Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

Brown-Nickell-Authenrieth Building 20 February 2011
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Point of Historic Interest
Brown-Nickell-Authenrieth Building
322 and 324 West Miner Street

The Yreka Bakery was founded here in 1856 by alleged Civil War deserter Frederick Deng. The name, Yreka Bakery, is a palindrome. That is, the name reads the same backward and forward.

There were several owners, but the bakery operated continuously until 1965. Early newspapers advertised 12 loaves of bread for a dollar, delivered daily, and a full assortment of other baked goods at reasonable prices.

When the bakery vacated, another business moved in with a name that carried on the palindromic tradition: Yrella Gallery.

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