Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

Klamath River Community Hall on State Route 96 Klamath River Community Hall on State Route 96
13 September 2010

Site of Klamath River Community Hall after the McKinney Wildfire in July 2022 Klamath River Community Hall was destroyed by the McKinney Wildfire on 29 July 2022
Photograph ©2022 Grants Pass Daily Courier, used with permission

State Route 3 in the Town of Callahan State Route 3 in the Town of Callahan
15 September 2014

Scenic Route: Old Stage Road Old Stage Road Near Mount Shasta City
29 April 2010

Flag of the State of Jefferson Flag of the State of Jefferson
The two x's signify double crossed
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Siskiyou County was created on March 22, 1852, from parts of Shasta and Klamath Counties, and named after the Siskiyou mountain range. Parts of the county's territory were given to Modoc County in 1855.

The origin of the word Siskiyou is uncertain. It may be derived from the Chinook word for a bob-tailed horse or from the French phrase six cailloux (six stones in English).

In 2010, the population of the county was 44,900. Only one town, Yreka, has a population greater than 5,000.

1941, Gilbert Gable, the mayor of Port Orford, Oregon, proposed that the counties of northern California and southern Oregon secede from their respective states and form a new state, the State of Jefferson. Gale felt that the region was too from the state capitals in Salem (Oregon) and Sacramento (Califonia) and was poorly understood and served by legislators and bureaucrats.

The secessionist notion survived over the years, sometimes in jest, sometimes in earnest.

In the late 1990s, the Klamath water war galvanized local property-rights proponents. The now-legendary conflict fueled residents’ feeling that the region was a place apart, misrepresented by urban lawmakers who threatened a way of life with their environmental regulations and bureaucratic ineptitude. [High County News, 13 November 2006]

The State of Jefferson, at its most ambitious, includes twelve California counties (Butte, Del Norte, Humboldt, Glenn, Lassen, Mendocino, Modoc, Plumas, Shasta, Siskiyou, Tehama and Trinity) and seven Oregon counties (Coos, Curry, Douglas, Jackson, Josephine, Klamath and Lake).

Siskiyou County has always been the heart of the State of Jefferson. On September 3, 2013, the County Board of Supervisors voted four to one in favor of secession from California.

Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Captain Jack's StrongholdCaptain Jacks Stronghold TrailLava Beds National Monument1872California9CaptainCaptain Jack's Stronghold
Guillem's GraveyardHill RoadLava Beds National Monument1872California13Hill 1Guillem's Graveyard
Canby's CrossMonument RoadLava Beds National Monument1873California110Monument 1Canby's Cross
Fort Jones SiteRoute 3Fort Jones 1852California317Route 003Fort Jones Site
Strawberry Valley Stage StationNorth Old Stage RoadMt Shasta 1857California396Old Stage 1Strawberry Valley Stage Station
Emigrant TrailRoute 97 and Military Pass RoadWeed1857California517Route 097Emigrant Trail
YrekaWest Miner Sreet and BroadwayYreka1851California901Miner W 100Yreka
Lower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge4009 Hill RoadLower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge1908National1966000238HillLower Klamath National Wildlife Refuge
West Miner Street Historic District102 West Miner Street and 122-419 3rd Street Yreka1855National1972000258Miner W 102West Miner Street Historic District
Hospital Rock Army Camp SiteMonument Road East of Lyons RoadLava Beds National Monument1873National1973000227Monument 3Hospital Rock Army Camp Site
Captain Jack's StrongholdCaptain Jacks Stronghold TrailLava Beds National Monument1872National1973000259CaptainCaptain Jack's Stronghold
Fort Jones HouseMain StreetFort Jones1851National1976000533MainFort Jones House
Thomas-Wright Battle SiteThomas-Wright Battlefield TrailLava Beds National MonumentNational1978000366Hill 2Thomas-Wright Battle Site
Sawyers Bar Catholic ChurchSawyers Bar RoadSawyers Bar1855National1978000792SawyersSawyers Bar Catholic Church
White's Gulch ArrastraKlamath National ForestSawyers BarNational1978000793Klamath National ForestWhite's Gulch Arrastra
Falkenstein House401 South Gold StreetYreka1855National1979000554Gold 401Falkenstein House
Shasta Inn and Weed Lumber Company Boarding House829 and 877 North Davis AvenueWeed1901National1980000869Davis 829Shasta Inn and Weed Lumber Company Boarding House
Dunsmuir Historic DistrictBounded by Sacramento, Shasta, Spruce, Cedar Dunsmuir1890National1982000993SacramentoDunsmuir Historic District
Hotel MacdoelMontezuma Avenue and Mt. Shasta StreetMacdoel1906National1982002275Mt. ShastaHotel Macdoel
McCloud Historic DistrictBounded by Main, Columbero, West Minnesota, and Lawndale McCloud1896National1990000444MainMcCloud Historic District
Harlow Cabin1050 Elliott Creek Road Joe Bar1930National1991000699Elliott Creek 1050 Harlow Cabin
Yreka Carnegie Library412 West Miner StreetYreka1915National1992000270Miner W 412Yreka Carnegie Library
Edgewood Store24505 Edgewood RoadEdgewood1888National2004000140Edgewood 24505 Edgewood Store
Forest House4204 California State Route 3YrekaNational2011000433Route 003Forest House
Schonchin Butte Fire LookoutSchonchin Butte RoadLava Beds National MonumentNational2017001559Schonchin ButteSchonchin Butte Fire Lookout
Camp TulelakeHill RoadTulelakeNational2018002176Hill RoadCamp Tulelake
Ager Stage StopAger Beswick Road at Hornbrook Ager RoadAger1887POIAgerAger Stage Stop
Applegate Trail 46Dorris Brownell RoadApplegate TrailPOIDorrisApplegate Trail 46
Applegate Trail 47Dorris Brownell RoadApplegate TrailPOIDorrisApplegate Trail 47
Applegate Trail 48Lower Klamath RoadApplegate TrailPOILower KlamathApplegate Trail 48
Applegate Trail 49Dorris Brownell RoadApplegate TrailPOIDorrisApplegate Trail 49
Applegate Trail 50 and Yreka Trail 1Dorris Brownell Road (4WD)Applegate TrailPOIDorrisApplegate Trail 50 and Yreka Trail 1
Applegate Trail 51Wilow Creek RoadApplegate TrailPOIWillow CreekApplegate Trail 51
Applegate Trail 52: South Road - Hot CreekDorris Brownell RoadApplegate Trail1846POIDorrisApplegate Trail 52: South Road - Hot Creek
Babe Ruth Played Here4841 Dunsmuir AvenueDunsmuirPOIDunsmuir 4841Babe Ruth Played Here
Berryvale Post OfficeSouth Old Stage RoadMt Shasta 1870POIOld Stage 2Berryvale Post Office
Bradford Ripley AldenCopco RoadHornbrook1853POICopcoBradford Ripley Alden
Brown-Nickell-Authenrieth Building322 and 324 West Miner StreetYreka1856POIMiner W 0322Brown-Nickell-Authenrieth Building
Church of Saints John and Paul200 East Fork RoadCallahan1858POIEast ForkChurch of Saints John and Paul
Cottonwood BasinCopco RoadHornbrook1851POICopcoCottonwood Basin
Cottonwood Stage Coach StationOregon RoadHornbrook1854POIOregonCottonwood Stage Coach Station
Crystal Creek Methodist Church SiteState Route 3EtnaPOI003-30Crystal Creek Methodist Church Site
DeadwoodDeadwood Creek RoadKlamath National ForestPOIDeadwoodDeadwood
Dry Gulch BridgeState Route 263Dry GulchPOI263-50Dry Gulch Bridge
Dunsmuir FountainDunsmuir City ParkDunsmuirPOIDunsmuir 4841Dunsmuir Fountain
