National Register of Historic Places in Jackson County

National Register #90000835: Barclay-Klum House in Ashland 22 February 2011
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National Register #90000835
Barclay-Klum House
1023 East Main Street
Built 1888

The Barclay-KLum House is the best preserved example of a suburban Queen Anne cottage in Ashland. It is also noteworthy for its association with the orchard industry,

The house was built in 1888 as the suburban orchard house of Richard S. Barclay. It was acquired by prominent Ashland man of affairs Charles K. KLum in 1894 and eventually was hemmed in by later development.

The most distinguishing marks of the house are its three pedimented gables and array of what may be catalog-ordered fancy cut-out Eastlake ornamentation. The exterior is clad with both vertical and horizontal shiplap. Scalloped shingles enclose gable ends. Other mass-produced decorative elements are the jigsawn brackets atop elaborately turned porch posts and at each right angle turning of the boxed cornice.

Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1990.

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