Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Siskiyou County

8 September 2014
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Klamathon Road near Ager Road

The marker reads:


On this site was located the historic lumber town of Klamathon. Townsite laid out in 1888 by the Klamath River Lumber and Improvement Company with the sawmill completed on July 23, 1892. The town boasted a sawmill, box factory, sash and door factory, hotels, boarding houses, a school, post office, 2 churches and 5 saloons. Logs for the mill were floated down from company holding 25 miles upriver. Shortly after midnight on Monday, October 13, 1902 fire raged through the community and by dawn only a few dwellings remained. Most of these were lost to subsequent fires. At this date only a few traces remain of this once prosperous community.

Erected April 24, 1982
Humbug Chapter 73
E Clampus Vitus

Near the modern communities of Hilt and Copco was once a brawling, rich little city named Klamathon.

Deadwood had gold, and Tailholt the railroad, but Klamathon - Klamathon had it all.

Big for its time, Klamathon was blessed with rich placer mining, logging , lumber and cheap transportation, thanks to the mighty Klamath at its door. Over time, Klamathon grew to include sawmills and box factories besides all the smaller businesses that developed to serve the needs of the mining and timber industries.

Source: SiskiyouHistory.org

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