National Register of Historic Places in Napa County

National Register #92000789: William Andrews House in Napa, California 17 November 2004
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National Register #92000789
William Andrews House
741 Seminary Street
Built 1892

The William Andrews House, designed by architect, Luther M. Turton, is one of Napa's most successfully executed examples of late 19th century residential architecture.

The house embodies the aesthetic ideals of the Queen Anne style, a style favored by prosperous Napans at the end of the Victorian era. When compared to the hundreds of other residences from the period in Napa, the Andrews House is one of the most significant.

William Andrews was born in England in 1835. He came to the United States in 1854 and settled in Napa ten years later. Andrews worked as a miller until 1878, then opened a grocery store in downtown Napa. He retired in 1911.

The Andrews House symbolizes what Americans liked to think of as a typical success story. Everyone in town was invited to join the celebration and to to admire, rather than resent, the large residence on a prominent corner near the center of town.

In 19th century Napa, ostentation was acceptable. The prosperous had not yet secluded themselves in exclusive suburbs and gated communities.

Source: Adapted from the NRHP nomination submitted in 1992.

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