Historic Sites and Points of Interest in Lassen County

Lassen Peak Lassen Peak in Neighboring Shasta County
1 May 2010

Grocery & Hotel in the Town of Doyle on US 395 Grocery & Hotel in the Town of Doyle on US 395
8 October 2016

Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox Paul Bunyan in Westwood
24 September 2013

Due to uncertainties over the California border, the area that is now Lassen County was part of the unofficial Nataqua Territory and Roop County, Nevada during the late 1850s and early 1860s. Lassen County was formed on April 1, 1864 from parts of Plumas and Shasta Counties following the two-day conflict known as the "Sagebrush War."

The county was named after Peter Lassen, along with Lassen Peak, which is in adjoining Shasta County. Lassen was one of General John C. Fremont's guides, and a famous trapper, frontiersman and Indian fighter. He was murdered under mysterious circumstances near the Black Rock Desert in 1859, and his murder was never solved.

In 1913 the Fernley & Lassen Railroad was built and would tap the large timber supplies of Lassen County. The Red River Lumber Company built the town of Westwood to support their massive logging operation. The Lassen Lumber & Box Company and the Fruit Growers Company both operated mills in Susanville for several decades.

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Name Address City Year Authority ID Sort Address Sort Name
Beckwourth Trail 7Scott RoadBeckwourth TrailPOIScottBeckwourth Trail 7
ChimneyState Route 36RuralPOI036-50Chimney
Fort JanesvilleMain Street Janesville1859California758MainFort Janesville
Lassen County Courthouse 220 South Lassen StreetSusanville1917National1997001659Lassen 220Lassen County Courthouse
Lassen Emigrant TrailVeterans Lane and Bridge StreetBieber1848California763Veterans BridgeLassen Emigrant Trail
Lassen Emigrant TrailState Route 36 at Twin Peaks RoadWestwood 1848California678036-00Lassen Emigrant Trail
Lassen Emigrant Trail201 3rd StreetWestwood POI Street 03 0201Lassen Emigrant Trail
Lassen GraveWingfield RoadSusanville1859California565WingfieldLassen Grave
Lassen Trail 15Punkin Center RoadThompson RanchPOIPunkinLassen Trail 15
Lassen Trail 16Little Valley RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOILittle ValleyLassen Trail 16
Lassen Trail 17Little Valley RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOILittle ValleyLassen Trail 17
Lassen Trail 18Willow Springs RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIWillow SpringsLassen Trail 18
Lassen Trail 19OHV RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIOHVLassen Trail 19
Lassen Trail 20Loomis Cabin RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOILoomis CxabinLassen Trail 20
Lassen Trail 21528695 Downing StLassen Nationl ForestPOIDowningLassen Trail 21
Lassen Trail 22Forest Service Route 35N10Lassen Nationl ForestPOI35N10Lassen Trail 22
Lassen Trail 23Willow Springs RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIWillow SpringsLassen Trail 23
Lassen Trail 24Black Gulch RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIBlack GulchLassen Trail 24
Lassen Trail 25Forest Service Road 35N33Lassen Nationl ForestPOI35N33Lassen Trail 25
Lassen Trail 26County Road 25Lassen Nationl ForestPOI025-100Lassen Trail 26
Lassen Trail 27Forest Service Road 33N69Lassen Nationl ForestPOI33N69Lassen Trail 27
Lassen Trail 28Forest Service Road 33N02Lassen Nationl ForestPOI33N02Lassen Trail 28
Lassen Trail 29Forest Service Road 33N02Lassen Nationl ForestPOI33N02Lassen Trail 29
Lassen Trail 30Forest Service Road 33N02Lassen Nationl ForestPOI33N02Lassen Trail 30
Lassen Trail 31Forest Service Road 33N08Lassen Nationl ForestPOI33N08Lassen Trail 31
Lassen Trail 32Lassen TrailLassen Nationl ForestPOILassenLassen Trail 32
Lassen Trail 32AOHV RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIOHVLassen Trail 32A
Lassen Trail 33Champs Flat RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIChampsLassen Trail 33
Lassen Trail 34Champs Flat RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIChampsLassen Trail 34
Lassen Trail 35Norvel RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOINorvelLassen Trail 35