Farrington Blacksmith Shop12530 State Route 3CallahanPOI003-80Farrington Blacksmith Shop
FrogtownSR 263 Near Long Gulch RoadHawkinsvillePOI263Frogtown
GreenhornGreenhorn ParkYrekaPOIGreenhornGreenhorn
Gus Meamber Pack Train Trail9317 Scott River RoadFort JonesPOIScott River 9317Gus Meamber Pack Train Trail
Hayden HotelState Route 3CallahanPOI003-85Hayden Hotel
Horse Creek Road Bridge Over the Klamath RiverHorse Creek Road at Route 96Klamath National ForestPOIRoute 096Horse Creek Road Bridge Over the Klamath River
IOOF: EtnaCollier Way at Pig AlleyEtnaPOICollierIOOF: Etna
IOOF: Yreka107-117 West Miner StreetYrekaPOIMiner W 0107IOOF: Yreka
Jefferson DavisCopco RoadHornbrookPOICopcoJefferson Davis
KlamathonKlamathon Road near Ager RoadHornbrookPOIKlamathonKlamathon
Locomotive 17274841 Dunsmuir AvenueDunsmuirPOIDunsmuir 4841Locomotive 1727
Masonic Hall11819 Main StreetFort JonesPOIMain 11819Masonic Hall
McBride Ranch2300 East Callahan RoadEtnaPOICallahan East 2300McBride Ranch
Meamber School7044 Scott River RoadFort JonesPOIScott River 7044Meamber School
Montague146 South 11th StreetMontaguePOI Street 011 S 146Montague
Montague Depot Museum230 South 11th StreetMontaguePOI Street 011 S 230Montague Depot Museum
Moonlit Oaks Dance pavilion150 Moonlit Oaks AvenueYrekaPOIMoonlitMoonlit Oaks Dance pavilion
No. 4 Kingpin Hydraulic Giant 910 South Main StreetYrekaPOIMain S 0910No. 4 Kingpin Hydraulic Giant
Robbers RockState Route 3 Near Soap Creek Ridge RoadRuralPOI003-10Robbers Rock
Sacred Heart Catholic Church11630 Main StreetFort JonesPOIMain 11630Sacred Heart Catholic Church
Sawyers BarSawyers Bar RoadSawyers BarPOISawyersSawyers Bar
Scott River BridgeState Route 3CallahanPOI003-70Scott River Bridge
Siskiyou County Museum910 South Main StreetYreka1950POIMain S 910Siskiyou County Museum
Sisson Museum1 North Old Stage RoadMt Shasta POIOld Stage 1Sisson Museum
Smith and Rosenburg Building219-223 West Miner StreetYrekaPOIMiner W 0219Smith and Rosenburg Building
Sullaway Stage Stop1208 Old Stage RoadMt Shasta POIOld Stage 1208Sullaway Stage Stop
Tacitus Ryland Arbuckle8020 East Callahan RoadEtnaPOICallahan East 8020Tacitus Ryland Arbuckle
Thompson’s Dry DiggingsYama Street near Discovery StreetYrekaPOIYama 1000Thompson’s Dry Diggings
Tule Lake Unit of WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument800 Main StreetTulelakePOIMain 0800Tule Lake Unit of WWII Valor in the Pacific National Monument
Weed ArchMain Street and South Weed BoulevardWeedPOIMainWeed Arch
Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum303 Gilman AvenueWeedPOIGilman 303Weed Historic Lumber Town Museum
Witherill Building331 and 333 West Miner StreetYrekaPOIMiner W 0331Witherill Building
Yreka Historic TrailTenant RoadYreka TrailPOITenantYreka Historic Trail
Yreka Trail 1 and Applegate Trail 50Dorris Brownell Road (4WD)Yreka TrailPOIDorrisYreka Trail 1 and Applegate Trail 50
Yreka Trail 2Willow Creek Red Rock RoadYreka TrailPOIWillowYreka Trail 2
Yreka Trail 3Willow Creek Red Rock RoadYreka TrailPOIWillowYreka Trail 3
Yreka Trail 4Red Rock RoadYreka TrailPOIRed RockYreka Trail 4
Yreka Trail 5Off Red Rock RoadYreka TrailPOIRed RockYreka Trail 5
Yreka Trail 6Old Sate HighwayYreka TrailPOIOld StateYreka Trail 6
Yreka Trail 6AOff Old Sate HighwayYreka TrailPOIOld StateYreka Trail 6A
Yreka Trail 6BOff Old Sate HighwayYreka TrailPOIOld StateYreka Trail 6B
Yreka Trail 7Off Old Sate HighwayYreka TrailPOIOld StateYreka Trail 7
Yreka Trail 8Forest Service Road 44N30XYreka TrailPOI FS044Yreka Trail 8
Yreka Trail 9: Are Yet On Butte CreekTennant RoadYreka TrailPOITennantYreka Trail 9: Are Yet On Butte Creek
Yreka Trail 10: Splendid Pine TimberForest Service Road 44N18YYreka TrailPOI FS044Yreka Trail 10: Splendid Pine Timber
Yreka Trail 11: A Big MeadowState Route 97Yreka TrailPOI Route 097Yreka Trail 11: A Big Meadow
Yreka Trail 12: A Splendid CiteState Route 97Yreka TrailPOI Route 097Yreka Trail 12: A Splendid Cite
Yreka Trail 13: Sheep RockState Route 97Yreka TrailPOI Route 097Yreka Trail 13: Sheep Rock
Yreka Trail 14: Sheep Rock SpringsPilar Road at Perla DriveYreka TrailPOIPilarYreka Trail 14: Sheep Rock Springs
Yreka Trail 15: The Snelling RanchHarry Cash RoadYreka TrailPOIHarry CashYreka Trail 15: The Snelling Ranch
Yreka Trail 16: Down Shasta ValleyHarry Cash RoadYreka TrailPOIHarry CashYreka Trail 16: Down Shasta Valley
Yreka Trail 17Big Springs RoadYreka TrailPOIBig SpringsYreka Trail 17
Yreka Trail 18County Road A28Yreka TrailPOIA28Yreka Trail 18
Yreka Trail 19Campbell AvenueYreka TrailPOICampbellYreka Trail 19
Yreka Trail 20: A Mighty Town850 Yama StreetYreka TrailPOIYama 0850Yreka Trail 20: A Mighty Town
Yreka Western RailroadSouth Foothill Drive at East Center StreetYrekaPOIFoothillYreka Western Railroad
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