeightsLocal119
Chambord Apartments19211298 Sacramento StreetNob HillLocal106
City Lights Bookstore1907261 ColumbusNorth BeachLocal228
Clarke Mansion1891250 Douglass StreetEureka ValleyLocal80
Clay Street Center1932940 Powell/965 ClayChinatownLocal122
Clunie House1897301 Lyon StreetHaight-AshburyLocal128
Coit Tower19331 Telegraph Hill BoulevardNorth BeachLocal165
Coleman House18951701 Franklin StreetPacific HeightsLocal54
Colombo Building19121-21 Columbus Ave. and 612-624 WashingtonJackson SquareLocal237
Columbarium18981 Loraine CourtLaurel HeightsLocal209
Columbus Savings Bank1904700 Montgomery StreetJackson SquareLocal212
Congregation B'nai David19083535 19th StreetMissionLocal118
Conservatory of Flowers1879Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate ParkLocal50
Crown Zellerbach Building1959523 Market StreetFinancialLocal183
Dietle House1878294 Page StreetHayes ValleyLocal48
Doggie Diner Sign1966Sloat Boulevard and 45th AvenueSunsetLocal254
Dogpatch District1867Bounded by Mariposa, Tubbs, 3rd, and IndianaDogpatchLocal
Don Lee Building19211000 Van Ness AvenueDowntownLocal152
Donaldina Cameron House1907920 Sacramento StreetChinatownLocal44
Doolan-Larson Residence and Storefronts19031500-1512 Haight Street and 557 Ashbury StreetHaight-AshburyLocal253
Dutch Windmill1903Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate ParkLocal147
Earthquake Refugee Shack19061227 24th AvenueSunsetLocal171
Edwards House18831366 Guerrero StreetNoe ValleyLocal189
El Capitan Theater and Hotel19282353 Mission StreetMissionLocal214
Ellinwood Residence18942799 PacificPacific HeightsLocal207
Engine Company No. 021909460 Bush StreetFinancialLocal143
Engine Company No. 0819171648 Pacific AvenuePacific HeightsLocal188
Engine Company No. 09 and Fireboat Company No. 11915Embarcadero At Harrison (Pier 22 1/2)South BeachLocal225
Engine Company No. 2118931152 Oak StreetHaight-AshburyLocal89
Engine Company No. 2218981348 10th AvenueSunsetLocal29
Engine Company No. 2318933022 Washington StreetPacific HeightsLocal93
Engine Company No. 31 19081088 Green StreetRussian HillLocal220
Engine Company No. 3719182501 25th StreetMissionLocal187
Fairmont Hotel1906950 Mason StreetNob HillLocal185
Fallon Building18941800-1806 Market StreetHayes ValleyLocal223
Family Service Agency19281010 Gough StreetWestern AdditionLocal111
Federal Reserve Bank1924400 Sansome StreetFinancialLocal158
Ferry Building1898Embarcadero At Market StreetEmbarcaderoLocal90
Feusier Octagon House18581067 Green StreetRussian HillLocal36
Filbert Cottages19071338 FilbertRussian HillLocal232
First Congregational Church1915432 Mason StreetDowntownLocal177
First Unitarian Church18891187 Franklin StreetWestern AdditionLocal40
Flatiron Building1913540-548 Market StreetFinancialLocal155
Flood Building1904870-898 MarketDowntownLocal154
Flood Mansion18861000 California StreetNob HillLocal64
Francis Scott Key Monument1888Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate ParkLocal96
Fugazi Bank Building19094 ColumbusJackson SquareLocal52
Garcia & Maggini Warehouse1913128 King StreetSouth BeachLocal229
Garfield Building938-942 Market StreetFinancialLocal244
Gaylord Hotel1929620 Jones StreetDowntownLocal159
Geary Theater1910415 Geary StreetDowntownLocal82
Genella Building1854728-730 MontgomeryJackson SquareLocal10
Geneva Car Barn19012301 San Jose AvenueMissionLocal180
Ghirardelli Annex1873407 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal16
Ghirardelli Building1853415-431 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal15
Ghirardelli Square1859900 North Point StreetRussian HillLocal30
Gibbs House18952622 Jackson StreetPacific HeightsLocal203
Glazer-Keating House19061110 Taylor StreetNob HillLocal251
Golden Era Building1852732 Montgomery StreetJackson SquareLocal19
Golden Gate Bridge1937California Highway 1SF BayLocal222
