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National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #86000729: Market Street Theatre and Loft District 12 March 2004
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National Register #86000729
Market Street Theatre and Loft District
982-1112 Market Street
973-1105 Market Street
1 Jones Street
1-35 Taylor Street
Built 1889-1930

The Market Street Theatre and Loft District is comprised of 131 acres containing twenty contributing buildings and ten intrusions.

Contributing Buildings Sequenced By Address
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Name Year Address Remarks
Odd Fellows Hall Building19096-26 Seventh StreetG.A. Dodge, architect
Hibernia Bank Building (San Francisco Landmark 130)1889One Jones StreetPissis & Moore, architects
Kaplan's Building19081053-1055 Market StreetIntrusion. The current two-story building is all that remains of the 1908 Forrest Building, which was a fine seven-story loft building heavily damaged in a six-alarm arson fire on 4 January 1979.
Wilson Building1900973 Market StreetPercy & Polk, architects
Hale Brothers Department Store (National Register #86003492)1900979-989 Market StreetReid Brothers, architects
Loew's Warfield Theatre1921982-998 Market StreetG. Albert Lansburgh, architect
Building at 993 market Street1907993 Market StreetIntrusion. Stucco entirely replaces or conceals the building constructed in 1907.
David Hewes Building1908995 Market StreetIntrusion. Reid Brothers, architects. Modern cladding disguises the entire sixteen floors.
San Christian Building19131000-1016 Market StreetMiller & Colmesnil, architects
Delger Building19071001-1005 Market StreetHermann Barth, architect
Walker Building19111007-1009 Market StreetAttributed to Cunningham & Politeo
Building at 1011-1013 Market Street19081011-1013 Market StreetIntrusion. Repeatedly remodeled.
Eastern Outfitting Company Building19091017-10212 Market StreetMacDonald & Applegarth, architects
de Laveage Building19061023 Market StreetOtto F. Schiller, engineer
Panama Theatre19091025-1027 Market StreetIntrusion. Repeatedly remodeled.
Golden Gate Building19061028-1056 Market StreetShea & Shea, architects
Building at 1029 Market Street19101029 Market StreetIntrusion. Joined pair of two-story buildings. Cladding disguises any remains of the original buildings.
Weinstein's Department Store19071035-1045 Market StreetIntrusion. Three or four interconnected loft buildings completely covered in 1949 with grey porcelain enamel panels.
Sterling Building19071049 Market StreetReid Brothers, architects
Ede Building19101059-1061 Market StreetWilliam Knowles, architect
Globe Investment Company Building19091063 Market StreetPaff & Bauer, architects
Paramount Theatre Site1066 MarketIntrusion. The Paramount Theatre was demolished c1960.
Egyptian Theatre19241067-1071 Market StreetRousseau & Rousseau, architects
Prager's Department Store19101072-1098 Market StreetSylvain Schnaittacher, architect
Imperial Theatre19121075 Market StreetIntrusion. An addition and stucco conceal almost all the original fa├žade.
Federal Hotel19121083-1087 Market StreetWilliam Curlett & Son, architects
Building at 1089-1093 Market Street19201089-1093 Market StreetIntrusion. None of the original building is visible from the street. In 1923 it appears to have been a small public market with half a dozen different food concessions.
Grant Building19021095-1097 market StreetNewton Tharp, architect
Hotel Shaw19261100-1112 Market StreetH. A. Minton, architect
Golden Gate Theatre19211-35 Taylor StreetG. Albert Lansburgh, architect
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