Stick Style (1860-1890)

San Francisco Landmark #192: Oakley Residence Oakley Residence in San Francisco
Built 1886
Architects Townsend & Wyneken
Photographed 29 May 2003
National Register #74000511: First and F Street Building in Eureka, California First and F Street Building in Eureka
Built 1893
Photographed 7 July 2007
National Register #78000777: Villa Mira Monte in Morgan Hill Villa Mira Monte in Morgan Hill
Built 1846
Photographed 2 October 2011
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The stick style, a transition from from Gothic Revival to Queen Anne, is one of several architectural styles that today are called Victorian. The other styles are:

In California, stick style buildings are often called Stick-Eastlake even if they lack distinctive Eastlake details.

The style is chiefly characterized by decorative stick work which mimics structural components and is often reminescent of half-timbered houses.

Distinctive features are:

  • overhanging eaves with embellished truss
  • siding and stick work applied in various directions: horizontal, vertical, diagonal
  • corner boards with extended brackets
  • squared bay windows
  • false gable
  • false mansard roof
  • wide band of trim under cornice
  • sunbursts in gables
  • Eastlake trim
  • vertical trim at sides of windows


Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Axford House18771190 Noe StreetSan FranciscoNoe 1190Axford House
Baker House1895701 Western Avenue Medford, ORWestern 0701Baker House
Campbell House188894 Bush StreetAshland, ORBush 0094Campbell House
Carson Mansion1885143 M StreetEureka M 143Carson Mansion
Carter House188891 Gresham Street Ashland, ORGresham 0091Carter House
Colfax Freight Depot18801-4 Main Street ColfaxMain 0001Colfax Freight Depot
Combellack-Blair House18953059 Cedar Ravine PlacervilleCedar RavineCombellack-Blair House
Dietle House1878294 Page StreetSan FranciscoPage 0294Dietle House
Eagle House1887139 2nd StreetEureka Street 02 0139Eagle House
First and F Street Building1893112 F Street Eureka Street F 0112First and F Street Building
Goleta Depot1901300 North Los Carneros Road GoletaLos CarnerosGoleta Depot
Gosby House Inn1887643 Lighthouse AvenuePacific GroveLighthouse 0643Gosby House Inn
Hennessey House18891727 Main StreetNapaMain 1727Hennessey House
Hinds House1888529 Chestnut StreetSanta CruzChestnut 0529Hinds House
House at 1321 Scott Street18851321 Scott StreetSan FranciscoScott 1321House at 1321 Scott Street
House at 1331-1335 Scott Street 18881331-1335 Scott StreetSan FranciscoScott 1331House at 1331-1335 Scott Street
Leggett House1890346 West 21st StreetMerced Street 21 0346Leggett House
Lilienthal-Pratt House18761820 California StreetSan FranciscoCalifornia 1820Lilienthal-Pratt House
McDonald Mansion 18761015 McDonald Avenue Santa RosaMcDonald 1015McDonald Mansion
Menlo Park Railroad18671100 Merrill Avenue Menlo ParkMerrill 1100Menlo Park Railroad
Oakley Residence 1886200-202 Fair Oaks StreetSan FranciscoFair Oaks 0200Oakley Residence
Payne Residence18811409 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoSutter 1409Payne Residence
Pelton House1894228 B Street Ashland, OR Street B 0228Pelton House
Ricks House1885730 H Street Eureka Street H 0730Ricks House
Robinson House1888363 Ocean StreetSanta CruzOceanRobinson House
Rogue Elk Hotel191627390 Highway 62TrailHighway 0062 27390Rogue Elk Hotel
Roper House188635 South Second Street Ashland, OR Street S 02 0035Roper House
Stone House18861348 South Van Ness AvenueSan FranciscoSouth Van Ness 1348Stone House
Tufts House 1890434 J StreetDavis Street J 0434Tufts House
Victorian Inn1881400 Ocean Avenue FerndaleOcean 0400Victorian Inn
Villa Mira Monte184617860 Monterey Road Morgan HillMontereyVilla Mira Monte
Westerfeld House18891198 Fulton StreetSan FranciscoFulton 1198Westerfeld House
Auburn Fire House No. 11888El Dorado Street and Lincoln WayAuburnEl DoradoAuburn Fire House No. 1
First Presbyterian Church1867196 South C StreetVirginia City Street C S 0196First Presbyterian Church

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