Golden Triangle Light Standards1918Bounded by Market and Sutter StreetsFinancialLocal233
Goodman Building18691117 Geary BoulevardDowntownLocal71
Grace Cathedral Close19141051 Taylor StreetNob HillLocal170
Green Apothecary1889500-502 DivisaderoAlamo SquareLocal182
Grogan-Lent-Atherton Building1858400 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal27
Haas-Lilienthal House18862007 Franklin StreetPacific HeightsLocal69
Hallidie Building1917130 Sutter StreetFinancialLocal37
Hammersmith Building1907301-303 Sutter StreetFinancialLocal117
Hanson House1907126 27th AvenueRichmondLocal196
Haslett Warehouse1909680 Beach StreetNorth BeachLocal59
Havens Mansion18841381 South Van NessMissionLocal125
Health Sciences Library19122395 Sacramento StreetPacific HeightsLocal115
Hibernia Bank18921 Jones StreetTenderloinLocal130
High School of Commerce1910135 Van Ness AvenueCivic CenterLocal140
Hills Bros. Coffee Plant19262 Harrison StreetSouth BeachLocal157
Hinkel House1885280 DivisaderoHayes ValleyLocal190
Hoadley House18582908-2910 Bush StreetPacific HeightsLocal216
Hobart Building1914582-592 Market StreetFinancialLocal162
Hoffman Grill Building1913619 Market StreetFinancialLocal144
Home Telephone Company1908333 Grant AvenueFinancialLocal141
Hotaling Annex East1860445 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal13
Hotaling Annex West1860463-473 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal20
Hotaling Building1866451 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal12
Hotaling Stables186032-42 HotalingJackson SquareLocal11
House of the Flag18601652-1656 Taylor StreetRussian HillLocal46
Howard and 26th Street Cottages19051487-1499 South Van Ness; 3274-3294 26th Street; 84-96 VirgilMissionLocal206
Independent Wood Company19071105 Battery StreetNorth BeachLocal104
Infant Shelter19281201 Ortega StreetSunsetLocal242
Irving Murray Scott School18951060 Tennessee StreetDogpatchLocal138
Italian American Bank1907460 Montgomery StreetFinancialLocal110
Italian Swiss Colony Warehouse19031265 Battery StreetNorth BeachLocal102
Jack’s Restaurant1907615 Sacramento StreetFinancialLocal146
Jackson Brewing Company19071475-1489 Folsom/ 301-333 11th StreetSOMALocal199
Jackson Square Historic District1851Bounded by Broadway, Sansome Street, Washington Street, and Columbus AvenueJackson SquareLocal
James Lick Baths1890165 Tenth StreetSOMALocal246
Jessie Street Substation1881220 JessieSOMALocal87
Jose Theater / NAMES Project19102362 Market StreetEureka ValleyLocal241
Julius Castle19231541 Montgomery StreetNorth BeachLocal121
Juvenile Court and Detention Home1916150 Otis StreetMissionLocal248
Kerrigan House1905893 Wisconsin StreetPotrero HillLocal148
Kershaw House1871845 Guerrero StreetEureka ValleyLocal136
Klockars' Blacksmith Shop1912443 Folsom StreetSouth BeachLocal149
Koshland House19043800 Washington StreetPresidio HeightsLocal95
Laguna Honda Station1916390 Laguna Honda BoulevardLocal231
Lawn Bowling Clubhouse and Greens1915Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate ParkLocal181
Leale House18602475 PacificPacific HeightsLocal45
Leonard House191190 Cedro AvenueIngleside TerraceLocal213
Lewis House18924143 23rd StreetNoe ValleyLocal186
Liberty-Hill District1867Bounded by 20th, Mission, Dolores, and 22nd StreetsMissionLocal
Lilienthal-Pratt House18761820 California StreetPacific HeightsLocal55
Lotta Crabtree Fountain1875Market, Geary, KearnyFinancialLocal73
Macedonia Baptist Church19052135 Sutter StreetPacific HeightsLocal202
Marina Branch of Appleton & Wolfard Libraries19531890 Chestnut StreetMarinaLocal262
Mark Hopkins Hotel1926850 Mason/1 Nob HillNob HillLocal184
Market Street Railway Substation19021190 Fillmore StreetWestern AdditionLocal105
McCormick House19024040-4042 17th StreetEureka ValleyLocal208
