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San Francisco Landmark #191: Southern Pacific Hospital 23 June 2003
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San Francisco Landmark #191
Southern Pacific Hospital
1400 Fell Street Between Baker and Lyon
Built 1908

The Southern Pacific Hospital, constructed in 1908, is the oldest, intact hospital complex in San Francisco.

The Beaux Arts Classical complex was designed by Daniel J. Patterson, an architect associated with the Southern Pacific Company.

The Southern Pacific Hospital complex as a whole architecturally achieves a value greater than the sum of its parts. Historically, this d significance is matched by the association of the complex with the Southern Pacific Railroad, a patent force inthe development of California, the West, and the nation. Further, the significance of the complex is underscored in the unique opportunity it presents to visually experience early medical views as translated into hospital design. No other complex in San Francisco presents as complete a view of early hospitals.

(Source: San Francisco Landmarks Preservation Advisory Board Final Case Report Approved 6 July 1988)

The Southern Pacific Company Hospital closed in 1967 and the buildings continued to be used as the Harkness Hospital until 1974.

The complex is National Register Historic District #89000319.

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