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Engine Company No. 7 25 January 2012
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Engine Company No. 7
3160 16th Street
Built 1908

The current building is the third firehouse on this site.

The Young America Engine Company, with their hand drawn apparatus, occupied the first firehouse, built here in 1854. In 1868, Engine Company No. 7, with a modern horse-drawn steam engine, was stationed here.

The second firehouse was destroyed by the 1906 Fire and replaced in 1908 by the firehouse which is still with us.

In 1968, Engine Company No. 7 moved to new quarters in Diamond Heights, and the City & County sold the firehouse at public auction.

It has housed several different businesses since being decommissioned. Today it is home to the Kilowatt Bar, where the ghosts of many firemen are no doubt happily at home.

Most vintage firehouses in San Francisco are immediately identifiable, but I had passed this building hundreds of times without realizing that it was once a firehouse, probably because the main carriage door has been reduced in size and the hose tower at the rear of the building on Albion Street is easily missed from 16th Street.

Vintage San Francisco Firehouses is the definitive Web guide to San Francisco firehouses, both vintage and modern.

Map of vintage firehouses in San Francisco.

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