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National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

Perforated Copper Facade of de Young Museum Perforated Copper Façade of de Young Museum
Designed by Herzog & de Meuron
Photographed 1 February 2012
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National Register #04001137
Golden Gate Park Historic District
Bounded by Fulton, Stanyan, Fell, Oak, Lincoln Way and The Great Highway

Golden Gate Park contains thirty-seven contributing buildings, thirteen contributing structures, and thirty-six contributing objects. With an area of 10,170 acres, it the largest urban park in the United States.

Two buildings, the Conservatory of Flowers and the Beach Chalet, are individually listed on the National Register of Historic Places, and the Conservatory is also California Historical Landmark 841.

Ten structures are city landmarks:


Contributing Buildings Sequenced By Address
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Name Year Address Remarks
Sharon Building1888Children's QuartersSan Francisco Landmark #124
Carousel Building and Ticket Pavilion1889Children's Quarters
Carousel1941Children's Quarters
Sharon Meadow1870Children's Quarters1870's and 1880's
Children's Quarters Restroom1930Children's QuartersBuilt in 1930's
Foresters of America Memorial1927Children's Quarters
Conservatory of Flowers1878Conservatory ValleySan Francisco Landmark #50 and California Landmark #841 and National Register Listing #71000184
Conservatory Valley1872Conservatory Valley
Dahlia Garden1939Conservatory Valley
Arizona Garden1894Conservatory Valley
Tunnel Under Main Drive1890Conservatory Valley
Garfield Monument1885Conservatory Valley
McLaren Lodge1896Eastern ParkSan Francisco Landmark #175
Alvord Bridge1889Eastern ParkNational Historic Civil Engineering Landmark
Alvord Lake1882Eastern Park
Alvord Lake Restroom1930Eastern ParkBuilt in 1930's
Arguello Gate1915Eastern Park
Stanyon/Fulton Wall1902Eastern Park
Tennis Courts1901Eastern Park
Lawn Bowling Greens1901Eastern ParkBuilt 1901-1928
Lawn Bowling Clubhouse1915Eastern ParkSan Francisco Landmark #181
Halleck Monument1886Eastern Park
Baseball Player1891Eastern Park
Burns Monument1908Eastern Park
Father William D. McKinnon Monument1927Eastern Park
Brown Gate (Cougar and Bear)1908Eastern Park
Handball Courts1902Eastern ParkBuilt 1902-1937
Big Rec Baseball Grounds1893Eastern Park
Big Rec Restroom1930Eastern ParkBuilt in 1930's
Shakespeare Garden1928Eastern Park
Sunken MeadowEastern ParkDate unknown
Sunken Meadow Restroom1930Eastern ParkBuilt in 1930's
Horseshoe Courts1922Eastern ParkBuilt 1922-1937
Horseshoe Court Bas Relief1937Eastern Park
Horseshoe Courts Restroom1930Eastern ParkBuilt in 1930's
Peacock Meadow1895Eastern Park
Casino Meadow1896Eastern Park
Quarry Lake1902Eastern Park
Tree Fern Dell1939Eastern Park
Powell Street Railway Shelter1889Eastern Park
Rhododendron Dell1942Eastern Park
Heroes Redwood Grove1939Eastern Park
Gold Star Mothers Rock1932Eastern Park
Prayer Brook Cross1894Eastern Park
Rainbow Falls and Cascade1930Eastern Park
Doughboy1930John F Kennedy Drive
Doughboy Meadow1930John F Kennedy Drive
Kezar Pavilion1926Kezar Complex
Park Emergency Aid Station1902Kezar ComplexSan Francisco Landmark #201
Park Police Station1910Kezar Complex
Maintenance YardMaintenance Yard and NurseryThree contributing buildings and seven noncontributing buildings; construction dates unknown
