Queen Anne (1880-1900)

Carson Mansion in Eureka, California Carson Mansion in Eureka, California
Built 1885
Architects Newsom & Newsom
Photographed 8 July 2007
National Register #85001914: Albert Wilford Houses in San Francisco Wilford Houses in San Francisco
Built 1890
Photographed 4 June 2010
National Register #80004274: Brougher Mansion in Carson City, Nevada Brougher Mansion in Carson City, Nevada
Built 1903-1904
Photographed 14 July 2008

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The Queen Anne style was the flamboyant culmination of the building styles today grouped as Victorian, particularly in San Francisco where any residence built between the Gold Rush of 1849 and the 1906 Earthquake and Fire is commonly called Victorian.

In addition to Queen Anne, these Victorian architectural styles include Second Empire, Gothic Revival, Italianate, Stick, Eastlake.

Distinctive Queen Anne features are:

  • asymmetrical facade
  • varied roof shapes with gables and overhanging eaves
  • dominant front-facing gable, often cantilevered out beyond the plane of the wall below
  • one or more round, square, or polygonal towers
  • shaped and Dutch gables
  • a porch covering part or all of the front facade, including the primary entrance area
  • a second-story porch or balconies
  • pedimented porches
  • a variety of siding types: horizontal board, wood shingles shaped into varying designs such as diamonds and fish scales, terra cotta tiles, patterned relief panels
  • dentils
  • classical columns
  • spindle work: finials atop roof crests, sunbursts decorating window tops and porch frieze, and turned posts and balusters
  • oriel and bay windows
  • horizontal bands of leaded windows
  • monumental chimneys
  • painted balustrades
  • wooden or slate roofs


Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Ahlf House1902762 Northwest 6th StreetGrants Pass, OR Street 06 NW 0762Ahlf House
Anderson House1911719 Second Avenue Gold Hill, OR Avenue 02 0719Anderson House
Andrews House1892741 Seminary StreetNapaSeminary 0741Andrews House
Auburn Fire House No. 11888El Dorado Street and Lincoln WayAuburnEl DoradoAuburn Fire House No. 1
August Palmtag Building 1893214 F Street Eureka Street F 0214August Palmtag Building
Baldwin House1890229 South 1200 East Salt Lake City Street 1200Baldwin House
Barclay-Klum House 18881023 East Main StreetAshland, ORMain E 1023Barclay-Klum House
Belden House18892004-2010 Gough StreetSan FranciscoGough 2004Belden House
Black House1900418 Pajaro StreetSalinasPajaro 0418Black House
Brewster-Dutra House18901803 Vine StreetPaso RoblesVine 1803Brewster-Dutra House
Brougher Mansion1904204 West Spear StreetCarson City, NVSpear W 0204Brougher Mansion
Brown House1904274 South Main Street Riddle, ORMain S 0274Brown House
Buck House1904581 Pine AvenuePacific GrovePine 0581Buck House
Buck House 1892301 Buck AvenueVacavilleBuck 030Buck House
Burke House190836 Steward StreetRenoSteward 0036Burke House
Call-Booth House18931315 Vine StreetPaso RoblesVine 1315Call-Booth House
Carson House1889202 M StreetEureka Street M 0202Carson House
Carson Mansion1885143 M StreetEureka M 143Carson Mansion
Carter House1886505 Siskiyou BoulevardAshland, ORSiskiyou 0505Carter House
Carter House188891 Gresham Street Ashland, ORGresham 0091Carter House
Chambers Mansion18872220 Sacramento StreetSan FranciscoSacramento 2220Chambers Mansion
Chavner Family House 189212162 Blackwell RoadGold Hill, ORBlackwellChavner Family House
Clarke Mansion1891250 Douglass StreetSan FranciscoDouglass 0250Clarke Mansion
Clunie House1897301 Lyon StreetSan FranciscoLyon 0301Clunie House
Cnopius House 1896726 College Avenue Santa Rosa College 0726Cnopius House
Cohn House1890305 Scott StreetFolsomScott 0305 Cohn House
Coleman House18951701 Franklin StreetSan FranciscoFranklin 1701Coleman House
Combellack-Blair House18953059 Cedar Ravine PlacervilleCedar RavineCombellack-Blair House
Cottrell House19021228 C StreetEureka Street C 1228Cottrell House
Downing House1894706 Cowper StreetPalo AltoCowper 0706Downing House
Eagle House1887139 2nd StreetEureka Street 02 0139Eagle House
Eddings-Provost House 1889364 Vista Street Ashland, ORVista 0364Eddings-Provost House
Einstein House1894584 Page StreetSan FranciscoPage 0584Einstein House
Faber House1910445 Manzanita StreetCentral Point, ORManzanita 0445Faber House
Fernando Nelson House1905610 Waller StreetSan FranciscoWaller 0601Fernando Nelson House
Fetzner House 1894314 Northeast Fetzner Street Grants Pass, ORFetznerFetzner House
Flanagan House1905720 Northwest 6th Street Grants Pass, OR Street 06 NW 0720Flanagan House
Flanagan House 1900720 Northwest 6th Street Grants Pass, OR Street 06 NW 0720Flanagan House
Francovich House1899557 Washington StreetRenoWashington 0557Francovich House
Geneva Office Building and Power House19012301 San Jose AvenueSan FranciscoSan Jose 2301Geneva Office Building and Power House
Goeller House1900234 Riverside DriveKlamath Falls, ORRiverside 0234Goeller House
Golden Gate Villa1891924 3rd Street Santa Cruz Street 23 0924Golden Gate Villa
Goodman House1891492 Randolph Street NapaRandolph 0492Goodman House
Gosby House Inn1887643 Lighthouse AvenuePacific GroveLighthouse 0643Gosby House Inn
Gray House1911457 Court StreetReno, NVCourt 0457Gray House
Haas-Lilienthal House 18862007 Franklin StreetSan FranciscoFranklin 2007Haas-Lilienthal House
Hanlon-Osbakken House1892419 Lincoln Street SitkaLincoln 419Hanlon-Osbakken House
Harlocker House189118 South Collier Street Coquille, OregonCollier 0018Harlocker House
Harmon House1908211 South 200 EastPrice, UT Street 200 E S 0211Harmon House
Held-Poage House 1903603 West Perkins StreetUkiahPerkins W 0603Held-Poage House
Herman Winters House18902324 and 2326 H StreetSacramento Street H 2324Herman Winters House
Holloway House19037539 Eigleberry Street GilroyEigleberry 7539Holloway House
Hughes House1898Cape Blanco HighwayCape Blanco State Park, ORCape Blanco HighwayHughes House