McElroy Octagon House18612645 Gough StreetCow HollowLocal17
McLaren Lodge1896Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate ParkLocal175
McMorry-Lagan Residence1883188-198 Haight StreetHayes ValleyLocal164
McMullen House1881827 Guerrero StreetEureka ValleyLocal123
Mechanics Institute190957-65 Post StreetFinancialLocal134
Medico-Dental Building1861441 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal14
Metro Theater19242055 Union StreetCow HollowLocal261
Metropolitan Life Building1909600 Stockton StreetNob HillLocal167
Miller-Joost House18673224 Market StreetEureka ValleyLocal79
Mills Building and Tower1890220 Montgomery Street and 220 Bush StreetFinancialLocal76
Mish House18851153 Oak StreetHaight-AshburyLocal62
Mission Dolores1782320 Dolores StreetMissionLocal1
Mission High School19253750 18th StreetMissionLocal255
Morris Building1949140 Maiden LaneDowntownLocal72
Moulinie Building1852458-460 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal25
Mount Davidson Monument1934Mount DavidsonMiraloma ParkLocal219
Murphy Windmill1905Martin Luther King, Jr. DriveGolden Gate ParkLocal210
Music Concourse1896Tea Garden DriveGolden Gate ParkLocal249
National Guard Armory19141800 Mission StreetMissionLocal108
New Mission Theater19162550 Mission StreetMissionLocal245
Nightingale House1882201 Buchanan StreetHayes ValleyLocal47
North End Police Station19122475 Greenwich StreetMarinaLocal218
Northeast Waterfront District1849Bounded by Greenwich Street, Embarcadero, Montgomery Street, and BroadwayNorth BeachLocal
Notre Dame des Victoires Church1913564-566 Bush StreetFinancialLocal173
Notre Dame School1907347 Dolores StreetMissionLocal137
Oakley Residence1886200-202 Fair OaksNoe ValleyLocal192
Old Chronicle Building1890690 Market StreetFinancialLocal243
Old Holy Virgin Russian Orthodox Church1880858-864 Fulton StreetAlamo SquareLocal28
Old Saint Mary’s Church1909660 California StreetFinancialLocal2
Old Spaghetti Factory1908478 Green StreetNorth BeachLocal127
Old St. Patrick’s Church18541820 Eddy StreetWestern AdditionLocal6
Old United States Mint18695th and Mission StreetsSOMALocal236
Oriental Warehouse1868650 Delancey StreetSouth BeachLocal101
Orpheum Theater19261192 Market StreetCivic CenterLocal94
Ortman-Shumate House18701901 ScottPacific HeightsLocal98
Our Lady of Guadalupe Church1912906 BroadwayRussian HillLocal204
Packard Showroom1927901 Van Ness AvenueDowntownLocal153
Palace Hotel Garden Court19062 New Montgomery StreetFinancialLocal18
Palace of Fine Arts19153301 Lyon StreetMarinaLocal88
Park Emergency Aid Station1902811 Stanyan StreetGolden Gate ParkLocal201
Path of Gold Light Standards19081-2470 Market StreetFinancialLocal200
Pelican Paper Company1855915 Front StreetNorth BeachLocal92
PG&E Substation J1914565 Commercial StreetFinancialLocal142
Phelan Building1908760-784 Market StreetFinancialLocal156
Phelps House18501111 Oak StreetHaight-AshburyLocal32
Potrero Hill Neighborhood House1922953 DeHaro StreetPotrero HillLocal86
Queen House18952212 Sacramento StreetPacific HeightsLocal198
Quinn House18751562 McKinnonBayviewLocal63
Richardson Hall192555 Laguna StreetHayes ValleyLocal256
Rincon Annex Post Office1940101-199 Mission StreetSouth BeachLocal107
Roos House19093500 Jackson StreetPresidio HeightsLocal56
Rothschild House1880964 Eddy StreetWestern AdditionLocal112
Royal Insurance Building1907201 Sansome StreetFinancialLocal160
Saint Boniface Church1902133 Golden GateTenderloinLocal172
Saint Brigid Church19022151 Van Ness AvenueVan NessLocal252
Saint Charles School18883250 18th StreetMissionLocal139
Saint Francis Lutheran Church1906152 Church StreetDuboce TriangleLocal39
Saint Francis of Assisi Church1913610 Vallejo StreetNorth BeachLocal5
Saint John’s Presbyterian Church190525 Lake StreetPresidio HeightsLocal83
Saint Joseph’s Church19131401 Howard StreetSOMALocal120