Nursery1924Maintenance Yard and Nursery
GreenhousesMaintenance Yard and NurseryThe twelve greenhouses are noncontributing structures; construction dates unknown
Breon Gate (19th Avenue)1924Middle Park
Lloyd Lake1892Middle Park
Portals of the Past1909Middle Park
Speedway Meadow1907Middle Park
Marx Meadow1907Middle Park
Lindley Meadow1902Middle Park
Spreckels Lake1904Middle Park
Model Yacht Club1938Middle Park
Senior Center (Formerly Police Academy)1932Middle Park
Petanque Court1907Middle Park
Buffalo Paddock1900Middle Park
Dog Training Field1905Middle Park
Little Speedway MeadowMiddle ParkDate unknown
Metson Lake1906Middle Park
Mallard Lake1909Middle Park
Elk Glen Lake1935Middle ParkDate uncertain, probably 1935
Elk Glen MeadowMiddle ParkDate unknown
Mothers MeadowMiddle ParkDate unknown
Mothers Meadow Restroom1936Middle Park
North Lake1898Middle ParkOne of the Chain of Lakes
North Lake Restroom1930Middle ParkBuilt in 1930's
Middle Lake1898Middle ParkOne of the Chain of Lakes
South Lake1898Middle ParkOne of the Chain of Lakes
Music Concourse1900Music Concourse
Spreckels Temple of Music1900Music Concourse
Rideout Fountain1924Music Concourse
Page Fountains1914Music ConcourseTwo fountains
Phoebe Hearst Fountain1926Music Concourse
Pool of Enchantment1917Music ConcourseTwo bronze sculptures in a pool
Japanese Tea Garden1894Music Concourse
Japanese Tea Garden Structures1894Music ConcourseThe pagoda and tea house are contributing structures. The two gates are noncontributing. The structures were built between 1894 and 1916.
North Tunnel Under JFK Drive1897Music Concourse
Cervantes Memorial1916Music Concourse
Two Sphinxes1903Music Concourse
Grant Memorial1896Music Concourse
Bronze Sundial1907Music Concourse
Leonidas1884Music Concourse
Bronze Lion1906Music Concourse
Emmet Monument1919Music Concourse
Beethoven Monument1915Music Concourse
Giuseppi Verdi Monument1914Music Concourse
Goethe and Schiller Monument1901Music Concourse
Apple Cider Press1894Music Concourse
Francis Scott Key Monument1888Music ConcourseSan Francisco Landmark #96
Pershing Monument1922Music Concourse
Padre Junipero Serra Monument1907Music Concourse
Thomas Starr King Monument1892Music Concourse
McKinley Monument1904Panhandle
Panhandle restroom1930PanhandleBuilt in 1930's
Golden Gate Park Stadium (Polo Field)1906Polo Field and StablesBuilt 1906-1909
Golden Gate Park Stables1939Polo Field and StablesSix buildings
Park Police Stables1936Polo Field and Stables
Anglers' Lodge and Flycasting Pools1936Polo Field and Stables
Polo Field Restroom North1930Polo Field and Stables
Polo Field Restroom South1930Polo Field and Stables
Pioneer Log Cabin1911Stow Lake Drive
Pioneer Mother1914Stow Lake Drive
Stow Lake1893Stow Lake Area
Roman Bridge1893Stow Lake Area
Rustic Stone Bridge1893Stow Lake Area
Strybring Arboretum and Botanical Garden1937Strybring Arboretum
Archery Field1938Western Park
Dutch Windmill1902Western ParkSan Francisco Landmark #147
Queen Wilhelmina Tulip GardenWestern ParkDate unknown
Beach Chalet1902Western ParkSan Francisco Landmark #179; National Register Listing #81000172
Amundsen Monument1929Western Park
Murphy's Windmill1905Western ParkSan Francisco Landmark #210
Millwright's House1909Western ParkSan Francisco Landmark #210
Beach Chalet Soccer FieldsWestern ParkDate unknown
Beach Chalet Soccer Fields Restroom1930Western ParkBuilt in 1930's
Bercut Equitation FieldWestern ParkDate unknown
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