National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

National Register #79000254: Tubbs Cordage Company Office Building 25 May 2008
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National Register #79000254
Tubbs Cordage Company Office Building
Hyde Street Pier
San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park
Built 1890

Tubbs Cordage Company, makers of maritime and mining rope, was founded in 1857 at Potrero Point. By 1889, it was one of the largest employers in the industrial Dogpatch neighborhood. The 1899 Sanborn Insurance Maps show the famous Tubbs Cordage Rope Walk, a covered pier over one thousand feet long that extended into San Francisco Bay allowing cordage workers to twist fiber strands into very long ropes.

After a more than a century in business, Tubbs Cordage ceased operations in 1962. Much of the rope making machinery was donated to the Maritime Museum, and the Tubbs Cordage Company Office Building was moved from Dogpatch to its present location on the Hyde Street Pier.

Aquatic Park and Vicinity

Hyde Street Pier Pier 45

Buildings that Moved

It's not just that the people of the American West are restless, the buildings themselves sometimes pack up and move when - for one reason or another - the neighborhood no longer suits them or the neighbors no longer want them or opportunity waits down the road.

And when buildings remain in place, they are often searching for their identities.

Probably the most ambitious relocation occurred on July 4th 1904, when the Southern Pacific Railroad loaded most of the town of Wadsworth, Nevada, onto rail cars and transported the town thirty miles west to create a new town which became known as Sparks.

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