Hutton House189613777 Fruitvale Avenue SaratogaFruitvale 13777Hutton House
Hyde House1886500 South Court StreetVisaliaCourt S 0500Hyde House
Kaehler-Rector Home1891408 West 25th StreetMerced Street 25 0408Kaehler-Rector Home
Kreuzer Ranch1890167 Kreuzer LaneNapaKreuzer 0167Kreuzer Ranch
Krough House1900146 Central AvenueSalinasCentral 0146Krough House
Lais House18961301 H Street Sacramento Street H 1301Lais House
Larsen Family House190484 State StreetWillitsState 0084Larsen Family House
Lee House1894128 East Beach StreetWatsonvilleBeach E 0128Lee House
Leggett (T.H.) House1884352 West 22nd StreetMerced Street 22 0352Leggett (T.H.) House
Leggett (Thomas) House1890346 West 21st StreetMerced Street 21 0346Leggett (Thomas) House
Lewis House18924143 23rd StreetSan Francisco Street 023 4143Lewis House
Lucas House and Rose House189859 and 77 Sixth Street Ashland, OR Street06 0059Lucas House and Rose House
Lumsden House1901727 Mendocino Avenue Santa Rosa Mendocino 0727Lumsden House
Manasse Mansion1886443 Brown StreetNapaBrown 0442Manasse Mansion
McLean House 1890724 Northwest 4th StreetGrants Pass, OR Street 04 NW 0724McLean House
McMullen House1881827 Guerrero StreetSan FranciscoGuerrero 0827McMullen House
Migliavacca Mansion18901475 Fourth Street Napa Street 04 1475Migliavacca Mansion
Nevada-California-Oregon Railway Depot1908East and 3rd Streets AlturasEastNevada-California-Oregon Railway Depot
Nortonia Boarding House1900150 Ridge StreetReno, NVRidge 0150Nortonia Boarding House
Paulson House190686 North Dean StreetCoquille, OregonDeanPaulson House
Payne Residence18811409 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoSutter 1409Payne Residence
Pedigrift House 1889407 Scenic DriveAshland, ORScenic 0407Pedigrift House
Pinschower House1901302 North Main Street CloverdaleMain N 0302Pinschower House
Porter-Vallejo Mansion187429 Bishop StreetPajaroBishop 0029Porter-Vallejo Mansion
Pythian Castle18851100 H Street Arcata Street H 1100Pythian Castle
Redman House18971635 West Beach StreetWatsonville Beach W 1635Redman House
Residence19042214 Clay StreetSan FranciscoClay 2214Residence
Richie Block18921335 Main StreetSt. HelenaMain 1335Richie Block
Roma Bakery1911655 Almaden AvenueSan JoseAlmaden 0655Roma Bakery
Ruhstaller Building1899900 J StreetSacramento Street J 0900Ruhstaller Building
Sherwood House1901257 East Main Street Coquille, OregonMain N 0302Sherwood House
Shipsey House18941266 Mill Street San Luis ObispoMill 1266Shipsey House
Shone-Charley House1895305 North Grape StreetMedford, ORGrape N 0305Shone-Charley House
Silsby House1896111 North Third Street Ashland, OR Street 03 N 0111Silsby House
Simpson-Vance House1892904 G Street Eureka Street G 0904Simpson-Vance House
Snyder House1895247 West Saint Charles StreetSan AndreasSaint CharlesSnyder House
Spencer House18951080 Haight Street San FranciscoHaight 1080Spencer House
Steinbeck House1897132 Central Avenue SalinasCentral 0132Steinbeck House
Stone House1888902 Fourteenth StreetArcata Street 14 0902Stone House
Stone House18861348 South Van Ness AvenueSan FranciscoSouth Van Ness 1348Stone House
Strout House1903253 Florence AvenueSebastopolFlorence 0253Strout House
Sweed House1892301 Keokuk StreetPetalumaKeokuk 0301Sweed House
Sweet House1886607 Cherry StreetSanta Rosa Cherry 0607Sweet House
Tretheway Block 1892229 East Weber StreetStocktonWeber E 0229Tretheway Block
Trimmer Hill1893230 6th StreetPacific Grove0000 Street 06 0230Trimmer Hill
Tyson House1904242 West Liberty StreetReno, NVLiberty W 0242Tyson House
Union Oil Company18901003 East Main StreetSanta PaulaMain 1003Union Oil Company
Upson House1902937 Jones StreetReno, NVJones 0937Upson House
Weeks House1898333 Boronda RoadSalinasBoronda 0333Weeks House
Whelan House18961315 Waller StreetSan FranciscoWaller 1315Whelan House
Whited House1898321 North Main Street Ashland, ORMain N 0321Whited House
Wilford Houses18902121 and 2127 Vallejo StreetSan FranciscoVallejo 2121Wilford Houses
Wood House1877143 Nebraska Avenue ModestoNebraska 0143Wood House
Zanone House19081604 G StreetEureka Street G 1604Zanone House

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