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National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

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National Register #83001230
Liberty Street Historic District
15-188 Liberty Street
Built 1867-1911

The Liberty Street Historic District is comprised of forty acres containing fifty-one residences of historic significance.


Contributing Buildings Sequenced By Address
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Name Year Address Remarks
Marsden Kershaw House. San Francisco Landmark 136.1871845 Guerrero StreetEarly Italianate built for coal dealer, Marsden Kershaw.
Mary E. Rottanzi House1902850-852 Guerrero StreetVernacular Classical Revival expansion of a two-story house by architect Charles J. Rousseau for the widow Rousseau. According to the National Register nomination, Rousseau was member of a "prolific but not profound family of architects." Can architecture be profound, I wonder?
Daniel W. Parkhurst House188915-17 Liberty StreetStick-Eastlake.
Joseph Schoder House187719-21 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Siamese Twin House187920-26 Liberty StreetItalianate.
John Kane House187723-25 Liberty StreetItalianate.
George B. Clifford189427-29 Liberty StreetQueen Anne.
Julius Krafft House189231-33 Liberty StreetQueen Anne.
Antonio Diaz Pena House187835-37 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Barnett Cottage188840-46 Liberty StreetThis Stick-Eastlake residence is probably one of two "cottages" built by Absalom J. Barnett for D.W. Parkhurst. The other cottage is next door at 50 Liberty Street.
Marshall Doane House186345 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Marshall Doane Rental House187049 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Barnett Cottage188850 Liberty StreetSee 40-46 Liberty Street.
David T. Bagley House187658 Liberty StreetItalianate house now divided into units.
Louis Knutsen House189553-55 Liberty StreetQueen Anne.
Caleb S. Hobbs House187270 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Edward Y. Bolles House190873-75 Liberty StreetVernacular Classical Revival.
Thomas H. Griffiths House187676 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Robert H. Wheeler House187277-79 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Eugene McCoy House191080-82 Liberty StreetVernacular Classical Revival.
Thomas McMahon House1865109 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Joseph Hutchinson House1886110 Liberty StreetStick Style cottage.
Thomas McMahon House1871111-115 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Augustus Kress House1884112 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Bishop House1870114 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Oscar F. Fincke House1896117-119 Liberty StreetQueen Anne/Classsical Revival.
1892120 Liberty StreetQueen Anne.
1893121 Liberty StreetQueen Anne.
William J. Pattosien House1895123 Liberty StreetQueen Anne.
Patrick Broderick House1871156 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Judge Daniel J. Murphy House1878159 Liberty StreetItalianate.
Hamilton Family House1910164-166 Liberty StreetVernacular Classical Revival.
Patrick H. Farley House1871168-170 Liberty StreetVernacular Classical and Mission Revivals (the rear of the house is 1871 and the front is 1911).
Mrs. Lincock House1885174-176 Liberty StreetStick-Eastlake.
Charles P. Bigelow House1871180 Liberty StreetCharles Bigelow, who was the first owner and possibly the builder of this Italainate house, was acive in the Bricklayer's Protective Association, and early trade union.
Robert McLellan House1885182 Liberty StreetJohn T. Kidd designed this Stick Style house for Robert McLellan who owned a spar making company. It was constructed by the carpenter A. Flood for $4,000. The fa├žade has been stuccoed and the entry has been remodeled.
Thomas V. O'Brien House1883186-188 Liberty StreetStick Style.
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