California Historical Landmarks in San Francisco

California Historical Landmark 90
Site of Fort Gunnybags
243 Sacramento Street
Built 1856
Destroyed 1906

California Historical Landmark #90: Fort Gunnybags Site
26 June 2010
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Fort Gunnybags

Was situated on this spot
Headquarters of the Vigilante Committee during the year

California Historical Landmark #90: Fort Gunnybags Site
275 Sacramento Street
26 May 2008

Embarcadero Center Wall on the Waterfront
Embarcadero Center
26 May 2008
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It is easy to overlook the modest plaque on the side of the brick veneer building at 275 Sacramento Street in a block dominated by Building Two of the massive Embarcadero Center.

California Historical Landmark #90: Fort Gunnybags Site
Fort Gunnybags

California Historical Landmark #90: Fort Gunnybags Site
Execution of Brace and Heatherington
From Historic American Building Survey
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The Sacramento Block was built in the 1850's as a warehouse. In 1856, the San Francisco Vigilance Committee made it their headquarters and arsenal and fortified it with gunnysacks.

The Vigilance Committee erected a scaffold in Davis Street near Fort Gunnybags and executed Brace and Heatherington (alternately, Hetherington) on July 29, 1856, for unrelated murders.

The Sacramento Block warehouse was a simple, two-story Classical Revival building built of brick and stucco. The first floor had casement doors and the second floor had tall casement windows. Although the Sacramento Block building was destroyed in the Great Earthquake and Fire, surviving warehouses in the nearby Northeast Waterfront Historic District are similar to the lost building.

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