National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

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National Register #87002286
Russian Hill Macondray Lane District
Roughly 900-982 Green
1918-1960 Jones
15-84 Macondray
1801-1809 Taylor
Russian Hill
Period of Significance: 1875-1949

The Russian Hill Macondray Lane District is comprised of sixteen acres containing twelve contributing buildings.


Name Year Address Remarks Sort Address Sort Name
Macondray Lane1859Macondray LaneThe lane appear as a right-of-way on an 1859 USGS map. The name "Macondray" dates from 1923 and honors San Francisco merchant Frederick W. Macondray. Macondray 0000Macondray Lane
Charles Lus Lewis House1922940 Green StreetDesigned by Palo Alto architect John K. Banner and considered by many to be his best work.Green 0940Charles Lus Lewis House
Augusta Meaburn House1907960 Green StreetDesigned by Arthur J. Laib for Augusta Meaburn who had lived on this site since 1890 and lost her home in the 1906 Fire.Green 0960Augusta Meaburn House
Edward A. Huber House1878982 Green StreetThe oldest house in the district. The National Register nomination notes that the house contributes to the district with "an important edge which states the themes of small treasures hidden in greenery, modest architecture and modest owners."Green 0982Edward A. Huber House
Peter Richter Flats19081918-1920 Jones StreetBuilt by Ratto Brothers Contarctors.Jones 1918Peter Richter Flats
Euphemia Bruns Flats19071950 Jones StreetJones 1950Euphemia Bruns Flats
Euphemia Bruns - William Middleton Cottage19071960 Jones StreetJones 1960Euphemia Bruns - William Middleton Cottage
Catherine Maloney - Giuseppe Cadenasso Flats189215-17 MacondrayMacondray 0015Catherine Maloney - Giuseppe Cadenasso Flats
Ryer's Apartments190858-66 MacondrayIn 1910, the tenants of this builder were a furniture carver, a milliner, a theater misician, a bookkeeper, a jeweler, and two electricians.Macondray 0058Ryer's Apartments
Charles Bovone House190868 MacondrayDesigned by Italain architect Louis Mastropasqua who also designed Julius' Castle.Macondray 0068Charles Bovone House
Mrs. Genevieve Allen Apartments193072 MacondrayMacondray 0072Mrs. Genevieve Allen Apartments
Luigi Demartini House18951809 TaylorTaylor 1809Luigi Demartini House
Edward Roland - Anita Whitney Cottage190774 MacondrayCharlotte Anita Whitney, one of the founders of the California Communist Party, lived here from 1927 to 1945. Her activities in support of the party led to her convistion under California's Criminal Syndicalism Act which prohibited "advocating, teaching, or aiding the commission of a crime." The United States Supreme Court upheld her conviction in the case Whitney vs. California and ruled that the Criminal Syndicalism Act violated neithe the 1st nor 14th Amendment. She was pardoned by California Governor Governor Clement Calhoun Young.Macondray 0074Edward Roland - Anita Whitney Cottage
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