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National Register of Historic Places in San Francisco

Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District: Pier 43 18 May 2006
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National Register #06000372
Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District
Pier 45 to Pier 48
The Embarcadero

The Port of San Francisco Embarcadero Historic District contains twenty-eight contributing buildings and nineteen contributing structures representing many architectural styles: Beaux Arts, Late Gothic Revival, Italian Renaissance, Mission/Spanish Colonial Revival, Late 19th and 20th Century Revivals, and utilitarian.

Piers are numbered beginning at the Ferry Building, with piers to the north having odd numbers and piers to the south having even numbers. If you sort the following list of contributing buildings and structures by address, the list will begin with Pier 45 north of the Ferry Building near Fisherman's Wharf and continue through Pier 48 south of the San Francisco Giants Ballpark.

Contributing Buildings Sequenced By Address
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Name Year Address Remarks
Seawall from Pier 45 to China Basin
Pier 45 and Bulkhead WharfPier 45 is the largest pier in the Embarcadero Historic District. It consists of a pier substructure on which four transit sheds are built. The substructure was built during 1926-1927 along with the Pier 45 Section of the bulkhead wharf, and the transit sheds, complete with their architectural fronts, were built in 1928-1929. Changes to Pier 45 since the period of significance include removal of rail spurs and demolition of the hoisting tower. The most substantial changes were made following the 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake, when the substructure was strengthened and walls were repaired.
Pier 43 (Car Ferry Headhouse)
Pier 35 and Bulkhead Wharf Section 2
Pier 33 and Bulkhead Wharf Section 2
Pier 31 and Bulkhead Wharf Section 3Pier 31 consists of a bulkhead wharf and a substructure for the transit shed, built in 1917; plus a transit shed and bulkhead building, built in 1918. The bulkhead building is exceptionally wide, and connects on its south end with the bulkhead building of Pier 29. Alterations to Pier 31 appear to have been minor.
Pier 29 and Bulkhead Wharf Section 3
Pier 29 Annex (Belt Railroad Building)
Bulkhead Wharf Section 4Between Pier 23 and 27
Pier 23
Bulkhead Wharf Section 5Between Pier 17 and Pier 19
Pier 17
Pier 15
Pier 9
Bulkhead Wharf Section 6Between Pier 5 and Pier 9
Pier 5
Bulkhead Wharf Section 7Between the Ferry Building and Pier 5
Pier 3 and Pier 1 1/2
Pier 1
Ferry Building and Bulkhead Wharf Section 8a
Agriculture Building and Bulkhead Wharf Section 8b
Bulkhead Wharf Section 8
Fire Station 35
Pier 24 Annex
Pier 26
Pier 26 Annex
Pier 28
Pier 28 1/2
Bulkhead Wharf Section 9Between Pier 28 and Pier 30
Bulkhead Wharf Section 10Between Pier 30 and Pier 32
Bulkhead Wharf Section 11aPiers 30-32
Bulkhead Wharf Section 11
Pier 36
Bulkhead Wharf Section 12Between Pier 36 and 38
Pier 38
Pier 40
Java House Restaurant
Pier 48
Seawall at Pier 48
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