Eastlake (1868-1890)

National Register #79000534: Sarah Mish House
Sarah Mish House in San Francisco
Built 1885
Photographed 28 May 2008
National Register #98001634: Winters House in Sacramento Queen Anne-Eastlake
Herman Winters House in Sacramento
Built 1890
Photographed 12 August 2006
National Register #82004131: Charles Baldwin House in Salt Lake City, Utah Victorian Ecletic With Eastlake Porch
Charles Baldwin House in Salt lake City
Built 1890
Photographed 16 June 2011

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The Eastlake architectural style was derived from a style of furniture design and interior design popularized by English architect Charles L. Eastlake in his influential 1868 book, Hints on Household Taste in Furniture, Upholstery, and Other Details.

Some architectural historians maintain that Eastlake is not actually an architectural style. Rather, it is a distinctive family of surface ornamentation applied to houses built in other Victorian styles such Queen Anne and Stick. Other historians characterize some buildings, or parts of buildings, as pure Eastlake. Porches and verandas were especially suited to the style.

Eastlake is angular, notched, carved. Eastlake rejects the curved shapes of French Baroque Revival Styles. Eastlake decorative elements are made of wood turned on a powered lathe or cut by a powered jigsaw. In the San Francisco Bay Area, the wood was typically redwood.

Distinctive Eastlake elements are:

  • Oversized porch posts, railings, balustrades, bargeboards, braces and pendants shaped by a lathe.
  • Wooden forms cut by a jigsaw. Curved brackets, scrolls, and other stylized elements were placed at every corner, turn or projection of the façade.
  • Perforated gables and pediments.
  • Carved panels.
  • Beaded spindles and lattice work along porch eaves.
  • Strapwork (interlaced strips of wood).
  • Mansardic porches with wrought-iron cresting.

Lighter elements - spindles, lattice, strapwork - were combined with heavier and oversized architectural members to emphasize the three-dimensional quality of a building. Eastlake components were often ordered from a catalog and assembled at the site.

Some Eastlake houses were painted with traditional earth tones, but others were painted in multiple colors which emphasized the structural and decorative elements. Lighter detail or trim against a darker house body became the norm.


Name Year Address City Sort Address Sort Name
Arena Cove Wharmaster's House1875Port RoadPoint ArenaPort RoadArena Cove Wharmaster's House
Baldwin House1890229 South 1200 East Salt Lake City Street 1200 E S 0220Baldwin House
Barclay-Klum House 18881023 East Main StreetAshland, ORMain E 1023Barclay-Klum House
Beach House1884348 Hargadine Street Ashland, ORHargadine 0348Beach House
Building at 420 Second Street1880420-422 Second StreetEureka Street 02 0420Building at 420 Second Street
Call-Booth House18931315 Vine StreetPaso RoblesVine 1315Call-Booth House
Clark House18881406 C StreetEureka Street C 1406Clark House
Cohen House18841440 29th AvenueOakland Avenue 29 1440 Cohen House
Eagle House1887139 2nd StreetEureka Street 02 0139Eagle House
Eddings-Provost House 1889364 Vista Street Ashland, ORVisat 0364Eddings-Provost House
Einstein House1894584 Page StreetSan FranciscoPage 0584Einstein House
Fetzner House 1894314 Northeast Fetzner Street Grants Pass, ORFetznerFetzner House
Firehouse No. 11861214 Main StreetNevada CityMain 0214Firehouse No. 1
Gazebo1898475 Main StreetFerndaleMain 0475Gazebo
Hackett House18902109 1st StreetNapa0 Street 01 2109Hackett House
Hughes House1898Cape Blanco HighwayCape Blanco State ParkCape Blanco HighwayHughes House
Kane House1866386 B StreetAshland, OR Street B 0366Kane House
Live Oak Ranch1885105 Mentel AvenueSanta CruzMentelLive Oak Ranch
Manasse Mansion1886443 Brown StreetNapaBrown 0442Manasse Mansion
Nightingale House1882201 Buchanan StreetSan FranciscoBuchanan 0201Nightingale House
Ohlandt Newlyweds House 18881260 Potrero Avenue San FranciscoPotrero 1260Ohlandt Newlyweds House
Pedigrift House 1889407 Scenic DriveAshland, ORScenic 0407Pedigrift House
Pelton House1894228 B Street Ashland, OR Street B 0228Pelton House
Petaluma Opera House1901145 Kentucky Street PetalumaKentucky 0145Petaluma Opera House
Pickel Rental House 1900815 West Main Street Medford, ORMain W 0815Pickel Rental House
Sarah Mish House18851153 Oak StreetSan FranciscoOak 1153Sarah Mish House
Shipsey House18941266 Mill Street San Luis ObispoMill 1266Shipsey House
Shone-Charley House1895305 North Grape StreetMedford, ORGrape N 0305Shone-Charley House
Stanford Red Barn1878Fremont RoadStanford UniversityFremontStanford Red Barn
Thomas H. Leggett House1890346 West 21st StreetMerced Street 21 0346Thomas H. Leggett House
Victorian Inn1881400 Ocean Avenue FerndaleOcean 0400Victorian Inn
Vollmer House18761735-1737 WebsterSan FranciscoWebster 1745Vollmer House
Wilkinson-Swem Building 1895217 East Main Street Medford, ORMain E 0217Wilkinson-Swem Building
Winters House18902324 and 2326 H StreetSacramento Street H 2324Winters House
Yerba Buena Island Lighthouse1873Yerba Buena IslandSan Francisco BayYerba Buena IslandYerba Buena Island Lighthouse
Payne Residence18811409 Sutter StreetSan FranciscoSutter 1409Payne Residence
Swanton House1889603 Mission StreetSanta CruzMission 0603Swanton House

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