Lassen Trail 36Mooney RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIMooneyLassen Trail 36
Lassen Trail 37Champs Flat RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIChampsLassen Trail 37
Lassen Trail 38OHV RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIOHVLassen Trail 38
Lassen Trail 39OHV RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIOHVLassen Trail 39
Lassen Trail 40Volcanic Legacy Scenic BywayLassen Nationl ForestPOIVolcanicLassen Trail 40
Masonic Lodge in Susanville84 North Lassen SreetSusanvillePOILassen N 0084Masonic Lodge in Susanville
Masonic Lodge in Westwood4th and Cedar StreetsWestwood POI Street 04Masonic Lodge in Westwood
Nancy Ann AllenBridge Creek Springs RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOI044-15Nancy Ann Allen
Nancy Ann Allen GraveBridge Creek Springs RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOI044-15Nancy Ann Allen Grave
Noble Emigrant TrailMemorial Park on North StreetSusanville1851California675NorthNoble Emigrant Trail
Noble Emigrant TrailUS 395Viewland1852California677395-00Noble Emigrant Trail
Nobles Emigrant Trail Memorial Park on North StreetSusanvilleNational1975000222NorthNobles Emigrant Trail
Nobles Trail 16Smoke Creek Ranch RoadRuralPOISmoke CreekNobles Trail 16
Nobles Trail 17Skedaddle Ranch RoadRuralPOISkedaddleNobles Trail 17
Nobles Trail 18OHV RoadRuralPOIOHVNobles Trail 18
Nobles Trail 19BLM Road 26020RuralPOIBLM 26020Nobles Trail 19
Nobles Trail 20Smoke Creek Ranch RoadRuralPOISmoke CreekNobles Trail 20
Nobles Trail 21Smoke Creek Ranch RoadRuralPOISmoke CreekNobles Trail 21
Nobles Trail 22US 395RuralPOI395-600Nobles Trail 22
Nobles Trail 23Mapes RoadRuralPOIMapesNobles Trail 23
Nobles Trail 24US 395RuralPOI395-500Nobles Trail 24
Nobles Trail 25County Road 27Lassen Nationl ForestPOI027-100Nobles Trail 25
Nobles Trail 26: RooptownNorth WeatherlowSusanville1860POIWeatherlowNobles Trail 26: Rooptown
Nobles Trail 27: Fork in the RoadState Route 36 at Ridgetop DriveLassen Nationl ForestPOI036-00Nobles Trail 27: Fork in the Road
Nobles Trail 28: Big SpringState Route 44Lassen Nationl ForestPOI044-00Nobles Trail 28: Big Spring
Nobles Trail 29: First Nobles PassBridge Creek Springs RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOI044-10Nobles Trail 29: First Nobles Pass
Nobles Trail 30: Bridge CreekBridge Creek Springs RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOI044-15Nobles Trail 30: Bridge Creek
Nobles Trail 31OHV RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOIOHVNobles Trail 31
Nobles Trail 32Feather North SpurLassen Nationl ForestPOI044-25Nobles Trail 32
Nobles Trail 33Forest Service Road 33N08RuralPOI33N08Nobles Trail 33
Nobles Trail 34: Dry ValleyState Route 44Lassen Nationl ForestPOI044-35Nobles Trail 34: Dry Valley
Nobles Trail 35: Poison LakeState Route 44 at Pittville RoadLassen Nationl ForestPOI044-40Nobles Trail 35: Poison Lake
Nobles Trail 36: Butte Creek MeadowForest Road 32N31Lassen Nationl ForestPOI044-45Nobles Trail 36: Butte Creek Meadow
Nobles Trail 37: Butte CreekForest Road 32N31Lassen Nationl ForestPOI044-50Nobles Trail 37: Butte Creek
Paul Bunyan and Babe207 3rd StreetWestwood POI Street 03 0207Paul Bunyan and Babe
Red River Bakery311 Mooney RoadWestwood POIMooney 0311Red River Bakery
Red River Logging Boardinghouses390 Birch StreetWestwood POIBirch 0390Red River Logging Boardinghouses
Roop's Fort North WeatherlowSusanville1854California76WeatherlowRoop's Fort
Roop's Fort North WeatherlowSusanville1854National1974000516WeatherlowRoop's Fort
Standish HallUS 395 at Standish Buntingville RoadStandishNational2005000596395-10Standish Hall
Susanville Railroad Depot 461 Richmond RoadSusanvilleNational2001000332Richmond 0461 Susanville Railroad Depot
Westwood 207 3rd StreetWestwood POI Street 03 0207Westwood
Westwood Club399 Birch StreetWestwood POIBirch 0399Westwood Club
Westwood Firehouse 206 3rd StreetWestwood POI Street 03 0206Westwood Firehouse
Westwood Rail Depot 403 Mooney RoadWestwood POIMooney 0403Westwood Rail Depot
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