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National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #85002433: Army Port of Embarkation 26 April 2009
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National Register #85002433
Army Port of Embarkation
Fort Mason
Built 1940's

The San Francisco Port of Embarkation Historic District is comprised of 210 acres containing fourteen contributing buildings and five contributing structures.

During World War II, 1,600,000 American soldiers and 23.5 million tons of supplies embarked from these piers for the war in the Pacific.

Contributing Buildings Sequenced By Address
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Name Year Address Remarks
Port Headquarters BuildingFM-201
Entrance GateFM-301
Provost Marshall StationFM-302
Guard PostFM-303
Marine Repair ShopsFM-308
Fire StationFM-309
Pier ShedFM-317
Pier ShedFM-319
Pier ShedFM-321
Battery Charging StationFM-322
Lower Port Area
Railroad Tracks
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