Saint Mark’s Lutheran Church18951135 O’Farrell StreetWestern AdditionLocal41
Saint Patrick’s Church1872756 Mission StreetSOMALocal4
Saint Paulus Lutheran Church1893999 Eddy StreetWestern AdditionLocal116
Sam Jordan's Bar19594004-4006 Third StreetBayviewLocal263
Samuels Clock1915Sidewalk At 856 Market StreetFinancialLocal77
San Francisco Art Institute1926800 Chestnut StreetRussian HillLocal85
San Francisco City Hall1915400 Van Ness AvenueCivic CenterLocal21
San Francisco Civic Center1915Bounded by Van Ness, Market, Golden Gate,7th StreetCivic CenterLocal
San Francisco Gas Light Company18933640 Buchanan StreetMarinaLocal58
San Francisco Labor Temple19142926-2948 16th StreetMissionLocal238
San Francisco Mining Exchange1923350 Bush StreetFinancialLocal113
San Francisco Women’s Building19103543-18th StreetMissionLocal178
Savings Union Bank19101 Grant AvenueDowntownLocal132
Schoenstein Organ Factory19283101 20th StreetMissionLocal99
Schubert Hall19052099 PacificPacific HeightsLocal224
Sentinel Building1907916-920 Kearny StreetNorth BeachLocal33
Sharon Building1888Golden Gate ParkGolden Gate ParkLocal124
Sharon Building191239-63 New Montgomery StreetFinancialLocal163
Sheet Metal Workers Union Hall1906224-226 Guerrero StreetMissionLocal150
Sherman House18772160 Green StreetCow HollowLocal49
Shipwright's Cottage900 Innes AvenueBayviewLocal250
Shriners' Hospital19231601 19th AvenueSunsetLocal221
Solari Building East1852470 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal22
Solari Building West1852472 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal23
South End District1867Bounded by Stillman, First, Ritch, and King StreetsSouth BeachLocal
South San Francisco Opera House18881601 NewcombBayviewLocal8
Southern Pacific Hospital19081400 Fell StreetHaight-AshburyLocal191
Spreckels Mansion19132080 Washington StreetPacific HeightsLocal197
Stadtmuller House1880819 Eddy StreetWestern AdditionLocal35
Stanyan Residence18542006 Bush StreetPacific HeightsLocal66
Stone House18861348 South Van NessMissionLocal74
Sullivan Memorial Fire Chief’s Home1922870 Bush StreetDowntownLocal42
Sunnyside Conservatory1897236 Monterey Blvd.SunnysideLocal78
Sylvester House18701556 RevereBayviewLocal61
Talbot-Dutton House18751782 PacificPacific HeightsLocal57
Tanforan Cottage 11853214 Dolores StreetMissionLocal67
Tanforan Cottage 21854220 Dolores StreetMissionLocal68
Telegraph Hill District1849Bounded by Greenwich, Sansome, Montgomery, and Green StreetsNorth BeachLocal
Third Street Bridge1932Third Street over Mission CreekSouth BeachLocal194
Tobin House 19151969 California StreetLocal260
Trinidad Bean & Elevator Company1855855 Front StreetNorth BeachLocal91
Trinity Episcopal Church18931668 Bush StreetPacific HeightsLocal65
Trinity Presbyterian Church18923261 23rd StreetMissionLocal166
Twin Peaks Tavern1972401 Castro StreetEureka ValleyLocal264
Union Trust Bank1910744 Market StreetFinancialLocal131
United States Mint & Subtreasury1854608 Commercial StreetFinancialLocal34
Vale House18852226 California StreetPacific HeightsLocal168
Victoria Theater19082961 16th StreetMissionLocal215
Walker House18782066 Pine StreetPacific HeightsLocal211
War Memorial Complex1932301 Van Ness and 401 Van NessCivic CenterLocal84
Washington Square Park1850Stockton, Filbert, Columbus, UnionNorth BeachLocal226
Webster Street District1878Bounded by Jackson, Buchanan, Fillmore, and Clay StreetsPacific HeightsLocal
Westerfeld House18891198 Fulton StreetAlamo SquareLocal135
Whittier Mansion18942090 Jackson StreetPacific HeightsLocal75
Woods Hall1927Haight and Buchanan Streets Hayes ValleyLocal257
Woods Hall AnnexHaight Street Between Laguna and Buchanan Hayes ValleyLocal258
Wormser-Coleman House18761834 California StreetPacific HeightsLocal53
Yeon Building1855432 Jackson StreetJackson SquareLocal24